Tusnelda and Trix

60. Two steps forward

It has been several months since we last met Tusnelda, Martin, Rasmus and the cats. We’ll see how they’ve evolved since we last met them.
Readers should not be confused by the fact that there is still summer in the story because the original version of this story was written before ‘Seasons’ was published. In order not to overwork myself by bringing another element into the narrative, I stick to the original script.


The angle of this first image is perhaps a little strange. Looking closer, you might understand why this picture attracted my attention and made me chuckle for several minutes. The reason is a cat. A cat named Fiona…..

Fiona vigilantly sticks her nose out of her hiding place. There do not appear to be any dangers.

Martin has just finished his morning workout on the treadmill and now he has his full attention focused on his breakfast.

It gives Fiona undisturbed peace to take care of the dish.

Right up until Martin puts his used dish in the dishwasher. Oops! Caught in the action.

Why should that man be so neat and not ignore the dirty plate as Tusnelda does?

“Shame on you Fiona!” Martin quarrels angrily and thus ends the glorious meal for this time.

Martin quickly regains his good mood when he catches sight of Tusnelda.

“How did you sleep my sweetie?”

“I have slept wonderfully!” Tusnelda answers with a dreamy twinkle in her eye.

Since their vacation, their mutual attraction has been so intense.

He gets up …. He just has to touch her.

But he gets interrupted when Tusnelda gives him a suggestion he can’t resist.

This is way much better.

With these beautiful pink sparks, the chapter has begun.


Martin has a match today and he sits down at the computer to prepare the strategy.

Tusnelda is off work and she is thinking about what she should spend the day on. She could open her shop or she could just enjoy the day.

The last option seems most appealing.

She puts on her running gear and runs down towards the beach.

It’s an absolutely wonderful day.

She has actually started training more intensely lately and the fresh clear sea air is helping on her motivation.

At home in the house, Martin has laid out a good plan.

He wonders why Trix freaks out right now, but he’ll have to go right away.

Tusnelda is still running.

On the way, she passes a sick dog lying exhausted on the beach.

She finds one of her healthy treats and the dog quickly gets better.

“You’re such a sweet dog.” she says as she considers whether to take him with her home.

She quickly kills that thought. The cats probably will not like it and maybe the dog has an owner.

There’s another thought that will probably occupy the readers … and possibly also Tusnelda.
Is she pregnant?

There is only one way to get an answer to that question and this time the answer is negative.


At the waterfront in San Myshuno

As we know Tusnelda has chosen to spend the day on pleasures and what is more enjoyable than fishing?
Today, she has chosen to fish from the waterfront at the spice market.

She starts by examining the water and she sees there are lots of fish.

The waterfront is pretty neglected and deserted, but it’s a great place to fish from.

She quickly gets a big fish on the hook.

Tusnelda enjoys the view of the water while fishing. ….. the view is breathtaking.

During the afternoon, the water and the sky change color.

Another large fish has bitten the hook.

Tusnelda is so happy that she has rediscovered the joy of fishing and she is still standing here as the sun begins to set behind the horizon.

I will now let the reader and Tusnelda enjoy the sunset without my disturbing comments….

As the last rays of the sun have disappeared it is time to pack the fishing gear together.

At that time, the color scale has changed from light blue-green to a dark blue-purple tone.

It has become dark evening and the square at the Spice Market is almost empty of life.


San Myshuno Fashion District

Tusnelda meets Martin and Rasmus in front of the Planet Honey Pop Bar in the Fashion District.
A single food stall is still open and Tusnelda and Martin start by buying some food.

The three friends talk together while they eat.

Martin has something to celebrate. He has won a big golden trophy and he has been promoted to the team’s All-Star player.
He offers everyone a drink at the bar to celebrate the triumph.

“It’s really cool, Congratulations Martin!” exclaims Rasmus, after which he gets up.

“Wow! What happened to Rasmus.” asks Tusnelda surprised.

“It seems a drink sounded really enticing to him.” says Martin ….. “Do you think I have reason to be worried?”


In the Planet Honey Pop

The three friends drink a glass of red nectar and talk together.
Rasmus seems relaxed and Martin agrees with himself that he probably does not have to worry at all.

After a while, Rasmus feels a bit redundant in the duality, so he apologizes for being tired . Then he gets up and leaves.


After Rasmus has left, Tusnelda and Martinus sing karaoke together.

Then Martin sings a pop song in solo.

Tusnelda has sat down at a table to listen to him. He has the most enchanting dark voice she thinks.

The first time she heard him sing, she assumed him to be a professional artist.

Martin has stopped singing.

