Tusnelda and Trix

51. The limit of patience

Welcome back to a chapter full of everyday drama. In this chapter, Trix gets to test his patience, Rasmus sees a pair of beautiful eyes, Tusnelda gets a real scare and Martin comes in contact with brand new emotions. Remember that no one knows the day before it is over.


Morning in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda has slept really well all night. The first club meeting in the Space Cutters and the meeting with Ove was full of surprises. She is happy and full of energy.

She is not going to work today and the sky is cloudless and clear blue.
It looks like it’s going to be a wonderful day.


After a long run, Tusnelda is on her way home.

At the public barbecue, she finds a pile of garbage right next to the garbage bin.

It may surprise her how irresponsible her fellow citizens behave and she quickly collects the garbage and throws it out.

People can be so selfish without thinking of their own responsibility she thinks in as she quickly runs the last few meters towards the house.

She has gradually made a daily run a part of her routine and it makes her feel comfortable with herself.

She catches sight of Martin running on the treadmill.

“Good morning my love.”

“How was your run?” Martin asks.

“It went so well. I can clearly feel that I have gotten in much better shape” Tusnelda answers enthusiastically. … “The weather is so beautiful. You should run by the beach instead of in the dark shed.”

“I love running by the beach, but I need the numbers that I can read on the treadmills display. It’s part of my professional job” Martin replies …. “Which reminds me. I have to go to work. What are your plans for today? “

“I have no particular plans. I see what opportunities emerge and then I will look forward to a quiet evening with you.” answers Tusnelda.

“Me too.” Martin replies with a loving smile.


Martin takes a shower and Tusnelda dances while letting her thoughts flow freely.

Tusnelda squints at Martin. She should not disturb him.
He prepares for today’s soccer match by observing the opponents’ games.

She’d better use the time wisely. Clean up and wash laundry. She knows he will appreciate it.


Shortly after, Martin is on his way to work.

Tusnelda stares out into the garden. Suddenly the house feels so empty. She must be able to use the wait for something sensible.


Magnolia Promenade

It’s been a long time since Tusnelda has last been in her shop and today she has taken Trix with her to keep her company.

“Oh! I recognize this place!” meows Trix, after which he runs eagerly in advance.

He definitely recognize this place.

If he remembers correctly, there is something in the back room.

Trix has found the feeding bowl but there are only a few dry leftovers left on the bottom of the bowl.

Hopefully Tusnelda is on her way with fresh supplies.

He’s going to wait a little longer because now Tusnelda has spotted a missing friend.

“Flora! Are you the one who keeps the plants in such a perfect shape?” says Tusnelda and gives her a huge hug.

“I miss you Flora! You should come and visit me in the house” says Tusnelda.

“I think these plants need my help more than the plants at your house” Flora replies happily.

Tusnelda becomes silent. It should come as no surprise to her that for Flora, plants always come first.

“Tusnelda I need your service! The food bowl is completely empty” Trix interrupts with a loud moaning meow.

Tusnelda bends down and cuddles with Trix. …..”I will be with you in a little while, Trix.”

“I see you’re still attached to your little furry friend,” Flora says.

“I certainly am …. Even though I am now enriched with a large family. Martin, Trix, Fiona and their kittens.” Tusnelda answers enthusiastically.

Shortly after, she says goodbye to Flora.

Tusnelda can not help but think about how her friend can be so introverted that she prefers plants over humans and animals?
She will not be able to live such a quiet life, even if there was a time when she preferred a life in secret … but that time is almost erased from her memories.


Tusnelda has started a thorough cleaning of the shop and she starts with the toilet.

Trix lies patiently waiting while Tusnelda rumbles around.

Finally he hears a sound that wakes him from his doze.


At Casbah Gallery in San Myshuno

Rasmus had never thought he would set foot in an art gallery but Jonna had talked so well about the exhibition this morning and to please her he will give the art a chance.

It will give them something more to talk about.

Most of the exhibition on the ground floor consists of abstract art, but his eyes have been captured by a small collection of naturalistic paintings. Finally something he can understand.

He feels some eyes behind his back.

It is a young woman.

He kindly apologizes for blocking her view.

“It’s ok … I have time to wait” she replies.

“You may be an art connoisseur and a frequent visitor to the exhibition?” asks Rasmus.

“No, not really …” the woman begins….

She has really beautiful eyes Rasmus thinks but at the same time he catches sight of Clara.

“Clara! What a surprise!”

“Oh! You two know each other? I should not disturb you anymore” says the woman.

“You are not disturbing.” Rasmus answers. …”It was nice meeting you, but I have to move on now. I’ll have to see all paintings by tomorrow morning.”

“Rasmus and I know each other from a sports club.” says Clara to the woman. “It really surprises me what he’s so busy achieving? I did not know he had an interest in art.”

