Tusnelda and Trix

52. Fixing Bugs

In this chapter, Martin prepares for an important soccer match with his usual routine composure. For Tusnelda, the day offers far more unforeseen events. It will be a day where she gives birth to new wild ideas and where she obtains great praise but also a resistance that hits her where it hurts the most. It will be a day where she starts on a mental journey.
No life is without conflicts and when it comes down to it, it’s mostly about what we do about the resistance that meets us.
Last but not least, whether we possess the ability to correct our mistakes.


The sun has risen and the morning light hits the small Alien plants. They thrive even though this world may seem very strange to them.
The Quill Fruit Plant has already set fruit.

The whole house is still asleep except for Martin who gets up early.

Martin enjoys the silence as he once again studies the opposing team’s star player. He has already studied him yesterday and now he has got an idea of how to block the player’s infamous attacking technique.
Today, his team will be sure winners.

Tusnelda is still asleep so Martin eats his breakfast in silence.

Suddenly he catches sight of Fie.

She is definitely not healthy.


At the veterinary clinic

Martin has just reported on Fie’s symptoms and now the vet is giving her a thorough examination.

I found a small wound and when including green bacterial mucus and frequent vomiting. She has definitely been bitten by an infected squirrel.

The vet recommends a treatment with an expensive effective medicine and of course Martin says yes.

Martin caresses Fie. Luckily, she’s ready to go home right away.


After returning home, Martin runs along the beach.
He sees a cat who could be Trix’s brother.

Tusnelda has finally woken up.

First some breakfast.

Then she’s out looking after her alien plants.

They seem to be able to contain a lot of water.

Is there water on Sixam?
She must remember to look for lakes when she gets up there again.

The plants’ needs have been met and she goes to the stove to cook an herbal extract.
She just needs a few levels before she can call herself a trained herbalist.

Martin has started on the run home .

Tusnelda turns her attention to him as he enters through the garden door. She feels a kind of relief that everything is back to normal.

“Hey sweety.”

“I’m assuming you’re going to work today?” says Martin.

“Yes, everything is as usual today.” answers Tusnelda.

“We need to find time to talk together about what happened yesterday. We need to talk about our expectations and I think tonight will be an obvious choice.” Martin continues.

“Yes, that’s probably fine.” answers Tusnelda.

She can feel an indefinable unrest growing, but when she sees his loving face she is sure it is for no reason.

Martin is happy and keeps talking, but Tusnelda forgets to listen. She is already busy planning the day’s work.

Tusnelda goes to work and Martin goes to the laundry room.

There are clean clothes to put in the dresser…

…. and laundry to be washed.

As we know, he enjoys routine tasks.

While the washing machine is doing its job, he continues to remove the last traces of Fie’s illness.
A clean home gives him peace of mind and the task soothes the restlessness of his body.
It’s an important soccer match he’s going to play this afternoon.


At the Science Lab

Tusnelda is eager to get started today.

Masato seems to be very busy with his screen and she finds it wisest not to interrupt him.

He does not even look up as she walks past him.

It does not matter so much as she has lots of tasks on her to-do list today.

The first task is to look after the alien plants.

The plants get plenty of water.

Afterwards, she gives them some fertilizer.

Suddenly Tusnelda feels dizzy. The morning’s unfinished conversation with Martin disturbs her. It makes her stressed and out of focus.
She needs to do something.

She uses the Satellite Dish to collect some positive energy.

Soon the air glows faintly purple.


Tusnelda still feels a little dull so she makes a Spark Drive Serum.

For safety’s sake, she’s better off doing a test and she knows exactly where to find her subject.

“Hi Masato! I hope you will do me a little favor and test this need fixer plasma?”

Masato sends Tusnelda a dismissive glance. “No! I don’t want to! My needs do not miss anything.”

“And by the way Tusnelda, I’m tired of your eternal obsession with my healing. I’m able to take care of my own needs and I’m either in need of serums or cures.”

“But you told me yourself …” Tusnelda begins.

Masato gets a little milder as he sees Tusnelda’s confused gaze and he examines her closely. She looks kind of vulnerable.

“Perhaps I have given you some hints that could be interpreted in that direction.” he admits kindly.

“I actually like you quite a bit Tusnelda. Your fieriness tickles my senses.”

