Tusnelda and Trix

48. Clarification

Sometimes one’s vision may be limited. Maybe it’s because of outside barriers. Maybe the barrier lies within your inner self. In order for the wound to heal, it may be necessary to tear off an ingrown patch. Whatever the pain it causes, it will also lead to a clarification.
Only when you can see the full picture it will be possible to make a necessary decision. Only then it will be possible to grow again.
This chapter hides an ending that might leave the reader in pain.
I would say this chapter was not fun to write. It may be one of my worst chapters ever, but I think it was necessary before I can move on.


Martin sleeps for a long time.

Tusnelda looks at Fie as she thinks about the quarrel about the laundry.
She still does not understand what happened.

Finally, Martin wakes up and he immediately disappears into the bathroom.

Futte takes advantage of an unguarded moment to sharpen her claws in the armchair.

Oops! Caught in deed.

“You’re a naughty cat Futte! You have a big cat tree where you can sharpen your claws.” argues Tusnelda.

Now Martin emerges from the bathroom.

He sits down next to Tusnelda.

“How are you today?” he asks, holding on to her gaze,

“I’m fine, I guess.” she answers uncertainly.

Martin massages her tense shoulders in silence.

She responds to him spontaneously with a kiss.

She hates when there are disagreements between them.

Behind their backs, Trix and Futte are friendly chasing each other.

In the meantime, Fie is taken on an excursion.

Despite her limited vision, she runs fast forward.

“I’m so sorry I got angry. Let me make it right again … let me invite you on a date tonight.” Martin whispers.

“I will look forward to that,” laughs Tusnelda.

It’s been so long since they’ve been on a date.

“Thank you Martin!!

“Maybe we can take a little advance on the joys?” says Martin before giving her a heartfelt kiss.

“You could dream of that.” laughs Tusnelda … “I’m making our breakfast and in the meantime you can cuddle with the cats.”

On the bed, Fiona has spotted Futte … “What in the world has happened to you?” she asks with a worried meow.

She gets no answer until she is grabbed by Martin.
Here is fortunately a girl who will never reject his caresses.


In the kitchen, Tusnelda has started making breakfast.

Fie has gradually found her way to the beach.

It’s hard for her to focus on the birds. The cone constantly obstructs her vision.

When she looks up she sees nothing but a large blue empty surface.

Fortunately, her sense of smell is not limited and she soon finds a pile of rotten seaweed.

One can find the most amazing gifts where no one will seek.

Tusnelda grabs a piece of spinach pie.

Martin is already sitting at his plate.
it’s a lovely morning so they eat outside.

“What are you thinking we should do tonight?” Tusnelda asks curiously.

“You’ll see.” Martin replies with a smile.

After this, they continue to eat in silence, while Tusnelda notices that expectations begin to bubble in her stomach.


At the Science Lab

Tusnelda is in an excellent mood as she arrives at her work.
Now she wants to see what she can do about Masato. The idea of revenge has already been scrapped.

“Good morning Masato! How is your mood today?”

“What do you mean?” Masato asks suspiciously.

“I think we got a little crooked yesterday …
We both said some tough things to each other “Tusnelda answers patiently.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Masato replies, shrugging.

“I’ve brought you a present as a token of my friendship … it’s nothing big, just a little something from my store.”

“A present? To me?” says Masato surprised.

Fortunately, the gift is well received.

Afterwards, Masato becomes quite ashamed.

“I’m sorry Tusnelda … I sometimes just get so provoked when I see all these normal people.”

“What do you mean? Most were your colleagues and they accept you for who you are.”

“Life as a vampire is not easy … I have to hunt to get food … to hurt people.
When I was young it did not touch me, but now I sometimes feel divided and then it provokes me when I see a gullible fool like Rasmus who thinks he has problems, when in fact he has everything … friends and a simple life.”

Tusnelda looks seriously at Masato.
He has never talked about his personal problems before so she chooses to overhear words like ‘gullible fool’ and ‘simple life’.

“People are not always what they seem … in reality Rasmus has a lot of problems, but it should not come between you and me….Should it? “

Fortunately, Masato says he agrees and therefore they can put the unfriendliness behind them.

Tusnelda enters the greenhouse. Now she has to tackle the other tasks of the day.

Now she just hopes that the problems with Masato are solved and that he appreciates her gift.

Actually, it amazes her how he ended up in this job and why he rejects her when she says she wants to find a cure?
These are some questions she can not get answered now, so she better move on in today’s text.

