Tusnelda and Trix

49. New horizons

Rasmus has struggled to overcome the longing for Blue for a long time and there are many who worry about him.
Tusnelda feels she is stuck and she struggles to avoid the boredom. Martin fights for him and Tusnelda to have some undisturbed time together.
When life seems like an endless battle, it’s time for you to look up and look at new horizons.



Early morning in Brindleton Bay


“What a wonderful morning!” exclaims Martin over breakfast …. “Do you have any plans today?”

“No, apart from work I have no special plans” Tusnelda replies …. “What about you?”

“I have to go to work and afterwards I’m going to spoil my delicious wife!” says Martin as he sends her a kiss.

“Oh! I look forward to that” Tusnelda replies with a little laugh.

“….if we do not get a visit from Rasmus tonight.” she continues.

Martin sighs deeply. It’s not because Martin does not want to see his friend, but he and Tusnelda have almost no undisturbed time left with each other….

His thoughts are interrupted by Futte with a complaining meow.

“Oh! Hi Futte! …. Why are you still carrying that cone?” he asks distractedly.

Futte looks at Martin with a wondering look ….?

“Martin you should know, here it is me who should ask the question and you who should answer.” she meows with a moaning meow.


Early morning in Windenburg

Rasmus is up early and he has again chosen to get his morning coffee in the Hare and Hedgehog cafe.

His purposeful walk reveals his mood is at its peak. Tusnelda and Martin have so far, no reason to worry about an unplanned visit tonight.

“It’s your lucky day today. I just opened the cafe.” says the barista kindly.

“Then I would like to order an espresso.” says Martin.

Now another guest arrives.

Rasmus drinks his coffee while he thinks about whether Jonna will show up today. He enjoyed their conversation a few days ago.

Jonna does not appear, but instead Rasmus talks with a young guy who has just grown up to young adult.

He is considering whether he should start at the University or he should find a job. He has no particular interest.

“Maybe you should try a little different jobs until you find something you’re passionate about?” adds another guest.

Rasmus listens a little distractedly to their continued conversation.
He has other plans.


Shortly after, Rasmus meets Don at the Harbor Quarter Gym near by the Cafe.

“Hi Don! I really appreciate you having time to meet me.” he says cheerfully.

“How are you today?” Don asks cautiously …. “You need to know, I met the woman you call Blue yesterday and she seemed pretty depressed… maybe you should talk to her?”

“Oh !?” says Rasmus, taken aback.

“We have nothing more to talk about… It’s all up to her and she’s made her choice.” Rasmus answers.
….. “I assume she’s living happily ever after.”

“I have mourned enough and now I’d rather talk about something else …. Let me serve you a drink after our workout. I really want to pick up on what’s going on in town since last.”


Morning in Willow Creek

It had been surprisingly hard to meet Rasmus yesterday…. He had looked so wounded and crushed.

He’s such a sweet man and she really did not want to hurt him, but he has to let her go.

She has to forget him. The thought of his broken face tears her to pieces. It keeps tormenting her like a ghost in front of her eyes.

Her back hurts. It is the baby who draws attention to its existence.

She is going to be a mother soon…. She will have to grow up now!
The child deserves security, love and happiness.

Allan looked so happy when she told him he is going to be a father. He has been so considerate ever since.

She is happy!

… if only she did not vomit all the day long.


At the Harbor Quarter Gym

If Alice could see Rasmus right now she would know he had let her go.

After their last meeting, it was surprisingly easy for him.
The dream was finally dead and time has matured him to look towards new horizons.

Rasmus pulls hard on the weight machine. He will probably never become an athlete like Martin and the other club members, but he has got used to the routine.

The physical struggle has helped him overcome the mental struggle and the fatigue on top of the exercises has helped him sleep at night.

After half an hour of training, he thinks that’s enough for today.

He’s promised Don a drink.

It is part of Rasmus’ education that he must learn to mix drinks.