“I’m actually here to meet another close friend … but it looks like he’s late.” Clara continues.


Now, most readers will probably think that they know this so-called special friend and they are not mistaken.

On one of the upper floors, Don is busy brushing loose hair off his clothes after a hot embrace with a very eager young woman.

As he moves down through the gallery, he encounters another obstacle.
A young woman finds him quite charming and why should he disappoint her with a cold shoulder?

Clara is going to wait a little longer.


Back in the Magnolia Promenade

Tusnelda has opened the store and customers are flocking.

There are quite a few children and teenagers among the customers.
The upcoming Mother’s Day is probably part of the reason.

Tusnelda kindly answers questions from young and older customers.

Finally, the first buyer has decided to trade.

A little girl wants to buy a bouquet of flowers for her mother.

“I’m sure she’s going to be really happy with it,” Tusnelda says.

Soon there will be more buyers.

Tusnelda gets really busy and does not manage to remove dirt and grime from the counter.

You might need to close the store if you need to get home before Martin thinks Trix.

Tusnelda does not have such thoughts at all.
As the bustle subsides a bit, she finally gets time to clean the counter.

Now it’s time for some lunch.

She is hungry and eats with good appetite.


At Casbah Gallery in San Myshuno

Don has finally reached Clara and he grabs her with his usual confidence.

“Sorry Don! You’re late … I have to go now.” she says

“Clara !? I’m really sorry I’m a little late but there was something that delayed me…. I thought you had the evening off?” Don answers in surprise.

However, there is no reason to hang on to the defeat.
The world is full of beautiful women who can not resist his irresistible charme.


Magnolia Promenade

In the store, customers have a new desire to buy.

Trix stares stiffly at the herd of children.

“It’s probably time for you to return home … I miss my family.” he says with a stern meow.

However, no one takes care of Trix, not even Tusnelda who is still preoccupied with the many trades.

There are even more who decide to buy.

Trix looks restless out the window.

“Tusnelda! It’s dark now. We have to return home” he meows.

Tusnelda does not allow herself to be disturbed.
Each time the bustle subsides, she finds a different task.

Trix is absolutely right. It’s almost dark and Martin is on his way home.

Tusnelda serves the last customer of the day.

Then she finally closes the store.

“Finally! Let’s get going!”

However, things are not going quite as Trix wants because now the inventory has to be replenished.

Trix tries to attract attention.

“Tusnelda! Look at me! You can fill the warehouse another day” he meows.

In the end, he has to give up so he takes a nap while waiting. That seems to be the most sensible thing to do.

Tusnelda has really sold a lot of goods today so it takes its time.


Brindleton Bay

Finally they arrive home.

“Thank you for your company … you are such a sweet and patient partner.” says Tusnelda as she caresses Trix.

You just had to know, Trix thinks.

Trix disappears immediately.

Tusnelda thinks she must probably give Martin an apology …. again.

That apology is going to wait.

Martin is actually sitting right nearby trying to pass the time at the chessboard.

It’s been several hours since he got home.
He has trained on the treadmill, he has eaten and he has prepared for tomorrow’s match.

He assumes he does not have to worry about Tusnelda’s safety … but there are some other unpleasant feelings that have begun to grow.

Dark clouds have begun to gather in the sky while Tusnelda is once again abducted by a silent flying saucer.

Martin sighs deeply.
This evening has not gone at all as he had imagined.

He is tired of waiting and he feels how the disappointment darkens his mind.

At the same time, Fie comes out of the garden door.

She immediately notices the glowing glimmers that the flying saucer has left behind.

If it’s Tusnelda Martin waiting for, then he’s going to wait for several hours.


Evening in San Myshuno

Martin has called his friend Rasmus and now they meet in front of a fitness center in San Myshuno.

“It’s a big surprise that you want to meet me here and not in your home …. I do not know this gym.” Rasmus says.

“I needed a little distraction and some hard training.” Martin replies sadly.

“You seem a little tense, is there anything bothering you?” Rasmus asks worriedly.

“Yes! Everything worries me !!! I’m tired of always coming second! I’m tired of these gloomy thoughts affecting my mind! I’m so tired of waiting for that woman!!” Martin shouts angrily.

Rasmus looks at Martin in shock.
He does not remember ever seeing his calm friend in such an angry outburst before.

Rasmus actually has a fierce temper, so this is something he knows how to handle.

“When my temper runs off with me, I put on some boxing gloves.” he says encouragingly.


Martin is unfamiliar with boxing but he is well trained and strong, so he quickly learns to place some powerful blows against the punching bag.

Heavy clouds have darkened the sky and his mind.

He is completely unprepared for the anger that has suddenly risen from the depths.

This time he has met the limit of his patience but that should not knock him out.

He knows how to fight.

