Tusnelda and Trix

50. Space Cutters

Recent events in the world have made me think about how much I love everyday life with all its trivia. Boredom, laundry, conversations and small quarrels, mixed with the small sparks life offers us in between. Even my cat who right now with annoying howls is trying to attract some entertainment fills me with grateful joy.
This chapter does not contain major events or revolutionary discoveries. It is simply a tribute to everyday life.


It’s early morning and Fiona is helping her daughter with a little ear wash. It is always touching to see how the cat family takes loving care of each other.

Trix gets a morning cuddle from Tusnelda. She is in a good mood and very happy with everything she has achieved yesterday.

Martin has been up for a long time and as always has started his morning on the treadmill. He is very determined when it comes to achieving his goals.
It’s one thing he and Tusnelda have in common.

“It’s nice to see you finally got eyes,” he says jokingly.

Finally got eyes?
Tusnelda lets the joke pass. She’s too busy digesting yesterday’s many experiences.

“This opens up whole new possibilities,” she tells Fie.

Fie’s is only interested in the possibility of how she can grab a taster from Tusnelda’s plate.

Martin has sat down at the computer.

He has to play a match this afternoon and before he leaves he has to observe the opponent’s ball techniques.

Trix gives him an inviting meow,

“Hi Martin, I need some entertainment….I miss your sparkling toy.”

“Sorry Trix! I have a task that can not be postponed.” Martin replies

“I can not be exposed either!” Trix replies with a reprimanding meow.

Unfortunately without success. Human priorities are difficult to understand.


Tusnelda has decided to grow some of the plants she has found on Sixam.

It will be exciting to see if these plants thrive in the soil of the earth?

Do they need water to grow?

It all has to come to a test and right now Tusnelda feels most alive…. Preoccupied with a new scientific experiment she can investigate.

To the cats’ regret, Martin is still preoccupied with the computer.

Tusnelda is busy with her herb garden.

When Martin finally finishes his observations, he chooses to run rather than entertain the cats.

Shortly after, Tusnelda chooses to collect the clothes from the drying rack.

To make a long story short.
This is going to be an ordinary boring day.

From a cat’s point of view…..

So boring.


Morning in Windenburg

Let’s see if there should be more exciting adventures in another part of the Sims world.

We move to the Hare and Hedgehog cafe in Windenburg and today Rasmus is not the first guest in the cafe.

When Rasmus arrives a little later, he recognizes to his delight the red-haired woman he spoke to a few days before.

“Hi Jonna! It’s nice to see you.”

“I was hoping to meet you again …. I enjoyed our recent conversation so much.” says Rasmus.

“Thank you! I enjoyed talking to you too,…. Do you often come to the Hare and Hedgehog?” she asks.

“It’s a new habit I’ve gotten into after my girlfriend left me. I enjoy to have my morning coffee here.” Rasmus says …” Why should I sit in solitude when I can start my morning by meeting interesting people in a place like this? “

He soon leaves the sad subject.

Jonna is not like Blue at all. She is calm and good at listening.

Rasmus is an outgoing guy and he enjoys talking.

When it comes to facts, it is probably mostly him who leads the whole conversation.
He has a lot on his mind and there is something about Jonna that instills confidence and just makes him keep talking.


Brindleton Bay

We return to Brindleton Bay and here is Martin still doing his run along the beach.

At home in the house we find Tusnelda engrossed in something.

This will forever remind her of the amazing journey she went on yesterday.

She has discovered adventurous landscapes and growths that no one will understand unless they see it with their own eyes.


At the Science Lab

Tusnelda meets Masato in front of the main entrance of the laboratory.

“Hi Masato! How was your morning today?”

“I’m fine, but you look like you have something on your mind?” he answers.

“I have!” Tusnelda answers quickly…..
“I have made the most amazing journey to an undiscovered planet. I saw landscapes that can not be described. Colors that cannot be reproduced. I have found unknown plants that may open up completely new medical miracles …. Who knows? Maybe one of those plants contains the secret ingredient for your cure? ” she continues eagerly.

“How many times do I have to tell you I do not need any cure.” Masato answers.

“But you do! … You’ve told me yourself how difficult your life is.” concludes Tusnelda.

Before Masato has time to come up with more objections, Tusnelda is moving on.

She has an important job.

If she is to research further into the possibilities of these alien growths, she must make sure she has an easy approach to new supplies.

A specimen of all varieties is planted in, or near, the laboratory greenhouse.

Now they just lack a little nourishment and time to grow.

“What are you doing?” Kristina asks as she discovers Tusnelda in the greenhouse.

“You will not believe your own ears Kristina, but I have been on the most amazing journey to an unknown planet and ……”

Several minutes later, Kristina asks if Tusnelda is sure she has not brought new dangerous viruses to the planet along with these seeds.