He can not consume large amounts of drinks by him self without getting a health issue, so it’s nice when he can train his skills by serving to friends.

“Have you experienced anything exciting lately?” Rasmus asks interested.

“Nah … you know, just a little loose and firm….” Don answers.

“I’ve got a job on a sports team. I’m no longer a salesman in the city’s food stalls.”

“That sounds like the right job for you.” Rasmus says appreciatively.

“On second thought, I have actually been on a pretty interesting date since last time …. but perhaps I should rather avoid that subject?”

“Ha ha, I know you Don. Your predilection for certain subjects is no secret. I can hold it, so just spit it out!” laughs Rasmus.

“This woman … she adores me. She’s as butter in my hands…”

“… but she’s also like a ferocious tiger trying to eat me in covetous mouthfuls.”

“She sounds like the right woman for you … Is she your regular partner now?” Rasmus asks

“Nah, we both agree to keep it on a friendly level … friends with benefits.”

“Oh? What about Katrina? … I remember her from that bar in Oasis Springs” Rasmus asks.

Don hesitates. He’s amazed that Rasmus even remembers anything from that bar. As Don remembers it, Rasmus was pretty drunk.

“Katrina and I are still friends …” says Don casually.

Don does not feel the urge to go in depth with his female acquaintances …. Instinctively he knows Rasmus can not understand his priorities and he does not want to lose Rasmus as a friend….. What Rasmus does not know does not upset him.

“I’m glad you seem to be in balance with what happened between you and that woman.” says Don.

“Yes, so am I.…. somehow it’s a relief” Rasmus replies.


Brindleton Bay

When Rasmus comes home, Brooke runs towards him.

“Hello sweet girl! I’m assuming now it’s just you and me again, for a good while.” says Rasmus.

Rasmus gives Brooke a loving hugs.

Brooke buries her nose in his beard and she kindly purrs back … “You know what Rasmus? I see absolutely no problem in that fact….. It’s no problem at all.”


At the Science Lab

Tusnelda is in a good mood when she meets at work.

The same seems to apply to Masato.

He greets Tusnelda welcomingly.

“Good morning Masato! I can see my little plasma bag has done wonders.” says Tusnelda optimistically.

“If any need arises just come to me” she continues kindly.
“The same, of course, applies if you need a cure …. I’m already working on it.”

Masato looks at Tusnelda in wonder. How did they suddenly end up in this conversation again?

“I have no unmet needs right now.” he answers quickly.

Tusnelda continues in a good mood into the laboratory, leaving Masato in silent thoughts.

That woman! Will she ever listen, will she ever stop trying?


Right now, it seems that Tusnelda is benefiting from her stubbornness and her ability to never give up.

She starts today’s tasks at the duplicator, but today it seems that all attempts to duplicate a flower fails.

After several failed attempts, she adjusts the settings.

Now everything should go like a clockwork … but no!


Tusnelda finds Simon in the small office on the first floor. She needs a break.

Simon lights up in a smile as she sits down.

“Hey Tusnelda!”

“I see we’ve got a new computer. It looks expensive.” says Tusnelda.

“It has definitely been expensive. The processor is monster big and it can handle all the calculations in half the time.” Simon answers.

Tusnelda quickly realizes that Simon does not want to be disturbed right now. He’s too preoccupied with the new equipment.

Alas, what if she had the resources to acquire such a computer?
The dreams at least cost nothing.


Tusnelda finds Aarav.

“I feel trapped in all these routine tasks Aarav. It’s like I’m not getting anywhere.” she says with a deep sigh.

“You must remember that all thorough science is based on countless repetitions, routine tasks and several mistakes.” Aarav answers … “Only occasionally can you be lucky to get a breakthrough.”

Tusnelda knows he’s right, but she’s bored anyway.

Tusnelda returns to the duplicator to duplicate a serum.

This time, it actually succeeds.

It gives her the courage to do some experiments.

Another mistake.

Kristina and Aanya are busy with a conversation in the background so she goes to participate in their scientific problem.

