Tusnelda and Trix

53. The price of tranquility

In this chapter we follow Tusnelda’s journey to Sixam and it will be revealed that she has a great devotion to trees.
Life in a society is very noisy. Besides the noise from the traffic or the constant news flow from the TV, there is the noise from people around you. Family, colleagues, friends or someone who is suddenly talking to you on the street. They all expect something from you.
Only when all external noise is filtered out will you be able to listen to yourself.


Martin is a very determined man and he knows how to work towards achieving his goals in life.

Once he has made a decision, nothing will make him give up.

He will carefully consider his options and assess how best to economize with his efforts.
Sooner or later he will succeed.


Tusnelda has landed on Sixam.
The silence feels like cooling water poured over her glowing anger.

The journey to the planet required all her concentration. She had run a risk by taking off in an agitated state of mind, but the moment she stepped into the rocket, her rational brain took over control and her frayed limbic system was brought to silence.

This is her own secret refuge where no human can reach her. In particular, she absolutely does not need to see Martin right now.

For the second time this day, she immerses herself in the speculation over a tree. Does this glowing blue tree have a purpose besides adding beauty to the planet?

She has to move on. Now she’s back on the planet, she’s going to collect some material.

She collects quite a few minerals and metals.

Now her gaze is captured by one of the unique phenomena of the planet.

What makes these large rocks float weightlessly around and what makes the rocks shoot these glowing pointed formations towards the sky?

Sixam is a treasury of undiscovered mysteries.

She could spend days here … if she could solve the problem of the missing toilets and find a solution to the lack of food.

She can definitely find a solution if she prepares it well enough.

Tusnelda runs on on discovery in another direction.

Today she meets no alien and it suits her well. Silence and undisturbed calm are all she needs.

The colors of the landscape change from dark azure blue…

…..to a luminescent turquoise color.

This planet is so stunning.

Now she catches sight of a quill fruit that lights up in fluorescent pink in the azure colored landscape.

Wondering if it can be eaten?

She will try to take a bite after she has done a thorough test for toxins when she returns to the laboratory.

Tusnelda continues to harvest minerals and fruits.

Now she is heading for a new area on the planet.

The planet is not very large and she has returned to the landing site. Here she notices something strange.

She can see some light from the underground.

It is a stairwell …. why has she not seen it before?

At the end of the stairs there are some blue doors into a room.

Of course, it requires a closer examination.

The doors open as she approaches and she enters a hallway.

Right in front of her she sees a long hallway with doors and a bed of luminous giant mushrooms.

On the right, she sees a large luminous image.

She turns around a corner….

I will give her some peace to explore the area in silence.





Best of all, she finds a toilet in the underground building. One problem is solved.

As she steps through the toilet, she enters a laboratory.

She can research here …

The lab contains everything she needs. A Microscope, a Cloning Machine…

…..a Chemical Analyzer and a Chemistry Lab. This will be perfect.

As she steps out through the lab’s second door, she ends up back in the hallway.

There are still undetected spaces behind the doors.

As she steps through the first door she gets a surprise.

This is a bedroom!

Tusnelda sits down on one of the beds.
She can move up to Sixam and she never has to take care of annoying expectations again.

She has been given a lot of new informations and she is overwhelmed by all the unexpected considerations. She lies down on the bed to take a nap.


The first thing she notices is the moldy scent of moist soil, then she comes back quite slowly to full consciousness.

The dream has sent her straight back to the past.
At a time when she lived alone in her safe mine without being disturbed by anyone else.
Just she and Trix with all their freedom available.

She finds a textbook on herbs and their use. To her amazement, it all seems completely incomprehensible … as she has forgotten the knowledge she has gained in the ensuing years.

She puts on her clothes and finds the laboratory equipment available in another room.
She probably still remembers how to make a health treat for the cats … otherwise she has her notes.

Unfortunately, there were almost no notes in her notebook.
Why can’t she take all her great knowledge with her back to the past?

Fortunately, she still has her little fur friend nearby. Trix has always been such a faithful little companion. He is a great comfort.

“Oh no Tusnelda! Don’t count on me!”

“I do not want to take part in your stupid nightmare!”

“I’m leaving now.”

After that remark, Trix runs up the stairs, up against the light to search for Fiona in Brindleton Bay. “

“Oh no! This is not what I dream of … I want to wake up now!”

The mine suddenly feels cold and sinister.

She feels infinitely sad and completely abandoned.


