Tusnelda and Trix

61. Fertility

In this chapter, we will focus a little more on how things are going with Tusnelda and Martin’s decision to have a child. We will also meet Alice and the child who is soon ready to meet the world. I want to apologize that it’s hard to get something sensible out of the birth scenes, but since this is Sims, I assume the reader understands.

NB: Maybe there is enough material for this chapter to be divided into two parts, but my summer vacation is waiting just around the corner, so let’s get started.


At the Science Lab

It may be that Tusnelda has been given a new title but her tasks have not changed much.

She still does a lot of analysis.

She is still trying out recipes for different serums.

We will not dwell too much on Tusneldas working day because there are a lot of other topics need more attention.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda has just returned from work and she greets those of the cats who are at home.
Trix is, as usual, on an adventure.

It may look like he’s got the hang of something exciting.

Martin is still at work so Tusnelda eats alone.
She’s in a great mood. Now she’s thinking about what she should use the time for until Martin comes home.

Since she is alone she can use his treadmill. She has actually started training more seriously and it can be seen on her body shape.

After twenty minutes, she feels completely exhausted and she turns off the treadmill.

She just wants to take a little nap in the garden.

Soon she is sleeping heavily and she does not even wake up when Trix lies down over her legs.

A shared sleep is something that appeals to the cats.

Even after Tusnelda has woken up, the cats continue to sleep close to each other.

Tusnelda has received a guest.

“Hello dog! What are you doing here? You have to go home to your owner,” Tusnelda says worriedly.

“You’re such a sweet dog … maybe you have no owner?” says Tusnelda.

Maybe the dog is hungry thinks Tusnelda and she gives it some cat treats which the dog eats with great appetite.

Inside the living room, Futte and Fiona are grooming each other.

Suddenly, Futte rushes away in panic.

Fiona stares in shock at the big black furry animal standing right in front of her.

“Hi Fiona! Welcome our guest … she can stay with us until I find out what to do,” says Tusnelda.

The dog immediately lies down to sleep on the living room floor, but Fiona closes her eyes in discomfort.

“That dog stinks!” she hisses.

I should not be able to say if Tusnelda feels affected because she decides to take a shower.


Now Martin comes home and he looks pretty affected by something annoying.

Luckily he looks much milder when Tusnelda receives him.

He looks like he’s had a hard day and she gives him some massage.

This is probably not the time for her to start talking to him about the dog and luckily the dog had disappeared by the time she got out of the shower.

“I’m sorry Tusnelda but I really need a nap,” says Martin.

“It’s actually fine because the Space Cutters have invited me to a meeting.” she answers.


Early evening in Willow Creek

Alice has been writing her new novel for an hour. Now the back pain is forcing her to stop.

She tries to massage her back. She is in the third trimester and the baby is gradually becoming so heavy to carry.

Allan is out jogging.

Alice sits down with her knitting needles. She has just started knitting and she is trying to knit a baby onesie.

She will be a mother soon, and that’s probably what mothers are expected to do. Knit baby clothes for their babies?

Allan has returned from jogging but he continues to box by his punching bag. It helps him keep his temper calm.

Alice has gone to bed. The pregnancy is consuming her energy.

In the corner of the bedroom, the crib is ready to receive her baby.

Finally, Allan enters the house. He is completely relaxed now and very sweaty.

He hums in the bathroom. He is looking forward to being a father soon. It makes him feel like a real grown man.

The back pain has awakened Alice.

It’s a big baby she’s expecting. She moans quietly for not attracting Allans attention. She’s not able to take care of him right now.

She does not succeed, because a little later he stands in front of her.

“Sit down Alice. You look exhausted,” he says.

“Let me give you a massage,” he offers.

She enjoys his warm hands and their steady calm movements.

He is actually quite caring and gentle, she thinks.

She casually lets herself sink into his embrace.