“You look pretty stressed, so maybe it’s time for me to fix you … that should be my biggest pleasure.” says Masato with a smirk.

“Thanks, but it does not interest me!” exclaims Tusnelda after which she quickly leaves the room.

“I’m here for you if you change your mind” Masato declares before the door closes after her.


Damn you Masato! You’re such a sneaky vampire, Tusnelda thinks before she decides to test the serum herself.

She swallows the whole bottle in a big mouthful.

It actually works as it should and she immediately gets in a much better mood.

However, the liquid has a terrible chemical aftertaste.

It immediately gives her a new idea. She should do some more research into herbal medicine.


Herbal medicine requires herbs and insects.
She can duplicate herbs, but can she duplicate insects?

She makes an attempt right away.

Now Simon comes by.

“Why are you duplicating bugs, Tusnelda?” he asks curiously.

“It’s a Monarch butterfly. It is not very common. Butterflies and insects have become a rarity and I need insects if I am to complete my education as a herbalist.

“Oh! I hear you have expanded your search field for new medicines? …… Well done Tusnelda! Science needs scientists who can think out of the usual limits.” says Aarav excitedly.

“Thank you very much Aarav! Herbal medicine has actually been my interests for a really long time.” Tusnelda answers happily.

“I do not understand how you can accommodate it all?” says Simon.

“Science is my greatest passion.” Tusnelda answers kindly.

Tusnelda considers the duplicator copying a Quill Fruit… She already knows what she needs to get ahead.

The last act of the day will be to construct another duplicator.


Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda has gone home early. She has something she needs to achieve before Martin gets home.

She eats her lunch at home today.

Now Fie is heading down to the beach.

We follow her a bit on her way.

Only because it arouses my curiosity about where she’s going.

She looks so cute as she runs purposefully towards an unknown goal.

Oops! The bush with squirrels has a magical appeal to the cats of the house.
A new vet visit is probably soon ahead.


Let’s not take tomorrow’s sorrows in advance, but instead follow Tusnelda who has traveled to Forgotten Hollow.

The guy with the purple hair looks familiar.

“Welcome to the botanist’s sale!” says the sales assistant, who is reminiscent of Ove.

Tusnelda enters without hesitation.
She has visited the store once while living in the mine, so therefore she is aware they sell exactly what she needs.

She knows where to go.

This store is filled with all sorts of weird rarities. Crystals, artifacts and souvenirs …

… as well as most importantly a large collection of insects.

A young guy interrupts Tusnelda.

“Hey! Are you an entomologist?” he asks…. “Isn’t it a form of cheating when you do not catch your butterflies and fireflies yourself?”

“I have to use them in my recipes and I can afford to pay.” Tusnelda answers kindly.

Now Tusnelda is contacted by the sales assistant. Maybe he has overheard Tusnelda has money to spend.

“I see you’re interested in our insects … we have a very special species in an adjoining room, just for you.” he says.


Tusnelda sees it immediately. It has been given a raised space in the middle of the room.
The Will-o-the-Wisp butterfly is the most rare insect that can only be caught at midnight in the secret area of the deep forest.


Just as she turns to take the container with the butterfly, she discovers to her surprise a guy who is suddenly standing behind her.

“Hey Tusnelda!”

“Ove !?”

“What are you doing in Forgotten Hollow?” Ove asks curiously.

“I’m shopping for some ingredients I need to increase my skills.” she answers.

“I own a shop myself and now I’m thinking of expanding the inventory. I have some ideas but lack space …. I can show you some pictures of the store.” continues Tusnelda.

“It sounds like a great project! … I’m actually a kind of building constructor. I can help you bring that project to life.” says Ove enthusiastically ….. “Now you must hear what we are going to do ….”

It seems that Tusnelda has met a soulmate. A guy with exactly the same boundless mindset as herself.

They are just about to make some practical arrangements as Tusnelda is interrupted by a sales assistant who wants to hear if she has decided to buy.

“Yes! Of course I am.” Tusnelda answers.

She and Ove agree to meet with the Space Cutters later. Then she says goodbye.


When Tusnelda leaves the store, she decides to go for a run in her previous neighborhood.

The route passes the mine and her abandoned residence.

She continues through a darkened path towards the hilltop.