Rasmus sits silently with the weight machine in the background.

He recognizes the anger and it worries him that what is going on in Martin’s mind has something to do with Tusnelda.


Late evening in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda has finally landed on earth again and now she expects to find Martin in deep sleep as she usually does.

To her big surprise, the bed is completely empty.

It’s unusually late but maybe he’s still on the treadmill or the climbing wall?


Late evening in San Myshuno

“Thanks for your advice Rasmus, I’m in a much better mood now.” says Martin optimistically.

“Then maybe you’re ready to go home now?” Rasmus asks

“I’m actually ready for something completely different.” Martin replies with a smile.


Later on the Planet Honey Pop

“I do not remember when we last had an evening together at a bar.” says Martin excitedly.

Rasmus looks at his friend. It’s a relief to see him in such a good mood again.

“This is the second time I’m in San Myshuno today.” he says

“This afternoon I visited the Casbah Gallery in the Art District.”

“You know I’m not very interested in art, but I saw something worth looking at such as a woman with some very beautiful eyes.”

“Oh! Are you looking for someone you can date?” Martin asks with a sly smile.

“Absolutely not! But that does not mean I can’t look at beautiful eyes or talk to women” Rasmus answers.
“Shall we find a seat in the bar? … They are known for a really good red nectar here.” he continues immediately after.


At the same time in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda has searched all over the house but nowhere has she found Martin.
Now she sits shocked in the armchair and stares out into the void.

Her gaze captures the portrait of Martin and her on the wall.

It’s from their first vacation together.

The holiday in the woods where she really understood that she was in love with Martin.

Imagine if he has lost patience with her?

What if he has decided to leave her forever !?


Meanwhile in the Planet Honey Pop

“My friend tells me your red nectar should be worth drinking? Please give us two glasses” Martin says cheerfully.

He knows he’ll probably regret this tomorrow. He knows it will cost him many hours of extra training … but heck.
Today he wants to enjoy the company of a friend and let Tusnelda be the one waiting for once.

“What do you think?” Rasmus asks.

“I think this nectar is absolutely amazing!” says Martin with a big smile.

“Those are exactly my words, cheers!” Rasmus answers.

The cheerfulness is set aside while Martin tells Rasmus about his worries.

“It’s not because I do not respect that Tusnelda has her own interests or that she is an independent woman, but I was expecting us to have a family now. I was expecting us to have a child.
It’s like everything gets postponed indefinitely and all of a sudden we’re old and gray-haired and time has overtaken us. “Martin says desperately. …” I love her, but maybe we’re just not the right match? “

Rasmus listens in shock to his long speech.

“I’m really tired of waiting,” Martin says heavily.

“Do not lose heart Martin! I’m sure you will find a solution together” says Rasmus and lifts the glass to an encouraging gesture.

“I have to use the toilet,” Martin says thoughtfully.

Rasmus is still sitting with the glass lifted in the air and he quickly empties it in one big sip.

It’s not Martin’s nature to sound so depressed. This sounds really bad.

Rasmus looks thoughtfully at the toilet door where Martin disappeared.

When it comes down to it, Martin speaks to his own fears. His fear of never having a family …. but that’s crazy.
Martin and Tusnelda are made for each other.


Fortunately, Martin has flushed his gloomy thoughts out with the toilet water.

“What do you think if we take an extra round?” Rasmus asks

“Yah! Finally someone who understands me!” cheers Martin, which makes Rasmus burst into laughter.

The rest of the night continues in a more cheerful tone. Life is, after all, worth to celebrate.


Early morning in Brindleton Bay

The atmosphere in Tusnelda’s house is far less festive.

Tusnelda has given up falling asleep tonight and now she shares her worst worries with Trix.

Trix listens attentively to her speech.

She seems somewhat dramatic.

Fiona often goes on long night excursions without Trix having to worry about her disappearing forever. She always comes home when her stomach needs to be filled or she lacks a dry warm sleeping place.

Trix watches Tusnelda moaning and waving a tear away.

“Sounds like you have a bad conscience?” he hums softly …

“Conscience is only a human feeling and if you ask me it is completely useless …. He will come home when he needs a full food bowl” he continues with a distinct meow.

Right now, Martin is standing outside, chuckling in a slightly intoxicated state. He looks up at the sky.

“I’m home sweet darling! I’m ready whenever you have time to land from your purple planet.”


“Hello sweet darling! Here you have me back” Martin says as he spreads his arms in an embracing gesture.

Now he catches sight of her tear-soaked eyes … maybe he’s been a little too hard on her? This is usually not how he behaves.

“Martin!” shouts Tusnelda surprised.

“I’m so sorry Martin … I thought you had left me” she says in tears.

“You can be really annoying but leaving you is the last thing on my mind,” Martin says tenderly.