Tusnelda looks at her in surprise ….
“Of course not! I’m not an amateur and everything has been given a safety pre-treatment with my SimRay.” she answers.

Oops! The latest addition must be said to be a degree inflection of reality, for in her
zeal, Tusnelda has not given it a thought that viruses could be a risk.
She’d better calculate with such risks another time and then hope for the best this time.

Fortunately, Kristina is reassured and she wishes Tusnelda good luck with the projects.

They continue their conversation for a short time, while Masato hopes that Tusnelda will walk out the door before she gets the urge to give him a new lecture.

He will soon have his wish fulfilled.

Tusnelda spends the next hour building on the rocket.

It will soon be ready to fly.

After this, she has spotted another project.

The Electroflux Wormhole Generator needs a few more adjustments.

It looks promising.

Tusnelda does not yet have the courage to stick her head into the gate … she could risk a concussion if it is not perfectly adjusted.

It’s time for lunch break.


Tusnelda meets Aarav in the staff room and she tells him enthusiastically about yesterday’s experiences.

“It sounds like you’ve come a long way.” says Aarav kindly … “but do not forget, safety above all, you should always……”

“I felt completely safe all the time.” Tusnelda interrupts him after which she quickly changes the subject.

“Tell me Aarav. Who is really in charge of this plant?”

After Tusnelda has cut the bonsai in a perfect shape, she looks around the room.
This sad place could really need a little decorating.


Tusnelda has hung up her photographs from Sixam in several places in the laboratory.
Now she can focus on other tasks.

“Hi Tusnelda! Do you have any idea where these photographs come from?” asks Simon.

“I actually took these pictures.” Tusnelda answers proudly.

“I was on the most amazing journey yesterday. I ……”

We’re all been spectators so I do not think I should repeat the whole strip, but for Simon it’s all news.

“You are a talented photographer Tusnelda and I would really like to visit that place …. maybe you can take me on your next trip?” says Simon.

Tusnelda looks at Simon.

“I would love to show you Sixam, but I do not know if it can be done.” responds thoughtfully.

Is it possible? ……What will the aliens think if suddenly more Sims come to their little planet?
These are things she must consider.


The workday is almost over when Tusnelda catches sight of Masato.

“Oh Masato? You look so sad, Has it been a tough day?” she asks kindly.

Masato looks tired at Tusnelda without giving her an answer. Now a new lecture on her search for a cure for his “illness” awaits.

“Do not lose heart, this rose serum will definitely give you new energy.” says Tusnelda encouragingly.

Masato looks at the pale red liquid and sends her a skeptical look.

Lately, Tusnelda’s serums have not given him major any side effects, and a flower extract can hardly do any harm.

He drinks the liquid without protest.

“This serum is absolutely amazing! I’ve never felt so uplifted before.” exclaims Masato excitedly.

Tusnelda moves on with a big smile on her face.

Masato is sitting back.
Fake it until you make it. As usual, the serum had no effect on him and he is happy he is getting rid of more experiments and lectures todays.

Masato is proud of the cunning way he got rid of his tormentor. He feels almost …. flirtatious?

A little later the phone rings ….

“Hello there! The irresistible lady-killer of the secret lab at your service.”


Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda is well satisfied with her working day.
Although she may not have made another big breakthrough, it has been a wonderful day.

Her pictures from Sixam help to beautify the environment in the laboratory, as well as in her living room. It gives her a sense of satisfaction.

She is comfortable and tired and she therefore decides to take a nap.


Finally Martin comes home.

Today’s match was completely outrageous. Their goalkeeper let the opponent’s ball pass countless times and even though Martin ran like crazy to play both defense and attack, it was all in vain.

He is totally exhausted.

The last resources he has left he uses to find his way to his bed.


Late afternoon in San Myshuno

Now that everyone is asleep we shift the attention to someone who is actually awake.

We find Rasmus and his friends from the sports club, at the Karaoke bar “The Planet Honey Pop” in San Myshuno.

Rasmus is sure that something is going on between Clara and Don. Here he can absolutely not follow Don’s way of thinking.

Don has a special appeal from the women in the room, but right now he only seems to be paying attention to Clara….. and yet?

“Hi Rasmus. You should give the adorable chef some attention … I’m sure she’s going to enjoy it.” whispers Don.

“Unfortunately, I’m not available tonight.” he continues.

“Don, what are you whispering about?” asks Clara.

“Hi sweetie! You should take a look at my friend with the yellow hair … I’m sure he will treat you well.” says Don, addressing the woman.

“Let her be and drop the subject.” says Rasmus with a deep sigh.

“I’m not free tonight … I have an appointment with a wonderful bottle of red nectar.”

