Tusnelda and Trix

2. The library

The next day, Tusnelda begins to plant the first crops. These plants should become the foundation of a large lush herb garden. She has enough empty plant boxes available.

Then she heads out into the neighborhood. She gathers the weeds and minerals she can find.

Trix suspiciously continues his own investigations. There are many unknown scents that require further investigation.

Towards evening, Tusneldas curiosity has led her a long way from the mine.

This path seems endless…

Where the road ends, she finds a large abandoned building.

What do you think Trix? …. Maybe we should examine the building a little more closely?

No thanks! Trix prefers to keep an eye on the surroundings. That building seems everything else an appealing.

Tusnelda has entered into the hall.

She finds a lot of useless objects in some glass cases …

…. is this a museum?

Tusnelda enters to a new room with some chessboards.

On the wall hangs a large painting with a gloomy person. Maybe the former owner of this place? …..Hopefully former!

All indications are that this place is deserted. Tusnelda can not hear the slightest sound.

Maybe Trix should have followed inside because when it comes to listening, I trust his judgment more.

Now Tusnelda has reached a heavy dark door … and of course she chooses to go inside.

I expect every second that she will be attacked by a vampire, but it’s something completely different hiding behind the door.

Tusnelda finds a desk with a computer, and this suggests that the area may not be completely abandoned….

Tusnelda immediately sits down at the keyboard. There are so many topics she would like to explore.

Outside, Trix is getting more and more restless. Why is Tusnelda gone for so long?

Tusnelda finds many useful information about vegetable growing, science and more information about vampires.

Suddenly she finds an interesting ad. An inn a few miles from here is looking for an employee to do the dishes.
A job in a back room seems to be perfect so she immediately submits an application.

Trix looks reprehensibly at Tusnelda as she comes out of the building. He feared that she had gotten into big trouble.

You worry way too much sweet Trix.

Tusnelda yawns loudly. It’s been a useful day and now I’m tired. We have a long journey home ahead of us.

Half an hour later they arrive at their home. As Tusnelda said, it has been a very busy and usable day. Now they both need a good night’s sleep.

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The large abandoned house is a library built by anbodil and I had no idea what was hiding behind the doors of the building. An exciting experience.

It can be found in the gallery: Det gamle glyptotek


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