Tusnelda starts collecting new supplies.

If she could see Masato now, she would actually know he appreciates her gift.

Masato drinks the plasma with deep cravings … it’s been too long since he’s been hunting.

So far, the plasma gives him a sense of a needed well-being.

Tusnelda has collected the necessary crystals and metals.
Now she wants to fish down by the lake.

She catches sight of the lake in the distance.

The dry sandy desert landscape has its own beauty.

Only the most hardy growths can thrive here.

Suddenly she catches sight of a rare flower. A small lily hides among the withered herbs.

Soon she catches sight of another lily growing more unprotected in the landscape.

It looks like it could use some water.

The plant eagerly absorbs the rare drops and soon stands fresh and green.

Well but she actually came to fish.


It’s early afternoon when Tusnelda returns to the lab.

She finds a screwdriver and adjusts the Wormhole Generator.

It actually looks like the gate is opening now.

She still agrees with herself to postpone the experiment until the next day.
Today she is going on a date and she would rather not be prevented by unforeseen problems.

She continues into the Lab.

This is the first time she sees Kristina today.
In fact, she has not met any other colleagues than Masato today.

She may just reach one last experiment before the deadline.

This should probably be interesting.

Now it just needs to be tested and Masato is still her favorite guinea pig.

“Masato, I think that now that we understand each other,”

“Will you test this serum for me?”

Oddly enough, Masato does not say no. He never does and that’s exactly why he’s her favorite guinea pig.

“Eww Tusnelda! What kind of fluid was that?”

If one have to interpret Masato’s facial expression, Tusnelda should probably make sure that she does not push it too far.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

When Tusnelda returns home, she is received by Fie.

“Hi Fie! How are you feeling today?” she asks kindly.

“Have you perhaps tried to wear such a cone? Then you would know that your question is completely superfluous.” Fie replies with a long accusing meow.

Tusnelda does not hang out in grumblings so she continues out into the kitchen garden. It is incredible how the weeds grow.

After the kitchen garden, she thinks of the laundry, which is now dry.
She will not risk any quarrels on her date night.

As she enters the living room, she sees Fie and Futte’s blaming eyes.

“Do not look at me that way … it is the vet’s recommendation that you keep the cones on,” she says.

She feels like the worst animal abuser ever.

She finds some old food scraps to be discarded in the fridge.

Then she collects used plates and glasses for the dishwasher.

Martin is obviously late and she decides to sleep until he gets home.

She sleeps right away.


At the Harbor Quarter Gym

Ever since Alice revealed she was pregnant, her relationship with Allan has changed. It’s is like he suddenly sees her as a respectable woman. A woman who deserves his attention and his protection.

Today he has persuaded her to come with him to a new gym in Windenburg. While he performs his daily workouts, she can relax in the swimming pool.

Not all fitness centers have a swimming pool so this center is a great choice.

Her body is starting to get heavier due to the pregnancy, so Alice enjoys the weightlessness in the water.

Allan is ambitious when it comes to his military career so he struggles hard with the weight machine.

At the swimming pool, Alice has a conversation with a young guy, Paolo.
She loves his attention and since she is an outgoing woman, the conversation goes effortlessly.

Very effortless….

….until Alice comes to mind Allan.

“It was a pleasure talking to you Paolo but I must find my husband.”

As always, Allan takes possession of her with utmost self-assurance.

We enlarge the picture a bit and it probably does not come as a surprise that it is precisely in this gym Rasmus club is located.

The sight of Blue and her husband is devastating.

He can not help but overhear their conversation.

“I need to practice some fistfights before we leave.” says Allan.

“Relax woman! It’s a punching bag that should feel my punch … what do you think?”

Alice does not dare tell the cause of her shock .. She actually discovers Rasmus. Now she just hopes Allan does not spot him.

“Stupid me … I do not know what I was thinking.” she answers casually.

Allan enters upstairs to find a punching bag.
He regrets he brought Alice to the gym.… She is so erratic and it is impossible for him to keep an eye on her while he performs his exercises.
This will be the last time.

He feels the powerlessness rise in his body and it makes him furious.

He is a strong hard hitting man and no one should make him feel powerless and out of control.


Late afternoon in Brindleton Bay

The first sight that meets him is Tusnelda sleeping and all her clothes lying in a pile on the floor.

That woman is incorrigible.

Martin puts the laundry in the washing machine. It is never allowed to rest in this house.

