Tusnelda and Trix

1. Moving into the mine

Here, where we first meet Tusnelda, she has just moved into an abandoned mine in Forgotten Hallow.

This is after the great Vampire Extermination has taken place, so we will not meet the famous old vampire families….. But are all vampires obliterated? We may get an answer during this story.

I do not like this place Tusnelda ….

The air smells ….. creepy!

I can smell an unknown hunter…. and human blood!!

Stop being so dramatic Trix! …

This place has been abandoned for decades. It’s the perfect hideout for you and me.

Tusnelda want to take a closer look at the house and the interior of the mine ….However, Trix will continue his investigations for a while.

Tusnelda looks around. The miners have left a lot of usable furniture, a functional kitchen and table and chairs.

There is a nice bathroom with toilet and bath.

Tusnelda takes a short meal break while thinking about the future.
In the background, Trix finally ventures into the mine and here he continues his investigations.

Tusnelda tries to get him to relax with a little play.

Tusnelda takes a swim in an underground water hole. Maybe it’s an old excavation that is now filled with water?

Trix has finally calmed down, satiated and relaxed. Tusnelda has found an old book left behind and she begins to read curiously. It’s about vampires and how to protect yourself from them.

Fortunately, the scary beasts been eradicated decades ago….. Ugh! They give her goosebumps!

It’s time to sleep and Tusnelda sits down on the bed. It is solid and very comfortable. After that book, I hope she will not have any bad dreams?

It does not take long before Tusnelda and Trix sleep heavily. It is not in Tusneldas nature to worry about problems before they arise. It will just be a waste of time.

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