She knew what would follow, but it’s actually ok. He is so gentle tonight and she is not made to live in isolation.


Allan lies next to Alice, watching her sleep with a smile on her lips.

The pregnancy is doing her good.

It’s been a long time since he’s had to worry about her excesses. She seems to have calmed down in her role.

She has gradually become a reliable and dutiful housewife.

They have had their struggles but she has gradually adapted. She’s doing well.

We are doing well together, he thinks proudly.


The obsolete laboratory in Oasis Springs

Tusnelda meets with the club members in the obsolete laboratory, which today functions as a bar.
The place is public and open to anyone other than club members and Tusnelda has just been contacted by a guy asking interested in their weird uniform.

“What do you mean by weird?” Tusnelda asks wondering.

It was actually Tusnelda’s idea that the club should have a uniform as a form of disguise. The aliens otherwise obviously made a strange impression on people with their luminous Sixam clothing.

“You look really good,” Tusnelda says appreciatively to another club member.

“Thank you Tusnelda,” he replies embarrassed.

Tusnelda has ordered some tapas which she will take with her.
The alien follows her and gives her a cheeky wink of the eye. “You look good too,” he says.

There’s a movie about to start so Tusnelda thinks she’d better sit down.

It’s a cruel horror movie and it’s definitely not Tusnelda’s favorite movie.

“Can we have another movie?” she shouts to the bartender, but he overhears her.

“Take it easy Tusnelda, it’s just fiction,” Ove whispers.

A roaring monster attacks a motorist and Tusnelda can feel the guy next to her starting to glow with anger. The whole room oozes testosterone and battle-ready aliens.

The film is finally over and Tusnelda wonders how several of the male viewers look like they have personally won over the monsters.

They look so appealingly manly. She’d better hurry home.


Late night in Brindleton Bay

Martin sits unsuspectingly at home at the computer, preparing for the next day’s match.

“Hi sweetie! You are home. How was your club meeting,” he asks.

“It was interesting. There were a lot of testosterone-filled hot aliens present,” she teases.

“Yes!? I can see you’re pretty elated,” he replies.

“I’d better hold on to you before you fly to Sixam,” he sighs, giving her a kiss.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” he asks.

“I do not think so …. How much do you love me?” she answers defiantly.

“My god woman! …. you tempt me, but I really need a bath,” he says tenderly.

“I can help you with that,” she replies.

She certainly can.

Sometimes they forget their efforts to achieve the missing pregnancy and just enjoy their sparkling togetherness.

“Did I convince you?” asks Martin.

“Yes, you did,” she replies.


Early morning in Willow Creek

Alice is awakened early by her aching back and a dream she cannot shake off.

She is almost shocked at how present he felt.
She remembered vividly how sweet and attentive he was.

They always had so much fun together…. He always went open into her crazy ideas and laughed so heartily.

He made food for her and treated her with such care.

She could really use someone who help her with breakfast now that the birth of the baby is approaching.

Everything has become so troublesome now.

What would have happened if she had left Allan and moved in with him?

Would he still treat her with the same tenderness?

What would he think about the baby?

What would he say to becoming a father?

She knows these questions are hypothetical and she will probably never get an answer.

Her thoughts are interrupted by Allan entering the kitchen.

“Good morning! How is my big boy today?” he asks.

“Good morning Alice, you’re doing well,” he says, kissing her on the cheek.

Then he grabs a plate and turns on the television.

She has become good at cooking he thinks satisfied.

Then he draws his attention to the sports program on television.

Alice stares at the food …. she does not feel hungry. The time of nausea should otherwise be a chapter over.

She forces herself to eat. The baby needs it.

She feels a sudden pain when she comes to think of him again.

She knows she has broken his heart.

He’s so mad at her. He looked so hateful.

He used to be such an attentive and sweet man.

She’s ruined everything. She should never have fallen in love with him.

She walks in to Allan to remove his dirty service.