“What do you think Tusnelda?” he asks.

What can she say?
Sometimes words seem too bland and shallow.

The night air is cool and refreshing.

They hurry home. They do not waste time.

We will leave them alone to enjoy their sparkling night.


Windenburg, Discotheque Pan Europa

Meanwhile, Rasmus and Don have traveled to Discotheque Pan Europe. Here we find Rasmus in a dance duel with Joaquin Le Chien.

Rasmus twists his body in an imaginative home-choreographed syrtaki. He feels invulnerable as a Zorba the Greek.

Then he feels a crack in his back and thus ends his show.

Joaquin tries to suppress his laughter, but he fails miserably.

“Look at me Rasmus! I’m the master!” says Joaquin immodestly.

Rasmus looks at Joaquin who, in addition to the complicated dance steps, adds an extra effect to the dance when he swings some light cones around in the air.

Wow! Rasmus is really impressed …

… right up until there is a bang as Joaquin falls over his own legs.

Now it’s Rasmus’ turn to suppress a laugh and he certainly does not succeed.

Instead, his roaring laughter is heard as an echo all over the dance floor.

“Look at you, Joaquin! You are truly a master of fall technique.” he laughs.

“I am a master no matter what.” laughs Joaquin.

“Sorry I laughed. I hope you did not get hurt.” says Rasmus a little guilty.

“Don’t worry Rasmus. It often happens when I practice.” says Joaquin …. “Mostly I’m really a master of fall technique.”

“Yes, I can imagine that your technique requires a lot of practice.” says Rasmus seriously.

“Shall we buy a drink at the bar?” asks Joaquin.

“Maybe you should rather not, Rasmus.” Don says seriously.

Rasmus ignores Don’s warning. He’s old enough to make his own choices and right now he’s actually a little hungry.

He orders a serving of hummus and looks for Joaquin and Don.

“Don would rather stay on the dance floor.” says Joaquin.

Oh! Masato arrives. He always tries to sneak into the story.

Rasmus and Joaquin talk more seriously together.

Masato looks like he’s listening to their conversation. Go away your sneaky guy!

It really looks like Rasmus has become sensible and sober when he sits there with his tapas and talks casually with Joaquin.
His blurry adventure is finally over.

Oh yeah! Maybe I drew that conclusion a little too soon?

Masato has once again sneaked into the camera angle. I’m giving up now.

Down on the dance floor, Don is still dancing alone, but now Clara has appeared.

It looks like a plot for a stupid story.
If anyone should end up in a situation they will later regret, I will not know. It’s time for us to leave the scenery.


Brindleton Bay the next morning

What a wild night! Martin thinks as he looks at Tusnelda still asleep.

He needs a bath.

Right now he chooses to ignore the clothes that have been thrown on the floor…. He really needs a bath!

The cats immediately jump up in the warm bed Martin has just left.

Of course, Fiona must immediately wake Tusnelda with her howls.
Tusnelda also looks like she’s been having a wild night.

Believe me when I say that here the readers are best left to their own imagination about what the concept of a wild night entails.
I’m not sure what Tusnelda is trying to tell me, but I see that she’s obviously wading right past the clothes thrown on the floor.

She also ignores the need to make breakfast. She may still be in her mood for pleasure.

A new game expansion has just been released yesterday. It must be investigated immediately.

Damn! She really needs to go to the bathroom.

Martin has finished his bath and he immediately starts picking up the laundry from the floor.

He casts a glance at his trophy as he walks past it. It makes him so proud.

Now Tusnelda enters the door ….. “Hi! Handsome.” she says.

Tusnelda has taken over the bathroom while Martin starts the washing machine.
Afterwards, he will train on his treadmill.


Tusnelda has got her clothes on and she goes out to blow him a kiss.

“What?” he asks teasingly.

My god Tusnelda … I do not know how to comment on this image?

“Do you want to tell me something? Come closer so I can hear you.” says Martin teasingly.

“What do you want to tell me?” he asks.

Oh! 😏

I swear these two have become completely uncontrollable after their vacation 😂


I do not hope Martin dies of overheating?

No more side notes and back to the story.

Martin has to show up for work later and that gives him time to paint.

He chooses a romantic motif. Of course.

Here, as a writer, I want to break my decision not to insert more side remarks and take the reader into my workshop.
This is a screenshot from my screen and it shows Tusnelda’s first impulse after she has just left the bed.
That woman becomes obsessed with everything she does.

You do not always have to follow your impulses, so Tusnelda hangs up the laundry instead.

Martin considers his painting thoughtfully.