Of course, it turns out that Trix is right once again. As he has predicted, Martin needs some food.

“I’m so sorry!” Says Tusnelda.

“We have to talk about our boundaries,” Martin says seriously.

“There are limits to my patience, but I’ll never leave you,” he says.

Tusnelda and Martin stand for a long time looking at each other.

No one knows what the day will bring before it is over.

In the garden, all of Tusnelda’s alien plants sprout.

If we sneak to the bedroom window we can see that peace is being restored.

Soon they are both sleeping completely safe in each other’s presence.

As long as they are nourished, the plants will grow bigger and stronger.
That’s the secret of plants and human love 💖


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  • cathytea

    I think this is my favorite chapter so far. I really love Martin! And I hope that Tusnelda has learned a bit about how to put limits on her special interests so that she leaves time for everything she values! The immersion is great, but she and others feel badly when it steals from the other things she values, like caring for Trix and spending time with Martin. That same challenge is one I’m very familiar with from my life!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks for your comment ❤
      It is also a challenge I recognize from my own life. I can get very engrossed in my projects 😳
      Let’s hope Tusnelda has learned her lesson. Sometimes learning takes some time.

  • Yimiki

    No one knows the day before it is over is a good mantra to live by. You never know what the next moment will bring.

    Flora is so happy with just her plants. Everyone is different and what is not enough for one is completely fulfilling for another.

    Ha! My mind went to Don right away when Clara says she was meeting someone. Oh geez, it’s one thing to be flirting with every woman you take a fancy to, but he has an actual date with a woman that’s waiting for him, and he’s still lingering at every woman that comes on his path? I wonder if Clara knows that. Surely she doesn’t think that he’s just with her. At least I hope she doesn’t believe that.

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    Oh no… looks like Tusnelda is forgetting about her promise to spend the evening with Martin again. She has a habit of doing that, doesn’t she? Aaaah and an alien kidnapping right at that moment too! They always erase her memory so she won’t even be able to explain that one to him x.x

    Ouch, and Martin takes it badly, as I feared. Oh poor Martin. Feeling like you’re not a priority to the person you love is one of the worst feelings there is. He made a good choice going out with Rasmus instead of being alone at home. Tusnelda seems so used to him waiting around for her that she’s taking him for granted. Talking about boundaries and honouring promises seems like a good step for both of them. But they should have a real talk about what they want for the future, too. Martin is so set on a child and Tusnelda does not seem to be too enthusiastic about it. Having a child should not be because she doesn’t want Martin to leave her, though. I hope that they can figure it out together.

    The paintings look amazing! I’ve downloaded them and am going to hang them in the castle ^^ Bwahaha I am so going to make my Don wear that shirt now.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Clara herself is a cheater, so he can hardly expect Don to have no other priorities. She just turned around and left when he reached out to her. Maybe she’s losing interest. What comes easily goes easily.

      Tusnelda has a tendency to forget time and place, but she has been given a warning. Has she understood what is at stake? 😕

      Martin is so spacious and understanding, but even he has met his limit. Sitting night after night with unfulfilled expectations wears out patience.
      You are right that Tusnelda is more preoccupied with her adventures than starting a family. It’s not because she’s rejecting the idea of a child with Martin, but there’s just so much else that seems more interesting right now.
      They need a conversation where they align their expectations.

      I’m glad you can use the paintings and I love the idea of Don wearing the T-shirt in your game … although I probably should not have any hopes of meeting him in ToC 😆

  • Ninja Pink Sex

    I admire Tusnelda’s dedication to keep the planet clean. She’s an inspiration.
    Rasmus is so friendly. I love how easily it is for him to make a friend anywhere, even an art gallery.
    Hahahah, omg, I love how Don views women as obstacles lololol. Oh, Don, there is simply not enough of you and too many women! Clara certainly wasn’t having it though — good for her.
    Martin came to some very deep discoveries. It seems he needed to speak his feelings to Rasmus in order to get perspective/clarity. I’m glad he was able to tell Tusnelda how he felt about boundaries, especially when 2 people want different things in a relationship. I hope this solves their problems, or at the least, is a starting point to better their lives.
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    • MonaSolstraale

      I love your humorous feedback. It made me happy 😀

      Rasmus is such a nice outgoing guy. He’s easily making new friends now that his eyes are not dazzled by Blue.

      Martin needs to set a limit and Tusnelda will definitely not like it.
      You are right that they have reached a point where they will have to find a common third ❤

      Don is a special chapter. I once completed his serial romantic aspiration and I had such a party. I really came to love him and he ended up as an old man in a happy marriage. Father of six children with several different mothers.

      But Don and Masato !? Oh my God! 😆
      I see them in front of me, chased by a whole horde of angry women with sticks and heavy handbags. Running for their life! 😆

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