“What the hell is going on with you Alice?” he asks suspiciously.

“You look like you’re brooding over something. What’s going on?” he asks.

“It’s nothing Allan! Everything is fine,” she says with a smile.


Morning in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda has gathered the laundry together.

Martin looks appreciative at the portraits he has just hung on the wall.

“Your photographs look almost professional Tusnelda,” he says acknowledging.

“I’m glad they can be used,” she says.

Tusnelda is getting closer. “You look so proud,” she says, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“I am proud.” says Martin ….. “I am proud of both of us. How far we have both come so far.”

“Thank you Martin! So am I,” she says.

Suddenly Tusnelda catches sight of Futte. She has probably been bitten by a squirrel and she does not look healthy at all.

“I can use your help Martin. Futte has vomited all over the floor,” she tells him, just as he has sat down at the computer.

Tusnelda finds one of her healthy treats which she gives to Futte.

Martin removes the stains on the floor where he finds them.

Futte is soon fresh again and she happily chases the ray of light dancing across the floor.

On the pink ray it can be seen that Tusnelda is in a loving mood. She always seems to be in this period.


Midday in Willow Creek

Allan has started his jogging around the neighborhood.

Alice waddles to the couch.

She continues to struggle hard with the baby onesie. She is making small progress.

She quickly gets exhausted and lies down on the couch to take a nap.

She is still asleep when Allan comes home and after he has taken a shower.

Suddenly she gets up.

“You must not freak out now Allan, but I think I’m about to give birth,” she says moaning.

Allan does the exact opposite of what she needs. He freaks out!


Sooner or later, they arrive at the hospital.

Alice feels terribly abandoned.

Allan runs around uncontrollably and she heads for the hospital’s main entrance.

“Just take it easy honey! They have complete control here,” he shouts after her.

She knows he is puffing himself up in front of the staff. When was the last time he called her honey?

She announces her arrival at the counter.

The secretary welcomes her calmly.
“I just need some information. What’s your name?” she asks.

“I’m Alice Chandran and I’m here to give birth to my baby,” Alice replies.

Behind her back, she can hear Allan talking to a doctor.

“It looks like it’s your first time?” The doctor says to Allan

“Just take it easy. We take good care of your wife.” the doctor continues.

“I’m completely calm,” Allan replied stubbornly.

Alice groans as she feels another woe.

… then she moans loudly.

Is there please someone who will take care of my birth !!!?” she shouts desperately.

The secretary refers her to an empty delivery room.

She sits down heavily on the bed, then she notices a skeleton standing right in front of her.

With the speed they have at this hospital, it may be the midwife who has passed away, she thinks resignedly.

“Hello, hello! My name is Marcus and I am your birth attendant today,” says a cheerful voice.

“Now you just have to relax and then that baby is delivered quickly,” he continues cheerfully.

She really wishes he would keep his mouth shut.

“Let’s see what we have here,” the attendant continues more seriously.

“One baby ready for delivery,”


“Right down in the crib,”

“Congratulations! It’s a boy,” the attendant says happily.

Allan has been standing with his head into the wall. Now he turns around.

“A boy?” he says attentively.

“A boy yes! Blood tests and genes are …!?”

“Yes, I’ll take it later with the mother in solitary confinement,” the attendant says quickly.

Alice is already on her way to the boy.

“in solitary confinement?” says Allan hesitantly.

“What is he talking about, Alice?”

“Is something wrong with the kid?” asks Allan worriedly.

“Oh he’s saying some nonsense … look at him Allan! You’ve got a son.” Alice says happily.

“To me, he looks like a completely healthy and normal boy,” she says lovingly.


Later when they have returned home to Willow Creek.

“That’s what I told you Alice! In my family, we’re having healthy, well-built boys,” Allan says proudly.

“I know, Allan. It turned out exactly the way we wanted. I’m so grateful.” Alice answers and embraces him.

A neighbor is staring at them as they disappear into the house.