“You are not alone, Tusnelda! I have been waiting for you for centuries.”

The vampire kisses her hands but his icy lips make her blood feel freezing cold.

“I can cure you,” he says….. “I can make your coldness and pain disappear. “

“First your submission! From now on your power is complete in my hands. From now on your will is my will.” says the vampire with a paralyzing voice.

Dang! What happened!?

Tusnelda notices how all her pain and doubt disappears and she like in a doze is left engrossed in soundless darkness. Dizzy and without any kind of independent will.


Slowly her eyes get used to the dim light and she can gradually see some colors.

She is in a forest, but no forest she has seen before.

As she looks to the right she is struck by some dazzling colors. Still dizzy, she has a hard time seeing the contours of the landscape.

Slowly her eyes get used to the light and she sees a landscape of flowers in all the colors of the rainbow.
It’s so gorgeous!

Now she catches sight of a tree glowing in a brilliant pink color against a dark sky.

She has to go to that tree and she moves slowly closer.
The sky begins to brighten in the east.

She seeks shelter under a shady treetop as she gathers courage to go all the way out into the light.
The sky is now transformed into the pure gold.

Now the tree fills her entire field of vision. There is only her and the beautiful glowing tree.

Everything is pure beauty. All is boundless love.


It’s midnight and Martin ends the climb for today.
His eyes catch the photograph on the wall as he enters their bedroom.

This is exactly the photo Tusnelda looked at that night Martin was gone. The photo from their first vacation together.

Sometimes a special event can leave an indelible mark on all those involved.

Martin sits down heavily on the bed.
There are several other pictures on the wall.

Most of them are from Tusnelda’s live before she met him. From the time she lived in the sad earth cave in Forgotten Hollow.
Yet he remembers their evenings and nights in the mine with warmth.

For Martin, there has never been any doubt. Right from the first time his gaze caught the burning fire he saw in her eyes he was absolutely sure.

She was something special and he had to have her.

No matter where they happened to meet, he was drawn by those eyes.

When they met for their very first date, they started talking.

They talked for hours and eventually he could feel her starting to open up. She saw him.

Other dates followed and they only saw each other. Everything around was irrelevant.

When did they stop dating?

When he first visited her in her dark underground home, the conversation continued.

Time passed with even more confidential conversations.

No subject was too small or indifferent. They could share everything!

This too of course….

They have never stopped having their sparkling moments but he misses their uninterrupted conversations.

He misses being the most important person in her life.

Maybe he wants too much?

Right now he just wishes she would come back soon.

It’s past midnight and he has no power to bring her back. That’s not up to him.
No man has that power over another human being.

He had better go to bed so he does not exhaust himself.

Shortly after, Martin falls asleep.

He is a determined man and he knows he performs his best when he is well rested.


The large tree slowly loses its glow and the colors their strength.

She feels that she is being involuntarily led further away by an invisible force.

A blinding white light forces her to close her eyes.

Where did it go?

Where are you?

“Here I am!” The vampire answers as he in the next second materializes himself right in front of her.

“Please!…. I love that tree. Can you bring it back?”

“For you I can do anything!” he answers.

“Hold on to my gaze and do not let go.”

Tusnelda feels like she is being sucked into the darkness…. and then she sees it.

It’s not quite the same tree, but the colors, the beauty, and the light are exactly the same.

“I love you…..”

All too quickly, the vision dissolves.

The colors lose their strength and a darkness begins to obscure the vision with a gray sooty layer.

All the beautiful colors are fading and the darkness gradually takes over.

Soon the tree is invisible.

There is something wrong…

Something is completely wrong!

In a state of near unconsciousness, Tusnelda tries to fight back …. seeking a direction towards light.

Just before everything gets completely dark, the vampire releases his grip.

“I adore your vibrant blood Tusnelda! You should receive this rose as a proof of my eternal love.” says the vampire with an enchanted sigh.

“No! This is wrong. I need to see Martin.” say Tusnelda despaired.

“You’re confused. You are drained of energy.” says the vampire urgently. “Goo to sleep! I’ll be back when you have restored more of your strength.”

In the next second he is on his way out into the night.

What happened? Is he gone? …..I have to wake up now!


Regardless of her resistance, sleep still keeps her trapped in a firm grip.

Now the dream changes time and place. The mood is getting brighter.

Trix is that you?

She can recognize this bed and this bedroom. She’s been here before. It seems like Trix has found Fiona.