Then he continues with a relaxed expression.

Finally, Tusnelda has found something sensible to take care of. The plants need to be weeded.

Martin casts one last thoughtful glance at his canvas.

The painting is finished.

At the same time, Tusnelda is done weeding.

What can she say?
Sometimes words seem too bland and shallow.

Martin follows her as she enters the house.

Look at him….

He just has to touch her.


At the Science Lab

Whatever Tusnelda’s mood tells her, it’s time to show up for work.

She first looks at the laboratory plants. The large purple tree from Sixam thrives well.

It only needs a little watering.

After the plants are taken care of, Tusnelda tries to contact the aliens.

She receives no immediate answer today.

She walks into the front desk to say good morning to Masato.

She is still affected by her flirtatious elated mood.

Masato looks at her like a sugar addict looks at a cookie. What a lovely temptation.

No no! It’s not going to happen Masato!

Tusnelda continue purposefully into the interior of the laboratory.

She greets Aarav cheerfully.

“Good morning Tusnelda! You look, uh? … fresh.” he says.
“Do you have any exciting projects today?”

“I have a lot of projects, so I’d better start from one end.” Tusnelda answers optimistically.


Tusnelda’s first task is to take care of the neglected bonsai. It needs a hard pruning.

Tusnelda looks evaluatively at the result. Maybe she went too hard for it with the pruning shears?

Never mind! The leaves grow back sooner or later. Next tasks will be to analyze some metals.

When Tusnelda enters the room, she sees that the floor is still stained with soot after the fire.
Why has no one washed the floor?

I have to do everything myself she thinks annoyed.

Finally, she gets the peace of mind to make the necessary analyzes.

This is followed by a completely different task.


Tusnelda gets ready to fly with the rocket.

Goodbye and have a safe journey Tusnelda.

The rocket flies high into the sky with a tremendous force.


When Tusnelda returns to the surface of the earth, it’s time for lunch, but she first goes to the Cloning Machine.

She’s making a copy of a Need Fixer Serum.

She takes the bottle up to the small office by the staff room, where Kristina i sitting at the super power computer and struggles with some calculations.

The green liquid seems to have become Tusnelda’s favorite lunch and luckily she has not had any side effects from it in a long time.

That’s it! Every need is satisfied.

Tusnelda can see that Kristina looks pretty frustrated and she kindly asks her what she is struggling with?

“Not now Tusnelda!”

“I’ll have to concentrate on this problem and I can’t when you interrupt me with your babble!”

Tusnelda finds it wisest to leave the office.

To add more to the bad mood, she takes another pregnancy test. The answer is negative.

She needs to take it more relaxed and she just knows what helps in a bad mood.

She turns on the Satellite Dish to create a happy atmosphere.

Soon the air is filled with a faint pink mist and everyone nearby soon becomes happy.
What a unique tool.


After lifting the mood several degrees, Tusnelda goes into the laboratory to make some serums.

First, the analysis device must be upgraded.
While Tusnelda stands and fine-tunes the screws, Kristina comes and gives her an apology.

“I do not know what happened to me Tusnelda … my problem should not go beyond you.”

“It’s OK Kristina … I know myself to get too preoccupied with a problem.” Tusnelda answers kindly.

I wish Tusnelda could learn from her own good advice.

Tusnelda makes a Synthetic Food Serum without any mishap.

She offers Aanya to test it.

Fortunately, Aanya says yes and she apparently gets no side effects.
It must be said to be successful.

The working day is finally over.

Masato looks after her as she walks home. He’s apparently still looking for a cookie.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda has worked hard and now she has been promoted to Mad Scientist.
Let’s hope she’s not become more obsessed than she already is.

She feels full of energy.

The weeds are apparently growing uninhibited today so she starts weeding under the trees.

The weeds have also spread in the beds on the other side of the house.

She ends it all by giving the plants some fertilizer.

Now she needs a bath.


Out on the lawn stands the easel with Martin’s romantic painting of a sunset.

Here, the artist returns home.

Tusnelda runs to meet him.

She gives him the welcome he deserves.


Maybe she does not quite get the answer she dreams of because Martin is hungry and he immediately lights up the grill.

He has just sat down with the finished burgers on a platter as Fie jumps up on the table.

“Fie! What are you doing?” He shouts angrily.

Fie chooses to overhear his scolding. The food is too good for her to take care of Martin’s shouts.

Then she sends Martin a look that is as offended as only a cat can … “You’re disturbing my meal.” she growls annoyed.
There is no doubt she is her mother’s daughter.

Tusnelda chooses to remove the temptation and Martin takes his plate into the house.
Fie sits wondering back.