It’s like she’s wondering if this seems suspicious.

But how would she ever know?


They name the boy Andy and later in the afternoon they have decorated the little corner for him in their bedroom.

“You’ve done so well Alice,” Allan says, giving her a passionate kiss.

She feels so grateful.

“You have to pick him up Allan so he can feel you and get to know his father,” she says.

“Do you think so?” Allan asks a little hesitantly.

Then he picks up the boy from the cradle.

“You are an amazing boy Andy. Worthy of honoring the family’s inheritance,” he says moved.

Here we leave them while the darkness turns day into night. With the image of a father lovingly embracing his son.

The boy will hopefully sooner or later discover that the world is not unambiguous to understand, but filled with colors in all shades and tones.

Welcome to the world, Andy.


Next morning in Brindleton Bay

Martin sits pondering while Tusnelda eats her breakfast.

She stops eating when she catches sight of his worried face.

“I can see something is bothering you. What’s wrong?” she asks.

“I do not understand Tusnelda that despite all our efforts you still have not gotten pregnant … do you think I should contact a doctor?” he says.

“Oh that?” she says hesitantly.

She is a graduate herbalist and there is something they still have not tried.

She feels uncomfortable at the direct confrontation so she walks a little away from him.

In her hand she has an Elixir of Fertility, which she prepared a few days ago.

She does not hope it will give her a multiple amount of fetuses….

… but some situation requires a daring action so she swallows the whole jar.

Fiona begs complaining when she sees Tusnelda’s untouched plate.

Forget it Fiona! …. At least the elixir gives her a voracious appetite.

Then she looks thoughtfully at the cats.

She leaves the plate and goes to Martin and gives him a deep kiss.

“Elixir of Fertility?” Martin asks in astonishment. “Does it have any effect?”

“I do not know,” Tusnelda replies …. “but if we do not try we will never get an answer.”

Of course, they will have to try right away.

There is no doubt about their mutual love, but their one-sided focus is deadly to all sparks.
This is a fact they must learn to deal with together.


Morning in Willow Creek

Allan could have taken family leave, but for him, childcare is a woman’s concern.

In addition to the pride that he now got a son, he is proud to have risen in the ranks.
He can not wait to show up for duty.

Alice stands looking at the boy.

She can see it in his eyes. He is such a sweet and attentive boy and she loves him right away.

“You and me, Andy. You’re my secret.” she says smiling and Andy sends her a smile back.

She embraces the boy. Her secret lovechild.

“They must never know.” she whispers.

Soon Andy is sleeping safely in the cradle and Alice is looking around.
Allan will not be home for some days.

Alice enjoys being able to wear tight-fitting clothes and makeup.

She misses meeting the world around her and she has called a babysitter service. She wants to go for a walk.


Early afternoon in Brindleton Bay

Martin climbs on his climbing wall. He is stubbornly working to reach the top.

In the bedroom, Fiona scratches claws on the bed.
Why should she use the cat tower standing a few feet away when there is a suitable item right next to her?

“Shame on you Fiona! This is a bed and not a scratching post!” argues Tusnelda.

“This is where you have to scratch your claws,” Tusnelda says, carrying Fiona to the cat tower with several suitable scratching post.

Fiona hums kindly.

“You’re such a sweet cat,” Tusnelda says moved as Fiona rubs her head against her chin.

Tusnelda has placed Fiona on the cat tower and she listens in surprise to Fiona’s longing love howl.

“What’s going on, Fiona? You would think it’s you who drank the Elixir of Fertility,” Tusnelda says.

Fiona responds with another insisting howl.


Martin stands below the climbing wall and exhales before starting another attempt.

Suddenly he hears a sound.



The Old Quarter Inn in Windenburg

Alice has not been to a pub since before she discovered her pregnancy.

The place is quite empty but she still enjoys the familiar scent of spilled beer, sweaty bodies and a cleaning soap that tries to drown it all out.

