Tusnelda and Trix

A doubtful summer update

My summer vacation is coming to an end and it’s time to return to the story of Tusnelda and Trix.
Unfortunately, I have ended up in a form of write blocking due to the game’s update with wants and fears.


Some thoughts about wats and fears

The world is so full of unfathomable challenges. Climate change, pandemics and wars. Fear is an integral part of many people’s reality.
I buy the idea that the Sims allows us to play with our reality. Some of us use the game to escape from everyday challenges and it is absolutely not healing to have our fears thrown in the face in the game.

I started playing sims when my life was in an absolute slump. It was my opportunity to fantasize my Sim into a more positive reality. Create dreams and goals.
I’ve played a bit of Sims2 and even more Sims3. I don’t dream of open worlds and color wheels. My time with Sims3 was marked by with great experiences, lots of construction and countless game crashes.
I love the flow of the Sims4 game. I experience very few serious game crashes and enjoy the challenges the game gives me and I try to work around the bugs that occur once in a while.

I love using my hard-fought life experiences as inspiration to create stories. It is especially the development of my main characters that interests me. I use my imagination to create the personality of my characters and I really hate that they are now forced to repeat the same baseless fears over and over without having the opportunity to move forward.
What is the idea of ​​an elderly Sim nearing the end of life suddenly being afraid of death? I don’t understand the reasoning? Should it be funny?
Why do Sims have to repeat their fear of getting stuck in their career over and over again? This is the hopeless reality for many people on earth. They may have to count themselves lucky to even get a job, however uninspiring it may be.
I’m definitely not a fan of having to spend so much time fulfilling my sims wants and healing their fears…. only to see the exact same wants and fears appear moments later. If I ignore their wants I get a frustrated and depressed sim.
There are many who state that it is because EA is trying to attract more young buyers, but does that happen when you reflect society’s anxious stress and powerlessness? Should it give our teenagers the desire and courage to become adults? I have my doubts as to whether it is particularly appealing to any age groups?
I don’t understand the motivation for wanting wants and fears in the game at all. Feel free to convince me otherwise.



Sorry! I didn’t know the reader had arrived….I was awakened by hell’s nightmare…. the reaper was looking for me!

After a cooling bath, Mona seems almost ready to tackle the continuation of her story.

Let me see where to start?

Let me see where we left off…. It seems there are more loose ends to continue on….

What the hell happened to my game? Is it me still messing around in the MCCC settings?

Oh no! All my sims seem to be getting old and freaks out with fear…..

…. and what happened to my whims?

I can’t take more right now!

Let me see what is happening on the news….

This is not further encouraging…

The damn heat wave seems to go on forever!


I really need to talk to someone… make a plan.


One hour later

Welcome both. I am glad that you want to meet me.
First I hope you had a nice summer vacation and then I’d like to talk about the continuation of my story… I’ve discovered some disturbing changes in the game.

Tusnelda: You seem to have had a lot of sun Rasmus?

Rasmus: I have. I’ve had a wonderful holiday… and you seem to have lost weight Tusnelda?

Tusnelda: I’m glad you can see it, Rasmus, because it’s been a tough fight… lots of exercise.

Sounds like everyone had a great summer… can we talk about the changes to the game now?

Rasmus: Well, them. There has been a major update to the game that has added wants and fears.

Oh! So these are some serious bugs that came with the update? I hope EA releases a hotfix soon…

Tusnelda: I’m sorry Mona, but it looks like EA has granted some players’ wishes. This is a permanent change to the base game…

Rasmus: Please Tusnelda… was it really necessary to tell her all the details. Now we are lost!

AAAAAAA!!! A permanent change!

… do I have to live with the unmotivated fear of death for the rest of my life?

Tusnelda: I’m sorry, Rasmus, but she should know the truth, right?

Rasmus: I was otherwise looking forward to the story about my holiday… but I assume it ends here?

Tusnelda: I’m afraid you’re right…she seems to be taking it very seriously.

AAAAAAAAAA!!!!! ….The reaper is looking for me!