Tusnelda runs up the hill heading towards the abandoned library.
There was a time when she barely managed to drag herself up the hill. Her condition is so improved now.

She has reached her preliminary goal and she is standing and breathing the mood.
She is embarrassed to think of the book about vampires that she borrowed years ago. Since then, that book has become part of her inventory.
Probably no one misses it as the library seems as empty of people as she remembers it.

She must see to get on.


Tusnelda is not entirely wrong when she thinks that the library is empty of people. Right now, there are not many signs of life in the dark corridors of the crypt.

A coffin indicates that the occupant of the building has long since passed away.

However, the assumption is not entirely true although Masato can not be considered completely human.
He sharp senses can feel Tusnelda is nearby. He concentrates to read her mind. Maybe she has not completely turned down the offer of his service?

However, the last speculation will not be fulfilled today because Tusnelda has already run far down the hill.
Once again, she runs past her former little cabin. The nostalgic memory of its cozy décor washes away all the sorrows of the past.

Her route goes towards another vantage point.

She sits down on a bench to think about life’s difficult dilemmas….

A big part of her identity is her ability to get new ideas. Her ability to become obsessed with an idea until it is examined and tested from all angles and that she does not allow herself to be bound. That’s what makes her a skilled scientist.

Her gaze scans the landscape for an answer …

…. Then there’s her love for Martin.
His desire for boundaries and his dream of a child puts her in a state of stress.
She feels pressured to make a choice she does not want to face.

She moves slowly down from the vantage point and now she catches sight of a tree.

She once tried to taste one of the fruits and it made her sick with vomiting a whole long night.

The fruits have a special beauty and seem strangely alluring …..

She stands for a long time and ponders their use. Do they have any purpose other than to reproduce new trees?

She is a scientist and she now knows that even what is toxic can contain an important ingredient to develop a future healing medicine.

She picks some fruits for further scientific testing.

Suddenly she discovers that the shadows have become long. The sun will soon set and she will not be home late today.

She just has one last errand. It’s time to move on.


She meets with Ove and the Space Cutters outside her store.

“The store seems a bit cramped but I see you have a lot of undeveloped land around. There are plenty of options.” says Ove.

“What would you suggest?” asks Tusnelda.

“Let’s talk about your ideas, and the club and I will get started.
Remember we are aliens and we possess special abilities that make building construction a piece of cake. “He continues with a laugh.

After this, they spend some time talking about Tusnelda’s many dreams and ideas.

“I have to go home to my husband now…. I do not know how to thank you.” says Tusnelda gratefully after which she gives Ove a big hug.

This day has been full of so many joyful experiences.


Evening in Brindleton Bay

Martin has just returned from today’s soccer match. It did not go at all as he had hoped.

His team was humiliated in the grossest way ….
Martin is tired and bruised and most of all he needs some loving care and a good meal.

On the opposite side of the house, Tusnelda is busy with her latest project. She duplicates large numbers of insects.

She has acquired some large storage racks which she fills up with the insects’ terrariums.
She would like to keep a copy of every single species, as a form of biological reserve..

Martin enters the house through the garden door and he finds the house empty of life.

He can not even see the cats!? ….There is not much comfort to be gained here.

Now he has found his way to Tusnelda and the shelves with insects.

“What are you doing, Tusnelda?”

“I duplicate insects! … isn’t it amazing it can be done?” answer Tusnelda enthusiastically.
“I can now complete my education as an herbalist and I can expand the range in my store … I’ve actually got brand new ideas for the store … I’ve shown my plans to Ove and he and the Space Cutters will help me accomplish them.”

“Expand?” Martin repeats exhausted.

“Why do you have that expression?” Tusnelda asks… “I thought you would think my solution is ingenious?”

“There is no need for more expansions! We need to talk about limitations.”

“Limitations? But I’m a scientist….Why are you such an initiative killer?” Tusnelda asks sadly.

“What !? I actually think I take a lot of initiatives in this home.” Martin answers

“But what if, for once, I came home to a wife who had provided the food!” he continues angrily.

Tusnelda let out a loud gasp!

“Damn you! I’m not your servant! You’re a grown man Martin! You can provide your own food !!!”

“For God’s sake woman! That was a very selfish and evil answer.” cries Martin frustrated.

“Go Martin! Right now I can’t stand the sight of you!”

