Tusnelda and Trix

59. Something stupid

For a start, I will warn readers against evil language and drunkenness in this chapter.
The holiday is over and the intense time with Tusnelda and her family slips a little into the background.
It’s time to see what Rasmus has been up to in the meantime. I would therefore regret that I once again drag readers through endless scenes of drunkenness, violent language, infidelity and lies. Even I am getting tired of the unconscious repetitions. I promise it will be more cheerful in the end.


The first thing that happens when they return home from their vacation is that Trix runs down towards the beach.

Now he must examine whether the whole territory is as it should be.

Tusnelda talks to Fie.
As the only cat, she seems saddened by their return. She loved the forest.

Tusnelda gives her a little loving care.

Inside the house, Martin is playing with Fiona. All the cats love his lovely sparkling toy.

Trix has found a gift at the beach.
Maybe some bird feathers or maybe another valuable item.

It is adorable to see him carry it home with his head held high.

In the garden, Tusnelda’s attention has shifted from cats to Martin.
She is still full of infatuation.

Another wonderfully sparkling encounter that hopefully leads to an heir.
Never forget to enjoy the moment.


Later we find Fie by the beach. It seems she has just hunted squirrels in the bush.

Martin has found his treadmill. He looks very content.

Tusnelda prepares their lunch.

Maybe it’s not meat but it still smells heavenly. There is no denying that Tusnelda is trained as a chef. A very skilled cook.

They eat and talk casually together. There are no unresolved conflicts between them anymore.


None of them are going to work this day so Martin finds the easel.

The painting with the goofy green fish is discarded. He can do better now.

He stands in front of the easel to gather inspiration but then he realizes that it is something completely different that is calling to him.

He has not climbed during their entire vacation so he needs to get back into training.

I will let the following pictures speak for themselves.


Meanwhile, Tusnelda has taken over the easel.

She is in a constant romantic mood but the motif does not seem to be a traditional romantic painting.
It appears to be depicting two giraffes.

She stands for a long time thinking about how to proceed.

Should we put something in the fact that she adds a third little giraffe?


Martin sits down at the computer to prepare for tomorrow’s match.

Now there is a knock on the door.
It is Rasmus who comes on an unannounced visit.

“Hi Tusnelda! You look so changed !?” says Rasmus as he catches sight of her short hair.

“Yes, I had a minor accident at work, but nothing serious.” answers Tusnelda.

Martin would like to complete his preparation, so Tusnelda suggests Rasmus to play a game of chess.


Tusnelda has the first move.

Then they both continue the game in quiet concentration.

Until Rasmus surprises Tusnelda when he shouts “Chess!”

“Chess!” shouts Tusnelda triumphantly a moment later.

Rasmus let out a roar of annoyance. Then he reconsiders.

“Thanks for the game Tusnelda.” he says a little more mildly.

He has lost the desire for more games. Now he would really like to talk to Martin.


Luckily, Martin has finished his preparations and he shows Rasmus some pictures from the holiday in Granite Falls.

“Sorry I never got to ask you about your worries the last time we were together … but it looks like the holidays have been good for you.” Rasmus says.

“We’ve had a great holiday in every way. Tusnelda and I are like new lovers and she gave me a really big surprising gift. I am so grateful.” Martin answers with a smile.

“What about you Rasmus? How have you been?”

“Oh? I’m assuming I’ve had a good time.” Rasmus answers with a slightly cryptic look. ….. “I’ve been to Geekcon in San Myshuno with an acquaintance.”

“I did not know it was your interest.” says Martin surprised.

Rasmus stands a little in his own thoughts ….

In fact, it was Jade who had called him and invited him to the Geekcon. He had been very surprised but also flattered that she wanted to meet him.

Jade is a really nice and beautiful woman and he had started playing around a bit with the idea of inviting her on a date.

“I know this woman from the Harbor Quarter Gym in Windenburg, she’s really nice. We had a fun day….. but then I did something really stupid,” says Rasmus.

How is he to explain to Martin why he went to Willow Creek after leaving Jade in San Myshuno?
How is he to explain the reason why he suddenly stood in front of Blue’s house when he does not even know the reason?
It’s just one of those kind of stupid things that happens when he follows a sudden whim.

“I do not really know how to explain it Martin, but the end result was that I ended up at a bar with Don and it all got a little blurred.”

Blurred is probably a very comprehensive word when he has to compile a summary of the day that followed, Rasmus thinks.

“I do not understand head or tail in that explanation.” Martin replies … “Maybe we should sit down so I can get the whole story.”

“I will do my best.” Rasmus answers.


The whole unfiltered story of stupid deeds

If the reader thinks they’ve heard that story before, then I will not blame anyone. Feel free to leave the rest of this chapter. There is so much in life that is led by an unconscious repetitive compulsion. If you want to change your actions, you need to see the whole pattern.

“Well Rasmus, let me hear it all from the beginning.” says Martin encouragingly.


