Tusnelda and Trix

A few facts

Tusnelda and Trix were created by Anbodil in the Danish TheSimsForum in January 2018. It was a Challenge in four parts. Every Friday we were given a new task. Anbodil has also created a large part of the buildings that exist in history.

Since this was my first attempt at writing story, the pictures are far from as perfect as I would like. I did not know how I could hide plumbobs with a code and that’s one of the things that bothers my eye today. I have subsequently corrected the pictures by cutting away most of the plumbobs if possible.

I have decided to recreate the story because it was through this Challenge that I seriously lost my heart to Sims4 and learned to appreciate the possibilities rather than the shortcomings.

I love when the Sims follow their own desires and unforeseen events occur in the game. With Tusnelda I experienced many surprising and fun adventures.

Tusnelda’s background and aspiration….

Tusnelda has lived in captivity for ten years with a violent man who abused her in every conceivable way. When the man suddenly dies, Tusnelda is found and freed by some kind people.

Tusnelda has lost all trust in humans so she flees with her cat Trix as far away from civilization as she can get.

After all, since she has to spend money on some necessities, she gets a job as a dishwasher.

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Tusnelda loves the outdoors, she is a collector, a loner, she is noncommittal, and she is a cat lover.

Tusnelda is interested in herbal medicine and decides to cultivate a large herb garden. Her first task is to complete the Freelance Botanist Aspiration and earn enough money to buy a shop.

NB: Now one might think that Tusnelda is subdued and scared after her harsh background, but nothing could be more wrong.…

Let the story begin >>


  • livinasimminlife

    I love what you did here… taking something and making it into a story beyond the original parameters. This line particularly resonated with me: “through this Challenge that I seriously lost my heart to Sims4 and learned to appreciate the possibilities rather than the shortcomings.” I am excited to read. Unfortunately, it’s already really late here so I’ll have to get into the story later.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you very much for your comment ❤

      It was really solving this task that taught me to love sims4. I was quite negative in the beginning. I missed the community around Sims3 and had a hard time accepting the pre-stage development in Sims4.
      When I started on Tusnelda’s story there had been clear improvements. Not least when the toddlers made a life simulation game more realistic.
      I also became aware that my fellow players’ eternal grumbling about the game’s faults and shortcomings did not give me any joy. Therefore it became a choice to take advantage of the game’s possibilities and it was the start of a surprisingly joyful and educational journey.

      • livinasimminlife

        I love this! Every word. I can feel it because I experienced something similar with my first real challenge story in the Sims 4. I felt restricted and struggled to accept the limitations of 4 (especially since 3 was my first real introduction to the Sims). It felt like a step backward. I began to appreciate and realize the full potential when autonomy began to create and generate unique and unexpected experiences in game. And that is the moment I fell in love with the game too.

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