It’s not the date night he had intended, but he will take a run on the treadmill before waking her.

Sure, she’s incorrigible, but he loves her anyway.


At the Harbor Quarter Gym

In the gym, Allan is still beating an invisible enemy. Every stroke makes him feel more powerful.

Downstairs, Rasmus has approached Blue.

She greets him with a sweet smile.

His crushed face sends waves of guilt and tenderness through her like electric waves.

“Please Blue, … why are you still with him?” says Rasmus sadly.

“I’ll have to go before he sees you.” she replies, after which she tears herself free from his wounded gaze.

Rasmus looks sadly at her as she walks down the stairs.

He knows he should not follow her … it will only make the pain worse.

It is like his clarification does not reach down to his feet and he must follow their destiny powerlessly.

“Please Blue … I miss you every single day and I can not bear the thought of the life we could have together.”

“I’m really sorry to hear you feel that way.” she replies sadly.

“Isn’t there a chance you can leave him … that we could start all over again together?”

“No! It’s never going to happen,” she replies unexpectedly harshly.

“Rasmus! Listen to me! You have to understand, I’m Alice! … Blue does not exist. She’s just a fetus of your imagination.” she continues without smiling.

The truth hits him like a knife in his chest.

It is over! She’s never called him Rasmus before…

“Please Rasmus, don’t be sad. I wish you all the best … You are such a sweet and attentive man and I know you will make another woman very happy.”

It’s seriously over.

Rasmus remembers dreaming about her in this water, but he had never imagined it that way.

He turns around with heavy steps and leaves.

Never before has he felt so small and insignificant.

Perhaps he had still retained a tiny little hope?

It’s finally over.


Alice closes her eyes and lets her body float while she lets the pain dissolve in the water.

It was really not her intention to hurt him…. the sweet attentive man.
It makes her depressed to think of the woman he thought she was. He needs to let her go.

He did not even notice her pregnancy … it should be clear proof that he has never really seen her….
She is a survivor. She will soon be a mother. She needs to grow up now. She can not afford to feel any loss.


Her thoughts are interrupted by a voice ….

“Hey, what makes such a beautiful woman look so depressed?”

“Oh hey! I’m not depressed. I’m just a little tired.” she says with a little laugh.

She can see it in his eyes, she is still attractive.
On top of everything she’s lost, it makes her happy that men still think she’s desirable.


Brindleton Bay

Martin has just woken Tusnelda with a kiss on her cheek. It’s a little late, but they can still enjoy a delicious dinner together at a restaurant before they can go home and enjoy their sparkling moment together.

When Tusnelda enters the living room, she hears Martin talking to someone on the phone … “Of course you’re welcome Rasmus! We’re always there for you.”

“I’m so sorry sweetie, but he really sounded like he needed us,” Martin sighs, after which he gives Tusnelda a heartfelt kiss.

“It’s ok … we’ll just make our time later or another day,” Tusnelda says.

“Did I ever say I love you,” Martin says tenderly.

In this moment, Rasmus walks in the door.

The sight of Martin and Tusnelda’s intimacy does not put him in a better mood ….
Maybe he should leave again?


“I should not mourn. I have spent so much time grieving over my loss, but there’s still something bothering me … her mouth says one thing, her eyes something else…. it’s tearing me apart.” says Rasmus sadly.

“I’m really sorry you have to go through this. If you want to hear my opinion then she is not worth spending your time on.” says Martin.

“I know it’s over. She has made a decision and I have no chance to change it…I have a better chance of winning this game of chess than changing her mind.” Rasmus answers.

“The challenge is accepted!” Martin replies, relieved that they can now leave the subject Blue.

After this, they continue their game in silence.


“I’m so sorry for you.” says Tusnelda as she gives Rasmus a warm hug.

Martin has gone to his climbing wall. The conversation on the sensitive topic makes his brain spin and now he needs to use his body.

Tusnelda is better off in that kind of conversation.

“How do you feel now?” she asks.

“Empty! I feel almost empty.” Rasmus answers.

Martin climbs steadily and calmly up the wall while carefully searching for the next foothold.

“I hope it will give you a freedom to see you have so much else to live for.” continues Tusnelda.

“You’re absolutely right, Tusnelda. I actually think she’s done me a great favor … I’m finally set free.”

Martin is still holding on. He is now so close to reaching the top. In time, he might reach the top of a real mountain.

It’s past midnight when Rasmus finally goes home.