“You’re giving me worries man …. You’re about to adopt a very unhealthy habit.” Don whispers.

It can be discussed what is a bad habit when it comes to it, Rasmus thinks after which he empties the glass.

Shortly after, he and Marcus find their way to the karaoke machine.

Rasmus is set on having a fun night and singing karaoke with a friend is fun.

Although none of them are particularly good at singing.

Practice makes perfect. “La, la, laa!”

“What do you say Clara? Maybe it’s time to go now if I’m going to follow you on the way home?” says Don.

“I bet you two are not going the straight way home.” Paolo laughs with an implied smile.

Rasmus and Marcus have thrown away the microphones and started a conversation about sports.

Rasmus wants to have a good evening and right now there is no better way to spend his time than in conversation with a really good friend about their common interest.


Evening in Brindleton Bay

It’s evening when Tusnelda wakes up after her nap.

Martin is lying in bed sleeping so he will definitely not miss her….


Evening in Oasis Springs

Half an hour later, Tusnelda arrives at an old disused laboratory in Oasis springs.

The obsolete laboratory has now been converted into a bar and this place will be perfect for the Space Cutters’ club meetings.

Tonight the club has their founding meeting and Tusnelda starts by ordering a green drink for all invited. It must be suitable for aliens.

As the initiator, Tusnelda will of course be chosen as the chairwoman.

One of the other members asks interestedly what she thinks should be the purpose of the club.

“The purpose of the club, of course, is for us to exchange experiences about science and expand the knowledge between Sim scientist and aliens.” answers Tusnelda.

A random guy with purple dreadlocks grabs himself a drink.

“I’m sorry, but this club is unfortunately exclusively for aliens and scientist with an expanded knowledge of Sixam.” says Tusnelda politely dismissively.

“It sounds like I’m come to the right place.” the guy answers eagerly.

“But you’re not an alien and hardly a scientist.” answers Tusnelda.

“I’m an alien … at least half alien.”

“My father was abducted by a flying object and then he gave birth to me…..By the way, my name is Ove … and you are?”

“My name is Tusnelda.” she says overwhelmed.

“Waiter! Make sure you make a proper drink for Tusnelda … this green foam spray is undrinkable.”

“I have never met my mother and I hope this club will finally give me an opportunity to meet her.” continues Ove.

Tusnelda has never met such an overbearing personality before and she has never heard of male pregnancies.

“You have no alien traits …. How do I know you’re telling the truth?”

“Oh, you would not ask if you saw me without a disguise … I can show you that on occasion, but right now I prefer to keep my clothes on.” Ove answers.

“I definitely prefer you to do that too!” Tusnelda answers in shock.

“I hope this drink tastes good to you … shall we see what the club members are doing right now?” asks Ove.

He is really overbearing, but he has also made Tusnelda curious. His story of an alien mother and a male pregnancy.
There is so much that needs to be investigated more closely, so Tusnelda welcomes him to the club.

Outside the bar, club members are building a rocket.

Ove immediately grabs the tool. He has a goal he wants to achieve.

On the first floor above the bar, others are in the process of using other scientific equipment.

We will return to that club venue later, but it will be all for this time.


Midnight in Brindleton Bay

Martin has woken up. He is hungry and sweaty and worried about finding the space next to him in the bed completely empty.

What has Tusnelda got into now?
What if her green friends have abducted her forever?

However, he gets in a slightly better mood when breakfast is in front of him.

Where do these thoughts come from … it’s Tusnelda. He’s sure she’ll be back soon.

She is actually quite close to home.

Tusnelda quickly runs in through the garden door.

Everything is fine.

“I hope you did not miss me Martin, but I have been to my first club meeting and there I heard an incredible story.”

“What might surprise you?” Martin asks with a raised eyebrow.

Now Tusnelda tells about Ove and his story about an alien mother and his father who gave birth to him after an abduction.

“He even offered me to undress his disguise to show me he’s telling the truth.” continues Tusnelda …. “But of course I rejected that suggestion.”

“I appreciate that you did that.” Martin replies stunned.

“After our guests yesterday, I soon think there is nothing that can surprise me anymore.” says Martin …. “I think you are capable of anything.”

“Not that Martin! Believe me … You’re the only man I want to look at without disguise.” answers Tusnelda.

“I actually believe in you, but now I have to go to the bathroom.”

Tusnelda stays seated for a moment, relieved at Martin’s calm reactions. She is a very lucky woman.

Martin finally takes a much needed bath.

Tusnelda has gone out into the garden where she to her delight sees that one of her alien plants has started to grow.


Tusnelda has taken over the bath and Martin has sat down at the computer.

“There you are! Freshly washed and in full disguise.” he says cheerfully.


“I actually have time off tomorrow so we can spend a little more time together.” says Tusnelda.

