a turtle's journey


Everything has an end, and everything has a beginning

On the balcony is an easel with a painting. In the painting you see a small Pacific Island ….. It makes me remember that if you open your eyes and heart then you might have the chance to find your Paradise …. Is it real ore is it just a story? ….The truth may be hiding somewhere in the middle.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who dreamed of traveling out to find the turtles’ place of origin.

All man on board! Let the journey begin!

Along the way, he headed east and west.

He met a lot that scared him on the journey.

Pirates and bandits.

Horror, darkness and danger.

But along the way, he also found new and beautiful oceans.

For those who keep searching end up finding a treasure….

Finn is siting and thinking on everything he has seen and achieved….

…. If only Grandma could see it all now.


Author’s note: I feel like attaching a thank you to this story.
First of all, thanks to pammiechick and MaggieMarley/aprielpearl98 who gave me the courage to create a WordPress page and share this story.
Then thank you to everyone for your comments that gave me the courage and desire to continue. I have been happy for each and every one.
It has been a great pleasure.

Extra: Postcard from Sulani


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