Aanya seems a little uncomfortable.

“Oh, it’s nothing Tusnelda … I’m just hungry.” says Aanya.

How lucky is it that Tusnelda just has a stock of well-tested synthetic food serum.

Wow! This was amazing Tusnelda. A nice taste and satisfying feeling of fullness. “Says Aanya acknowledged.

Tusnelda is surprised by the unexpected praise. After all, she’s come a long way.

The last hours Tusnelda is working on the rocket. Here is a task she masters to perfection.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda is received by Fie when she returns home.

Fie’s unpleasant cone has finally been removed and it has instead been replaced by a yellow collar.

She seems very content and loving.

Tusnelda has a goal she is still working on. She wants to be a fully trained herbalist.

She has neglected her training and she should also return to the forest soon. Her stock of insects is disappearing.

Tusnelda takes a short break to eat some food.
Suddenly she hears a moaning love song.

It is Fiona who sings longing songs.
She is the only one of the female cats to escape the vet’s treatment.

Tusnelda goes out into the garden while she waits for Martin.
She will postpone the vet to another day.

After gardening, she cuddles a little with Trix.
Even Trix has been given a colored collar, though his black tuxedo makes him easy to recognize.

“Wondering when Martin will be home?” says Tusnelda loudly in the air. … “Maybe I can just manage to ….”

“Oh no! I know that look. You’re out on something.” Trix replies with a worried meow.

Trix is absolutely right.

The rocket is fully upgraded now, so she just wants to do a little test of whether everything is working as it should.

Futte runs nervously back and forth on the empty landing pad.
She remembers all too well the bang when Tusnelda landed after her last trip in space.


Somewhere out in space

Tusnelda’s next landing will be of a completely different nature.
She has ended up on a distant planet.

The alien nature is truly breathtaking and Tusnelda immediately sets out on a journey of discovery.

She quickly runs on without any particular direction.

He catches sight of some huge luminous mushrooms.

Wow! This world is truly unique.

Tusnelda finds an alien plant and she immediately harvests its fruit.

A new landscape is constantly opening up on the horizon.

She continues curiously around a large cliff.

There are large trees in this landscape but she sees no birds or insects …. maybe it is not possible for living beings to breathe in this atmosphere?

This tree in particular spectacular with its turquoise tentacles.

She spends the next many minutes taking photographs.

How else is she going to prove that this place exists?


This is almost too much to take in and even harder to describe….


Tusnelda finds some exciting crystals.

She looks up surprised when she hears a metallic voice.

Hi Tusnelda, welcome to Sixam!” says a pale green alien.

“How do you know my name?” she asks curiously.

You are known by most aliens here.” he answers.
Some have met you at the scientific laboratory and some of us have examined you on other special occasions.”

“What do you mean when you say ‘examined me’? What do you mean by ‘special occasions’?” Tusnelda asks puzzled.

Sorry, it’s probably my limited vocabulary in your language that makes me express myself clumsily.” he answers smoothly.

“You’re a funny guy.” says Tusnelda cheerfully.
“You do not seem to have language problems ….. Do you have a name?”

He never gives an answer because now several other Aliens have spotted Tusnelda and they are approaching curiously.

“I’m really glad I found your wonderful planet … I’ve never seen anything like it!” says Tusnelda excitedly.

Oh! You have already visited us countless times!” says a female Alien with a twinkle in her eye.

“I have?” Tusnelda asks in astonishment.

“Vi ne devus diri tion al ŝi!” says Ahilac with a grim expression.

He speaks in codes and Tusnelda only understands that she should not ask any more questions right now.

NB: Ahilac speaks Esperanto. A language my grandparents tried in vain to teach me when I was a child. I only learned to say: Mia nomo estas Mona

“Unfortunately I’ll have to go now.” she says quickly.… “but come and visit me next time you are nearby.”

Tusnelda casts one last glance beyond the landscape.