San Myshuno earlier in the week

Rasmus had been in an incredibly good mood when he met Jade in front of Planet Honey Pop in San Myshuno.

They had both amused themselves at how Jade had taken him to be the Center Inspector when they first met at the Harbor Quarter Gym.

Jade is easy to talk to and Rasmus had laughed so he almost got a stomach ache.

Then they had agreed to try out the games.

Rasmus had almost become dizzy from the pace. It required enormous concentration and speed.

When Hackathon started, they had participated in the competition.
He knew Tusnelda had won a computer three times, but coding is not really his thing.

It’s probably not Jade’s specialty either.

Jade got up before the competition was over. She wanted to find some food.

When he looked at her and how beautiful she is, he got such a urge to invite her on a date … but his courage failed him.

He would under no circumstances blame himself in front of her friends.

Eventually, he had once again ended up in a depressing and useless speculation about his unfortunate luck with women.

It was all because of her.


Willow Creek

She was the only explanation why he was suddenly in Willow Creek.

He had been standing and looking at her house without being able to decide what his errand was.

Suddenly he saw Allan coming out the door.

Allan had started beating a punching bag with undisguised aggression. He’s a vicious bully.

Rasmus thought he should go home, but then the situation changed at a surprising speed.

“What the hell are you doing here !?” roared Allan.

“It’s a free country and the sidewalk is legal residence for everyone,” Rasmus replied angrily

“I once said that if I ever see you near my wife again, I’m beating you to fucking mince!” growled Allan angrily.

“Get off !!” Allan continued after which he gave Rasmus a hard push.

“Do not touch me again, otherwise it is you who ends up as minced meat” hissed Rasmus.

“You’re ridiculous! Such a sloppy potato,” Allan replies with a scornful laugh.

“You will soon taste my potatoes!!” Rasmus roars in blind rage.

“Hey guys! Take it easy!”

Suddenly Blue had been standing right in front of them and she had looked at him with such a bright smile that his heart had taken some extra jumps.

Then she had leaned in towards Allan and given him a kiss on his cheek.
“Calm down Allan,” she had said in a gentle voice.

Rasmus had felt how the anger began to boil in him.

“Alice is right, you should go now,” Allan says a little calmer.

“I will never forgive you!” roars Rasmus.

“Please Rasmus, you tend to be such a calm guy” Alice said softly.

“I don’t want to be calm! You’re fucking ruined my whole life!” roared Rasmus in fierce anger.

Blue looked terribly ashamed.

“I’m sorry.” she said quietly.

“You should be sorry!” shouts Rasmus angrily.

“That’s enough !!” roared Allan …. “If you raise your voice against my wife one more time, I’ll get you arrested!”

Rasmus sends Allan one last hateful look, then he reconsiders and turns away.

He does not know if he is most angry at Allan or Blue.

In the background, he can hear Allan’s muffled voice say some comforting words to Blue.

Does he really have to believe that a ruthless violent psychopath has suddenly changed into a considerate husband? The whole thing about their marriage is ridiculous.

It all makes him red-hot with rage and he struggles with the urge to hit that bastard until he cries.


Later in Oasis Springs

Instead, Rasmus continued on to the Rattlesnake Juice bar in Oasis Springs.
A mitigating circumstance was that he first called Don. Drinking in lonely anger is definitely not a way to go and Rasmus really needed a friend.

Rasmus was still red-hot when Don showed up.

“Hi my friend! What’s up?” asks Don.

“I’m fucking killing the fucking psychopath!” shouts Rasmus furiously.

“Hey! Calm down now! Whom? Why? “Don asks in shock.

“I feel like choking them both!” Rasmus continues angrily.

Don sits down on the bench next to Rasmus.

“Tell me, what happened?”

“She smiled at me like an angel and then she kissed him right up in my face. She’s insane!” says Rasmus angrily.

“Oh! Her! …. I’m assuming you’re talking about the Blue Girl,” Don says resignedly.

“You know what I think about that case so I will spare you for my repetitions, but you need a transformation.” says Don.

“Come on, let’s have a drink. You look like you need it,” Don says.

After a moment of hesitation, Rasmus followed Don into the bar.


Now the story is put on a short break

“You’ve been talking for hours, so I think you need some dinner,” Tusnelda says.

“It tastes heavenly,” Martin says contentedly.

They eat in silence. Rasmus is preoccupied with his own thoughts.

Only interruption is Fiona who can not resist the smell of a freshly made pasta dish.

Martin quarrels. “Get down Fiona! This is not food for a cat!”

“That cat is hopeless. You have to look long before you find a cat who is more stubborn than her,” he says apologetically.

“Please, just continue your talk now,” he tells Rasmus.


The Rattlesnake Juice bar

Rasmus had suddenly felt hungry so he ordered a bowl of chips and a very strong drink.

Then he had ordered a glass of nectar before going to sit down with Don.

Don was right. He really needed that drink, so he quickly turned the bottom upside down on the glass.