Tusnelda looks after him as he leaves. She really hopes he’s in a better mood … that he’s finally ready to move on. He seems to be all right.

She finds a leftover food in the fridge which she eats in her own company.

Fie still wears the cone while she lets herself be mesmerized by the fireplace. Fiona’s influence is clearly visible.

Tusnelda finds the bedroom. In bed lies her date sleeping.

Often life takes a different turn than the one you have planned. There is nothing to do about it but you just have to get the best out of what you get. Hopefully you get another chance tomorrow.

In the garden, Futte sits up straight and sleeps. Carrying a cone is a challenge for everyone, but luckily it will not last forever.


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  • Yimiki

    I’m glad that Martin and Tusnelda made up. It was an outburst in a stressed mood and Martin didn’t mean it, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t warrant an apology. I do hope that he won’t do it again.

    Oooh, and Tusnelda is apologizing to Masato, too! A gift! How thoughtful. It seems to have done the trick of finally getting Masato to open up. He’s got a point about the hardships of being a vampire but “gullible fool”? Really? Masato has no idea how simple or complicated Rasmus’s life is. Masato still has some developing to do in terms of empathizing with others. Interesting how he complains about vampirism and then doesn’t want a cure though, yes…

    I love that picture of lavender in the desert with the lab in the background! Did you edit that? It really stands out to me ^^

    Wait, isn’t that the same gym where Rasmus works out with Don and Marcus? Oh, gods. I hope he’s not there today. Allan suddenly doing a 180 and treating Alice much better just makes me angrier at him. He could have been sweet to her the whole time. But he actively chose to be a horror to her, instead. And there’s no telling when he’ll flip on her again.

    Oh no, Rasmus was there after all. Oh and this was his happy place with his friends, too. Now it’ll just remind him of Blue and Allan embracing x.x That last bit of thought from Allan is terrifying. Erratic just because she responded with fear to him saying he wanted to punch something? That’s not erratic, that’s a traumatic response to being hurt before. Allan is a powder keg that explodes over the smallest things.

    Oh, Rasmus. He can’t help himself, can he? Even though talking to Blue will solve nothing… Oh. Ouch. Poor guy. Maybe this is a good thing? He’ll finally be able to close that door behind him instead of wondering what could be if he’d only do X. It seems Rasmus has realized that, too. I wish him all the best.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your comment ❤

      Tusnelda and Martin’s relationship is healthy and it was necessary to start with the healthy relationship before I described Alice’s thoughts.
      I had a hard time writing the scene with Alice and Rasmus because I think her choices are so self-harming. She is a bubbly and cheerful woman but she tries to suppress it to adapt to Allan’s whims. Her concluding remark that she was glad men were still attracted to her was almost what hurt most to write 😥

      Masato looked so ashamed that his statement almost wrote itself. He has a very varied facial expression.
      Tusnelda gave him a plasma bag and in sims, all items are wrapped in gift wrap when handed over.

      The lavender image has not been edited. Surroundings around the laboratory provide the opportunity to take some really beautiful landscape photos. The many beautiful natural areas and a fantastic light are some of what I enjoy most in Sims4.

      Rasmus (and I) need to move on now. New adventures and dramas await 😀

  • cathytea

    This is a beautiful chapter. I really enjoyed it. Tusnelda and Martin show such well-being that they can withstand tiny quarrels and postponed dates. They have a partnership. Poor Alice, not in a safe or healthy relationship, but not able to get out of it, either. And I hope that Rasmus’ emptiness will lead to freedom!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter ❤

      I think it was so hard to write Alice’s thoughts as her choices and survival strategies seem so self-destructive and bad 😥
      Rasmus will definitely move on 🙂

      • cathytea

        Alice’s thoughts and feelings felt real to me, based on others I’ve known who are entwined in controlling and abusive relationships. I’m sure it’s hard for Rasmus to realize he can’t fix or rescue her, but he can’t. It’s hard when someone you love is stuck in self-destruction.

  • Ninja Pink Sex

    Awww. Poor Martin just wanted some pre-date lovin and was denied.
    I like how Tusnelda and Masato worked through their problems. It’s not always easy having THAT ONE coworker who is difficult to work with, so hopefully the workplace is a happier place for Tusnelda.
    Oh my Alice and Allan… I don’t think I like him too much >.> He regrets bringing her to the gym b/c he can’t control her behavior. Aye, yi yi. Alice, RUN!

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