The trip home is urgent now! Are there no toilets on this planet?


Damn, it’s the last minute … and she’s forgotten all about Martin.

It was just supposed to be a little test flight.

Martin has been waiting for hours now.

There is not even an honest soccer game on television.

“Sorry Martin.” Tusnelda whispers shamefully. … “I have to hurry to the bathroom.”

“Just give yourself plenty of time.” Martin replies with a sigh… “I’ll cancel the restaurant.”


Tusnelda takes a shower to wash off the travel dust.

Martin entertains the cats with the sparkling toy.
He hears there is someone at the door, but he is not in the mood to talk to anyone. He chooses to pretend like nothing.

It seems like a lucky decision.

We have not seen that guy since Tusnelda lived in Forgotten Hollow. He has not been missed.

Fortunately, he abandons his venture, allowing Martin to keep all his blood.


“I’m sorry, Martin.”

Tusnelda can not really find the right words so she gives him a kiss on the cheek.
She hopes he will forgive her.

They both look at each other and neither of them knows where to start.

Tusnelda is bubbling over to tell about Sixam … but it’s probably not the right time? Martin is torn between the urge to express his disappointment and the desire to take Tusnelda in his arms.

They would probably have been standing there for a while longer if Fiona had not reacted to a sound from outside.

“I go to bed.” says Martin, thus ending the void.


Something is puzzling…?

In the dark night sky, a flying vessel is struggling to radiate the moon.

Tusnelda approaches fascinated.

We know how it usually ends…..


“I was not expecting a visit already ….. Have you all traveled in this flying saucer?” says Tusnelda.

Without further ado, the aliens take over the house.

Ahilac opens the refrigerator to scan it for something edible.

Another guy scans the bookshelf for a book while the female alien has taken over the computer.

Trix raises his hair on his back, shaking over the uninhibited intruders.

Ahilac eats while the guy opposite tries to decipher the letters.

The cats run around frightened by the unusual situation.

“There’s nothing in the fridge, but I’m a trained chef so I can quickly stir a meal together.” says Tusnelda kindly to a purple guy.

Now Martin has been awakened by all the fuss.

He is a calm guy so he inquires friendly as to where the unexpected guests know Tusnelda from.

We’ve met your wife in space. She’s a very magnetic woman.” says a blue guy kindly.

That explanation sounded pretty far out, but one thing is for sure. Life with Tusnelda never gets boring.

Martin finds the treadmill.

He is a loner and the many unknown guests stress him out.


Tusnelda loves company and now she has invited them all for a meal.

“We should make a club where we can develop science.” says Tusnelda to the female alien sitting opposite.

What an exciting idea, Tusnelda.”

Shortly after, it is decided. The club is named the Space Cutters.

Fiona is attracted to the inviting scent from the food and jumps up in the middle of the table to persuade a guy to give her a taste.

He does not respond kindly to her begging.

The guy is very outraged at the untrained cat and Tusnelda is very shocked by his harsh words.

“Fiona! You should know better than to upset our guests that way.” she says sternly.

It’s almost midnight and Tusnelda puts the rest of the food in the fridge.

Luckily, the guests start returning home to their base.

Trix has gradually accepted the strange guests.
He has found a tassel of feathers and he is trying to encourage the purple guy to play.

Mr Purple does not seem to understand the call and Trix will not ask Tusnelda right now.

She has just collected the dirty service and she looks like she could faint any minute.


Martin enters the living room just as the last guest leaves the house.

Tusnelda looks at him with an insecure look.

Now he’s doing something he should have done several hours ago.

“How are you, Tusnelda?”

“Sorry I forgot the time … can you forgive me?” she asks.

“You can be damn annoying but I can always forgive you.” Martin answers. … “What was it that delayed you so much?”

“I love you Martin and I would love to tell you it all, but I’m just so tired.” she sighs.

He can see she is tired and he has already realized that the duality must wait.

Martin chooses to do what he loves most apart from Tusnelda. He runs out into the night.