But who is she? What is Trix doing in this woman’s arms?

Even Trix looks confused.

She recognizes Rasmus.

Apparently Rasmus has finally found a girlfriend and even in her dreams Tusnelda feels a warm tenderness for him.
The woman has a boy, but she’s sure it will not be a problem for Rasmus.

Now she need to se Martin!


There he is! …. He looks straight at her with his loving eyes.

Tusnelda notices how the heat is blowing through her frozen veins.

She sees the boy running towards him.

She sees them laughing together. They obviously know each other well.

Now Martin turns in her direction again … but it’s as his gaze seeks around her … as he looks at something just behind her.

Her again!?

The woman comes closer.

The boy has their full attention.

He gives his mother a hug before running away. At the same time, a little toddler has joined.

Something suddenly makes Tusnelda uneasy…..

They almost look like a family.


She wants to wake up now. She does not want to look at them.

The dream does not give way.

She sees Martin go into the bedroom.

Everything is getting cold and dark.

Martin gets up and she recognizes the woman in the bed.

There is no doubt in her mind. She’s lost him forever.

No! It’s not what I wanted!


Tusnelda is awakened by the sound of her own crying.

She quickly crawls out of the duvet’s embrace.

She sees she is still in the cell underground.

She slips quickly out into the hallway…..

….. and she quickly finds the door to the outdoors.

She immediately recognizes the adventurous landscape.

She is on Sixam and from here she knows the way home.

She is in a hurry.

When she reaches the portal, she sees an alien in the distance but it does not matter…

She activate the portal.

Only the intense activity in the portal reveals that her descent has begun.


The sun has already risen as the rocket approaches landing.

At first she has difficulty orienting herself due to the steam.

Through the doorway in the shed, she sees the containers of insects.

She takes a look at the unfinished collection. These insects that yesterday seemed to her more important than anything else.

Now she has realized that something might be even more important.
She looks forward to telling him.

When she enters the bedroom she sees to her relief he is lying and sleeping in bed.

She has finally realized….

When all the outside noise disappears there is only him.


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Author’s note: What does it take for a human being to undergo a transformation?
For some, it requires a dramatic life change and for others, hours of therapy before they come in contact with what really matters.
I have tried my best to describe Tusnelda’s process by sending her on this journey.

What happens next?
Will she never again become too preoccupied with her ideas? Will she never again be unfair to Martin?
It will probably happen again. It’s part of being human.
How can she tell Martin?

This time I choose to let Imagine Dragon give her a voice. Enjoy.



A large part of Tusnelda’s personal reflections take place in Sixam Underground Lab. I love this building that leaves the landscape almost untouched.
The lab is built by Zakiera and can be found in the gallery: Sixam Underground Lab


  • cathytea

    Oh, my goodness! This is so moving and transformative! I almost felt it was about my own life! You’ve written it so well and so beautifully, and the screenshots are fantastic! Great dream sequence!

  • Ninja Pink Sex

    WHAT A TRIP Tusnelda had, and I don’t mean just physically.
    Ooooooof. I thought FOR SURE she was gonna just give up on Earth life (I assume Sims take place on Earth, I actually…hmmm….I have no idea) and live on Sixam once she discovered that underground sanctuary. Toilet. Check! Bed. Check! I’m sure she could have grown her own food. The air though might have been the only challenge….
    But then she fell asleep and had a very eye-opening dream/epiphany.
    Dude. Masato telling Tusnelda HE had a CURE for HER. I DIED. IF HE ONLY KNEW!! And then she lets him get flirty with him and ooooh my. Masato would be VERY INTERESTED to hear about her dream lol. My my my
    Ooooh and then THE OTHER WOMAN that was NOT with Rasmus, but rather with Martin. And kids to boot. FINALLY Tusnelda. It is so obvious how much Martin loves and is devoted to Tusnelda, but her career and research and outer space adventures just steal her time from Martin. Without balance in a relationship (or in every aspect in life really), it makes for a very unbalanced person. I’m glad Tusnelda finally realizes that what she might lose is not worth what she could gain.
    I loved the references to their past and how they each long for those things, and possibly that Tusnelda had forgot about them. It was beautiful.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you very much for your feedback. It is always a pleasure to read your thoughts ❤

      I’m sure Tusnelda could have grown her own crops on the planet.
      The question is whether the game allows a Simmer to stay there forever?
      Whatever the answer, of course, that was not my intention with this chapter.

