• Yimiki

    Nawwwwww kiddo has Finn’s hair colour! That’s adorable <3 they look like such a happy family. And omg Naja got married to Duane! And she had a child, too! Their family keeps growing. They’re good after-end pictures. ^^

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks for your comment Yimiki ❤
      Fiona looks really cute and has inherited her look from both Finn and Maria.
      It has been fun to play a little with the family while I rewrote the story in English.

  • mypalsim

    This was a wonderful treat. My fav pic is the one with Fiona doing a little grin. 🙂
    Are you going to start another story, and will you post it here?

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks. I’m glad you liked it ❤
      I love that picture of Fiona, with her crooked smile. She looks like she’s flirting with pranks. Lol 😀

      I am working on retelling a story I have shared in the deleted Danish TheSims Forum. I struggle a bit with the fact that the pictures are two years old and my critical gaze is provoked by the quality. It’s a slightly crazier story, but is the reason I fell in love with Sims4.
      I think I should give it a try while I wait for new inspiration.
      I’ll post it here when I’m ready 🙂

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