On the horizon, the sky lights up. Dawn is near.


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In the conversation between Rasmus and Don, Don appears with a young woman at this location.
Newcrest Outdoor Café is built by PeachesPlace
and can be found in the gallery.


  • Yimiki

    Good on Rasmus for guarding his boundaries so strongly when it comes to Blue. Even Don talking about her doesn’t faze him anymore. Or well, it does, but he’s choosing to move on. Rasmus will be okay. =)

    Blue seems to be trying very hard to convince herself of her happiness. I hope, for her sake, that the child is not born with Rasmus’s yellow hair.

    Don is a womanizer as always, I see. These two have a very strange but sweet relationship – Rasmsus longs to find the right woman, while Don wants to do anything but find one single partner. They’re like two sides of the same coin.

    I wonder how Tusnelda would respond to Masato if she does end up completing a cure, and Masato rejects her. Would she be able to honour his wishes? Or would she force her own will over his and try to make him take the cure? There are lines that should never be crossed and a decision this huge is one of them.

    Aw, Tusnelda is so focused on new things that she can’t see how far she’s already come. It would do her good to stand still and look back sometimes and simply appreciate all that she’s gained. Speaking of standing and appreciating, the pictures of Sixam look absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never been there in the game myself so seeing it through pictures is a real treat. Heh, Esperanto as the alien language is strangely fitting, seeing how it was created artificially. So that’s where the aliens have taken Tusnelda every time she was abducted.

    Aw.. poor Martin. She completely forgot about their plans later. I would have had a hard time remembering, too, with a discovery like that. Whoa! The aliens wasted no time in visiting Tusnelda in return. Martin is such a wonderful guy, waking up to loads of aliens in the house and not even being fazed. Amazing. xD

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks for your long comment on this messy section. It’s always a joy ❤

      Fortunately, Rasmus has regained his smile. He’s a very outgoing guy, so it’s time for him to turn to the world.
      I love the contrast between Rasmus and Don. I became quite fond of Don when I played through his aspiration a few years ago. There are not many who see him as anything but a villain 😆

      Blue is a sad story. She is so keen to make the socially accepted “right choice” and she lets herself be dazzled by Allan’s sudden care. Only time will tell whether he has really changed 😉

      I hope you someday get a chance to see Sixam with a Sim. Unfortunately, the planet is very small and it only has a lot that can be built on if you use a code.
      I do not see that it will fit into your current narrative 😆

      Martin is very calm and fond of Tusnelda. The only thing that can stress him is too many Sims nearby. He’s a loner.

  • SnuffyBucket

    I second Yimiki and hope that Blue’s baby doesn’t have cheese-yellow hair…

    The house full of aliens, and Martin walking round like it was all totally normal, was hilarious.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Oh! The hair color? We’ll see 😉

      There are many Sims who get super stressed when they discover an Alien nearby, (Maybe it’s just alien in disguise?)
      Martin is completely unaffected. “If you are Tusnelda’s friends, I assume it’s ok … nice to meet you … I go to the shed and run on the treadmill”.
      I assume he is color blind 😆

  • Ninja Pink Sex

    Martin is such a sweetie. He truly cares for Tusnelda and their relationship. Dedication. I really like him.
    Rasmus seems very friendly. I like how he can casually make conversation with random strangers.
    Tusnelda is living her best life. I didn’t know that there was a *hidden* alien planet in Sims 4 until I read your blog! How cool is that! Interesting how Tusnelda has been to Sixam before without knowing it. Haha I like that she has to leave the planet because she NEEDS to use the restroom. I would also need to leave lol.
    Omg, what a crazy house party with the Sixam aliens! Haha Martin acts like everything is normal lol.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks for your comments ❤

      I’m probably not the only sims player who feels attached to my characters, so I’m glad you like them.
      Rasmus is very outgoing.
      Both he and Martin are townies encountered randomly in the game. I’ve been lucky 🙂

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