Half an hour later

Martin: Sorry I’m late Mona. I had some technical challenges.

Martin: I hear you freaking out about your unmotivated anxiety attack…. but there is actually an option to deselect wants and fears.

Are you sure Martin? How?

Rasmus: This will probably be too technical… I’m making some pancakes.

Tusnelda: How did you find the button Martin?

Martin: I got a tip and that’s why I’m late… I found the button in the game settings.

This is really a great relief for me Martin. You have given me hope to continue my writing.


One minute later….


Tusnelda: Why are you freaking out now Mona?

I’m gonna die! The Reaper is looking for me…..😭

He’s such an ugly guy!!!! 😰

Tusnelda: Calm down Mona! ….. Martin! Do something!

Martin: !?

Rasmus: Dada da daaa! The pancakes are ready.


Martin: I think Rasmus found the greatest comfort.

Tusnelda: You’re probably right… but how long will it last?


Thanks Rasmus! Your pancakes makes the angels sing.

Rasmus: Aww, thanks Mona.

Rasmus: That’s what I always say. There’s no game bug that can’t be fixed with some pancakes…. It will always raise the mood.

Martin: I know another method to raise the mood… what do you say Tusnelda? Shall we go home now?

Tusnelda: Oh Martin. You always know where to find the right button… I think she can do without us now ❤

Thanks for the help dear friends. You are free to go now.


So let me see where I can find the button? What did Martin say? Was it a cheat code?

Was it Other settings?

This menu has hundreds of options….

Game settings… left? Right?

Yes! I got you!

Now back to work… first a summer update.


End for today. Now for the pleasures….


Half an hour later…

The weather is perfect for a walk in the park.

Where should I start?

I’ve never quite grasped the rules of this game… it’s never too late to learn.

Tusnelda: Hi Mona, do you need a mate?

Tusnelda: You see Mona, the rules are actually quite simple…


Tusnelda: How can I explain it? Maybe we should start all over again?

In fact Tusnelda, I don’t think these puzzles are for me at all. I want to say thank you for trying to show me.


Now for pure pleasure…

I’ve got no strings
To hold me down
To make me fret
Or make me frown
I had strings
But now I’m free
There are no strings on me

Hi-ho the me-ri-o
That’s the only way to go
I want the world to know
Nothing ever worries me

I’ve got no strings
So I have fun
I’m not tied up to anyone
They’ve got strings
But you can see
There are no strings on me

Dear Reader…I’m sorry but I really have to go….

Phew! An older Sim’s damn bladder…

I have a feeling that someone is watching me… should I freak out again?


Masato! Of course he has to find a way to get some screen time 😉


Author’s note: Thus encouraged, I will hopefully soon return to the real story.
Thanks to SnuffyBucket who told me that it is possible to opt out of wants and fears occurring in the game menu… at least as long as the sim does not leave the lot.

See you soon


  • cathytea

    Masato!!! LOL! So glad you found how to turn them off! You can control the Neighborhood Stories, too, to prevent unwanted changes in households. I loved this chapter so much! Great to see you chatting with your Sims and learning more about why you play and write!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your comment ❤
      I’m so glad I got a solution.
      I opted out of Neighborhood Stories a long time ago. They mess up my game way too much.

      I think I spent maybe an hour max taking pictures in the game and during that time the character Mona had three major anxiety attacks due to her fear of death. It’s completely insane and makes it almost impossible to play with an older Sim.

  • Yimiki

    Finally got to this!

    And oh my goodness, so this is what you were talking about. That is such a big obstacle to playing It’s a good thing that we can turn it off entirely, at least until a sim leaves the lot. Hopefully they’ve updated that to be turned off permanently by now.

    I look forward to catching up with Tusnelda, hopefully without silly fears getting in the way!

    • MonaSolstraale

      I don’t know if there has been an update for the past few days I have experienced that my sims have got their whims back, even if wants and fears are deselected in the settings.
      I hate the fear of death that affects ALL older Sims.

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