At the Casbah Gallery in San Myshuno

Although late, Tusnelda and Martin have traveled to the Casbah Gallery in the Arts Quarter.
Martin wants a portrait for the Soccer Club’s Hall of Fame.

He enters the Photo Studio in the Gallery’s basement.

He looks at the backdrop where their wedding photos were taken.

He walks in a door to a small studio.
There is no professional photographer at work tonight.

Tusnelda is an excellent photographer so it will probably be fine.

Martin looks quite proud.

What a hunky guy!

“Thank you, sweetie.” …. Now it’s your turn to be photographed. “He says with a warm smile.

Tusnelda suddenly feels quite shy.

I will skip these photographs, but I promise that Tusnelda kept her clothes on throughout the session.


They leave the photo studio and go up to the Gallery’s bar.

Martin will celebrate Tusnelda’s promotion with a toast.

They are both allowed to order their favorite drink.

My gaze catches Clara sitting at the bar in the company of a man. It’s not Don and it’s definitely not her husband.
One could get the idea that she prefers the dark-haired types?

Tusnelda undoubtedly prefers a very specific dark-haired type.
They should go home now.

On the way out, Martin notices a large colored painting.

“Do you think I can paint such a painting?” he asks Tusnelda.

“I bet you can!” she answers.

“Here is an artist who has not understood the anatomy of the llamas.” says Tusnelda unimpressed.

These are not llamas, Tusnelda!

But how is she supposed to know?


Art can not hold them. As I have written before, they do not waste their time.

They look so determined.

With these beautiful pink sparks, the chapter has finally come to an end.


Sorry! My plans punctured once again…. of course the game meant something else.

Despite several commands to sleep, Tusnelda walked away from the bed …

Oh no! This I should have guessed.

Here goes Tusnelda.

I’m guessing Martin is going to do without her for the next many hours.

On second thought, he probably will not miss anything for the next many hours.

With this image, the chapter has finally come to an end.


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  • Yimiki

    Fiona and her kittens are incorrigible! XD omg that face from Fie on the table bwahaha. She knows exactly who is top dog (top cat?) in the house and it’s not Martin.

    Tusnelda seems completely fixated on becoming pregnant now. Such a big change from a handful of chapters ago. They are certainly not short on enthusiasm, ha. Let’s hope Martin doesn’t die of overheating indeed xD

    Rasmus’s dance battle with Joaquin made me chuckle. Also props to Don for being genuinely worried about Rasmus’s drinking habits, but it looks like he’s turned over a new leaf! Food instead of dri- well. Food and drink both, then. At least it doesn’t seem like he’s eager to go overboard. We’ll see whether or not he backslides once he runs into Blue again, or has bad luck with the ladies, or anything else that can cause backslides on good habits.

    Aww, I really like that sunset painting. It’s one of the things that I’d hang on my wall somewhere, probably. He’s a good painter.

    Masato trying to insert himself into more scenes LOL. He just really wants reader attention, too, the poor guy. Being a mysterious broody flirty vampire is hard, you know.

    Sheep paintings! I recognize those =D

    • MonaSolstraale

      The cats are really funny. I love how Fiona is hiding behind the fridge while keeping an eye on Martin and Fie’s gaze is just so feline hovering. Martin is definitely not the top cat in the house 😆
      Fiona is so naughty. I never see Trix rip claws in the furniture or steal the food. He is such a well behaved cat.

      Rasmus has hopefully calmed down a bit more now that he has removed Blue from the pedestal. It was so fun to see him dance.
      Tusnelda and Martin are so in love with each other after the holidays, but there will probably also be an everyday life for them again.

      The painting of the sunset is the romantic picture I like best 🙂
      There is also a painting of two people in a boat which I really like.

      I could not help but comment on the sheep when I saw Tusnelda’s facial expression. She looks as unimpressed as she thinks …. Should this really be something that belongs in a gallery? 😆

      • Yimiki

        Trix clearly got a way better feline education when he was growing up than Fiona or either of the kittens did! Poor Martin only has himself to blame- it always seems like it’s specifically his prepared food that they decide to take a chomp out of, too. Or maybe they just don’t like Tusnelda’s grilled fruit.

  • Mercuryfoam

    That first image is adorable. And those sunset pictures are so beautiful. Really enjoyed the pause of tranquility in the middle of the chapter.

    I love your paintings and am so glad to see them appear in your story! What Odd looking llamas! Lol Tus. how are you to know indeed.

    Glad to see Rasmus having fun this chapter! Hopefully that keeps up for him.

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