Even though it is morning, they agree to catch up for another few hours of sleep.

“Do you really need to throw all your clothes in a pile on the floor?” asks Martin

“Should we discuss piles of clothes or spend time on something else?” Tusnelda asks.

Fortunately, they are spending time on something else.

New piles of clothes will constantly appear. In between, one must remember to enjoy the wonderful sparks life offers you.


Martin has slept for many hours so he quickly gets out of bed.

He is a man who likes routines and order, so the pile of clothes does not survive long.

The regular tasks give him peace of mind.

Tusnelda is just the opposite. She perceives the endless routine tasks and repetitions as an obstacle in her pursuit of new discoveries.

Fortunately, there are those who enjoy everyday life and the prospect of clean clothes.

After a job well done, Martin can reap his prize. A run out into the wonderful nature. It is his constant source of joy.

The joy of life should be the only thing that concerns us all.


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The bar where Tusnelda meets with the club is built by anbodil.
It can be found in the gallery: Rumzonen


  • Yimiki

    Haha, poor cats. Sometimes the “boring” days are the ones you look back on with the most fondness. But surely for them, any moment that they’re not fed, pet or entertained is a moment lost xD

    Rasmus seems to be taking quite a liking to Jonna. She’s much calmer than Blue was. I remember Rasmus not actually talking much with Blue- she was always dragging him along for the next adventure, or pulling him into the bushes for woohoo. If Blue was an exciting whirlwind that spun Rasmus around, then Jonna seems more like a calm breeze that Rasmus can coast along with.

    Oh, Tusnelda. Stubborn and hyperfocused as always when it comes to Masato’s vampirism, it seems. She cannot seem to comprehend him not wanting to cure himself even if his life is hard. I just hope that, if she does develop a cure, Tusnelda won’t try to force him or trick him into taking it. Woops! Alien viruses would be bad – let’s hope that nothing dangerous ended up coming back with her.

    Bwahaha look at Masato faking effect just to get Tusnelda off his back! xD Oh wait, maybe it did have an…

    Aww, the karaoke pictures with Marcus were so sweet! And Rasmus has a good point regarding unhealthy habits. Flitting from woman to woman without caring for them and fooling around with a married woman behind her husband’s back is just as unhealthy as taking too much of a liking to alcohol.

    Ove is an interesting guy. I had my suspicions about him with Tusnelda at the bar, but maybe what he’s saying is legit.

    Martin and Tusnelda play off each other’s personalities so well. He’s structured and organized and she is innovative and curious. They are a very stable couple. You’re right, the joy of life is the one thing that concerns of all, and also what connects us ^^

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your very long feedback.
      I always look forward to your reflections on my story ❤

      Rasmus is in a great place right now. He has finally stepped out of Blue’s shadow and he is able to enjoy his life.
      Repeated consumption of alcohol can in the long run be an extremely dangerous habit and Don feels a great deal of care for Rasmus, but he does not see his own shadow 🙄

      I like your description of Tusnelda and Martin’s personalities. I’m glad they’re clearly coming out 🙂

  • Ninja Pink Sex

    It’s nice to appreciate the banality of life. I’m sorry that the disruption and crisis going on in the world has caused you to reflect on the normalcy of everyday life. Thank you for reminding us to appreciate these things.
    Tusnelda won’t quit with Masato and “the cure.” I don’t think he wants one, Tusnelda lol I don’t think she’s getting the hint. Poor Masato has succumbed to drinking strange potions to appease her and get her to stop bugging him. omg. Maybe Masato should take this issue up with the Human Resources department.
    I LOL’d at Masato drinking the serum. This isn’t working. Oh, well. And then he gets all flirty over the phone HAHAHA.
    And WHOA! that meeting Tusnelda had with Ove. That man-alien is very bold, offering to take off his disguise for Tusnelda. Whoa, dude, you just met that’s pretty straight-forward. Even her husband was shocked when she retold him the story, and I don’t think his shock was at Ove’s DAD getting pregnant.
    Great story!

    • MonaSolstraale

      I’m glad you enjoy the story. I have so much fun out of writing it ❤

      I love your idea that Masato should complain to the human resources department. Ha ha! He should do that 😆
      I’ve looked at Masato’s characteristics and he has a serial romantic aspiration, which explains why he so often gets very flirtatious.
      I’m planning a small event that might get Tusnelda thinking differently when it comes to the cure. This is not a spoiler … or maybe? 😉

      Aliens can use disguise and I love the double meaning it gets in Ove’s sentence 😆

      • Ninja Pink Sex

        Haha I wonder if HR already has a bunch of complaints about Tusnelda :p

        Ooooh. Masato might get HR complaints if he’s not careful with that flirty phone talk at work lol

        Ooooh! this event sounds interesting.

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