She orders a drink and enjoys the faint numbness that takes over her body.

She always drinks moderately and never gets drunk, but she still feels it is possible to order another drink.

She scouts around the pub to find someone she can talk to.

She sees a small group of people at a table.

She gets up to greet them but she quickly finds them very boring and quite dismissive.


When she returns to the bar to order a new drink, she is approached by a young man.

“Hey! You’re gorgeous! May I ask for your name?” he asks.

“Thank you! My name is Blue,” she replies smiling.

“Hi Blue! I’m Mike. May I buy you a drink?”

“Of course you can buy me a drink Mike! … This place is deadly boring and I would really love to have some fun,” she replies with a laugh.

“Luckily for you Blue, you have now met the man who can give you a really fun night.” Mike replies with a smirk.


Author’s note: Of course, Alice also deserves her own song. It’s not because I approve of the choices she makes in her life, but basically I think she’s a young woman who has ended up in a place that does not suit her cheerful nature. If you constantly try to be a person you are not, you end up hurting yourself and everyone around you.

The story of Tusnelda, Martin, Rasmus and all their feline friends is not over yet, but it’s time for me to take my summer break. When we meet again, it will become clear if there are new offspring on their way.

I thank you for following their development so far 💖


  • cathytea

    Oh my! So much in this chapter! So it IS Rasmus’s baby! I feel quite sad for Alice. I hope the fertility formula works. Do you think they’ll adopt that dog? Great chapter!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks for your comments ❤

      I really like Alice a lot and it’s a sad development. She does what she can to fit in and it’s pretty devastating 🙁
      I hope I managed to give Allan some more nuances.

  • Yimiki

    Finally had a moment to get to this! And what a chapter indeed. I think this is one of my favourites. Blue/Allan and Tusnelda/Martin in this chapter are such stark opposites of each other. One relationship that is based on love and truth, but has issues conceiving, and one relationship that has conceived but it based on lies, fear and violence.

    Tusnelda and Martin’s issues almost seem like a non-problem in comparison; the world is full with options for them, as long as their foundation is true. Where Alice’s foundation is so wobbly that it will fall over with the slightest bit of wind. I truly fear what will happen if Allan finds out that his baby is not really his. What are the chances that Andy will age into a toddler with yellow hair? Would Allan turn his wrath on the kid as well as his wife? Would Alice let him?

    Oh, geez. And she’s right back to her flirty ways as soon as Allan turns his back. If only she’d realise that the true right thing, the only right thing, to do here is to stop repressing part of herself and leave Allan entirely.

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation Mona <3

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks Yimiki ❤
      Your words make me really happy 😀

      I love in many ways writing the chapters where I can let the contrasts paint half of the narrative.
      All life contains joys and problems and things are rarely as they appear on the surface.

      There is some likelihood that Andy will get yellow hair, but whether it will have any significance the future will show.

  • GlacierSnow

    I am still loving this story! All the different plot threads and character arcs are so engaging.

    Worried about both Rasmus and Blue/Alice right now as I get ready to start reading your third season. Especially seeing Blue starting the same thing again with another guy.

    Your characters all just are so interesting! Even the ones who aren’t such good people.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you very much for your feedback ❤
      I’m glad the characters seem interesting.

      Alice definitely has a problem and poor Rasmus is innocently caught up in it. He is slowly finding his footing again.
      Allan is hot headed and jealous. It is the worst possible combination together with Alice who is outgoing and rather flirty.

      Now that you mention the different plots, you can expect even more threads next season. I hope it doesn’t end in chaos 😆
      Several of the familiar characters will change. I hope that their development will seem believable and that they will not lose their appeal.

  • Manny Likes Sims

    Awww, I’m so worried about Blue and the choices she’s making! TT.TT But I’m still rooting for her to get into a better situation! I’m enjoying the roller coaster of emotions <3

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