Martin turns and walks away.

This was the completely wrong moment to talk about expectations and limitations. He was unreasonable. He was too tired and hungry to think sensible thoughts.

Tusnelda is too frustrated and hurt to continue duplicating insects and she immediately finds her way to the rocket.

Martin has found some leftovers in the fridge.

It was a stupid example to mention the food … that’s not what he really wants and he knows that Tusnelda is not that kind of wife, but sometimes he feels drummed by the amount of her initiatives.

Tusnelda has put on her spacesuit and now she steps into the rocket.

Shortly after, the rocket starts with a roar.

Martin hears the sound and he resents his own short fuse.
He should have chosen a hot bath instead. He should have cleared his mind.

The rocket flies at high speed into space.

It leaves an empty stain of silence.

Martin has put on his running shoes and he sets course for the beach.

He knows she’s angry and hurt and he has to find a way to make it right again.


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The shop with insects in Forgotten Hollow was built by anbodil.
It can be downloaded from the Gallery: Botanikeren med udsalg

This chapter also offers a revisit of the library Tusnelda visited in Chapter 2.
The library is built by anbodil and can be found in the gallery: Det Gamle Glyptotek



  • Yimiki

    Those infected squirrels are really running rampant, aren’t they? xD Poor Fie. Luckily the disease is taken care of quickly! Aaaaaaaand she’s right back to hunting bush squirrels. Squirrel bushes? Let’s hope she wins the fight this time.

    Gah, Masato. He knows she is married and keeps trying to flirt with her anyway. It seems he has two moods: angry and flirty. I agree with him that Tusnelda should not push him to de-vampire himself but good gods, he has his fair share of bad traits too, doesn’t he? xD

    I’m slightly worried about the boundary talk between her and Martin, too. They clearly want different things and Martin’s focus on home life and a child is making Tusnelda uncomfortable. On the other hand, Tusnelda’s boundless free will, stubbornness and habit of forgetting about others is making Martin feel unloved. Let’s hope they can find a good middle ground. I wonder what decision Tusnelda will end up making.

    Oh, dear. Hoo boy. That’s not going well. The exact wrong words at the exact wrong time. Oh my gods and she’s traveling with the rocket right after fighting with Martin? She’s already almost died in that thing once o.o
    Oh man… last time was easily fixed, but this time it led to a pretty nasty fight. Though Martin was out of line, I feel bad for them both.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your comment ❤

      I have discovered that Masato has a serial romantic aspiration and that explains why he is often so flirtatious. He definitely has some bad traits but is also very attracted to Tusnelda. He often tries to invite her on dates. It’s not going to happen … sorry Masato 😆
      You could say that with Masato’s offer to fix Tusnelda, she is allowed to see her own mirror image. She has offered him a treatment many times and she does not seem to like the opposite offer 😆

      That conversation went really wrong. None of them were in a state where they could accommodate each other’s point of view.
      Tusnelda and Martin will have to meet somewhere in the middle if they are to stay together otherwise their conflict over their opposing basic desires will keep popping up and over time grow in strength.
      Tusnelda requires a lot of space and Martin is actually quite spacious, but she should be able to accommodate that he can have a bad day.
      In many ways, their gender roles are opposite of the general, but their conflict is found in lots of marriages.
      As I mentioned in the introduction, I have planned some form of mental journey for Tusnelda in the next chapter. Right now it is she who has the biggest doubt.

  • cathytea

    Oh, this is a difficult dilemma. Martin is a mature to always want to take care of himself. He could use a bit more reciprocity in the relationship.

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    Oye, Martin really goofed up at the end. Like I get that Tusnelda needed to cool down after what Martin said, but taking the rocket??? One of their biggest issues is that she focuses too much time on her extracurricular activities, and not enough on her partner (Martin). That’s not helping things, Tus
    Ah well. I hope they work things out. Or maybe they’d be happier without each other?

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your comment ❤

      I’m always so excited about whether I’m able to communicate what I want in a chapter and your comment makes me pretty confident that it’s succeeding.
      It probably happens to all of us from time to time we completely misunderstand each other and it definitely happens to Tusnelda and Martin in this chapter 😕

      Will they be happier without each other?
      Tusnelda has come into doubt and you will get her answer in the next chapter 😉

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