      Masato should just know Ha ha! 😆
      Tusnelda is probably wisest not to tell him about her dream. He should not get wrong ideas 😉

      • Ninja Pink Sex

        Hahahaha Masato doesn’t need ideas, you are right. It would be nice having him tell her, for a change, that he has a cure for her Ah, maybe the dream about “the cure” will cure Tusnelda from wanting to find a cure for Masato

  • Yimiki

    I was really worried there for a second – that lab was perfect for Tusnelda and if she wanted, she really could have made a life there just by herself. Maybe with Trix. But she would have given up a family life with Martin. That nightmare came just in time to remind her exactly what that meant. The dream sequence was really well done! I like how it included some weird and goofy moments even though the overall dream was very much a nightmare. It’s Tusnelda’s subconcious, after all.

    It’s easy to forget how good you have it until you lose the blessings in your life. Many people don’t even realise until it’s too late. Oof… seeing Martin happy like that, surrounding by family and a loving wife… but a wife that’s not Tusnelda. That has to hurt so badly. But it’s all Martin wants. A family. If Tusnelda won’t give him that, if she’s too occupied with her own wishes to help him with his… then at some point she really will lose him.

    Aw, and Martin thinking about all he loves about her. It’s so easy to start taking your partner for granted and no longer giving them special attention. Going out on dates is often the first thing to go. But Martin has tried to do that multiple times, with Tusnelda not showing up or forgetting altogether. That adds up, too. I don’t think Martin asks too much. When you commit to a partner, you’re choosing them over all others, right? He should be a priority. Tusnelda seems to have forgotten that.

    Also, dream Masato is terrifying! Especially the “I’ll cure you” line. Deep down, it seems Tusnelda knows that she is being too pushy, and her subconscious is serving her that dish back cold.

    I’m glad that she chose Martin in the end. Her determined journey back home was really moving. She’s gone through one heck of a transformation there and came back a different person. I wonder what kind of steps she’ll take next. It’s true that one change of heart isn’t enough – she’ll have to work on herself to truly change, and it won’t be easy. But she’s finally realized what’s at stake.
    If anything, I imagine Martin will be very happy to hear what she has to say. =)

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your comment ❤

      I’m really glad the dream sequence worked and yes, the honest answer lies hidden in our subconscious …. if we dare to listen.
      The answer could have been something completely different as all possibilities for Tusnelda to choose her own priorities were served to her on a gold plate.
      Tusnelda has so many options and she is good at catching the balls in the air. Every time you choose something there is something else you opt out of. It is an existential choice which options we should go with in life.

      Tusnelda certainly has the skills to find a cure for Masato.
      Perhaps she has finally understood that she is thus entering his intimate sphere and it is therefore a matter that does not concern her.

      I really made an effort with the text.
      At the fifth perusal, I removed Masato’s name as I think more of him as a symbol of seduction than it is his person. Ove also contains a temptation because he contains part of the same fire as Tusnelda. The boundless impulsive energy to challenge the doable.

      I’m sure Martin’s going to be very happy ♥‿♥

      • Yimiki

        True, life has almost infinite choices but we only have two hands to catch the balls that it throws at us. And with every new opportunity that we catch, we can’t catch a different one or even have to let an old one go that we have been holding. I’m glad that she did not decide to let go of Martin.

        Turning Masato into a symbol instead of naming him worked well! Your effort into this chapter shows, I was gripped from beginning to end and worried about what decision Tusnelda would make in the end the whole time

  • Mercuryfoam

    Wow. This chapter is one wild ride. Love it! Glad Tus realised what was most important to her and caught herself in the nick of time.

    And blimey the amount of work that was put in this chapter. Amazing! One of my favourite chapters by far.

    Thanks for the link! I thought I had been blind this whole time and never found the secret lab in my own game. xD

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your comment. It makes me so happy ❤
      I had a message at stake so I really worked on that chapter. I’m glad it can be seen 🙂

      I fear that the coming chapters will now become far more boring after Tusnelda has come to her senses 😕 ….Hopefully not 😆

      Zakiera’s Underground Lab is pretty amazing 😎
      I was thinking about building my own underground building but thought I could not do it much better, even after all the expansions we have had since 2018.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Tusnelda tends to become recklessly absorbed in her own projects. She expects to have Martin’s support, so it must come as a shock that he has a limit.
      My goal is to show her emotional journey and I had a lot of fun working with these visual symbols.
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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