Soon he was sitting in a relaxed doze, listening to Don’s speech.

Don had gotten up to get a drink.

“Please, bring me a refill,” Rasmus said as he left.

After a while, it dawned on Rasmus that he was going to wait a long time for that refill.

Don had been distracted by a woman.

She seemed very flattered by his presence.

Don always let himself be distracted when there were women nearby and then he gave a damn about Rasmus and his needs.


Sooner or later, Don returned to Rasmus.

“Hello friend, how are you now?” he asked kindly.

“Am I your friend?” Rasmus asks gloomily.

“Of course you’re my friend,” Don replies encouragingly.

“You’re an unfaithful friend as soon as a woman blinks at you … I do not need you,” Rasmus says angrily.

Don got up and went where no one knew, but Rasmus did not care.

He turned his gaze to his only true friend in need.

“You and me forever” he mumbled in a muddy voice.

To put it bluntly, he had become senseless drunk at this point.

Shortly after, he lay down on the couch and fell into a deep sleep.


“Sorry I’m interrupting Rasmus, but it sounds like you’re behaving incredibly stupid.” says Martin angrily. “Senseless drinking does not solve problems but it only adds new problems to the list.”

“I know, Martin, but I guess it’s just become a habit that helps me forget.” says Rasmus.

“You should get some new habits.” Martin answers.


Here, as a writer, I want to provide additional information.
What Rasmus did not discover while he was sleeping was that just that night a famous actress came past the humble bar. On her heels followed a crowd of press photographers and journalists.

It almost resulted in Rasmus inadvertently ending up on the cover of ‘Breaking News’.
It was prevented at the last minute by the furious actress, who threatened with legal action and a sky-high amount of compensation if the newspaper did not immediately destroy the entire tomorrow’s edition of the newspaper. She would under no circumstances be seen in the company of a sleeping drunkard.

It caused Rasmus to lose his five minutes of fame, but in the end, it might still be his luck.


Rasmus wakes up when he is forced to find a toilet.

At that point, he is almost clear in his head again and he seeks out Don who is in the process of ordering the bartender’s specialty.

Rasmus prefer a glass of red nectar.

“Hi sleepy nose! Did sleep help your mood?” Don asks kindly.

“I actually think it did, I feel much more comfortable now,” says Rasmus.

After this, the two friends begin to share stories of stupid deeds they have exposed themselves to over the years.

The mood becomes incredibly cheerful.

They both drink in silence.

“I love that nectar! Cheers Don!” exclaims Rasmus.

Don does not answer but he suddenly sits with a tormented facial expression.

“Are you ok Don? You look a little pale,” Rasmus says.

Without answering, Don rushes to the toilets.

We will not follow him all the way out there, but I can trust the readers that there will be some violent spasmodic sounds coming from Don.
Poor guy.

Rasmus uses Don’s absence to order another glass of nectar.

“I do not know what became of my friend, but he apparently suddenly got very busy,” Rasmus tells the bartender.

I just want to make a personal remark and that is the drink Don just drank is much more suitable for some completely different types. I assume this will be the last time he drinks a Plasma Jane.

Fortunately, Don returns soon and he is looking for something to drown out the ugly taste he has in his mouth.

“Sorry Rasmus, but I need your drink right away,” Don says, after which he grabs Rasmus’ glass.

However, that problem was quickly solved when Rasmus ordered a new glass of nectar.

Soon the cheerful mood was re-established.

What a sight. Two friends drinking synchronously.

Don tells jokes.

There is nothing like an understanding laughter exchange between two friends.

Rasmus had soon forgotten his anger … and he was once again reaching a blurred state.

“Goodbye My friend!” shouts Rasmus

“Are you going now?” asks Don.

“To the toilet,” Rasmus says

“Have a safe journey,” Don replies.

We have definitely reached a stage in the conversation that sounds like pure nonsense to the viewer


To the delight of readers, I can now state that Don and Masato can at long last be seen together at a bar, but as this has no bearing on the story, it only becomes a brief exchange of words.

“I see you’re a fan of mine,” Masato says excitedly.

“What do you mean?” Don asks.


“I do not think that guy, Don is a healthy acquaintance for you.” says Martin worriedly.

“But you are wrong Martin …. He is a really good friend, even though he has some bad habits and may seem a little unfaithful, then he is always very supportive.”

“What bad habits?” Martin asks suspiciously.

Rasmus fails to answer but he instead continues his story.


When Rasmus came back from the toilet he saw that Don had started on one of his habits.

The gray-haired lady had approached Don again and as we know Don is a master when it comes to the art of seduction.

She gets up and sends him a long searching glance.

Don followed and Rasmus quickly realized that Don was out of reach. He greeted the man next to him instead.

“Hi my name is Rasmus,”

Don and the gray-haired lady seem to have found a common understanding.

“He’s my friend,” Rasmus says … “He has a special influence on women.”

“I can see that,” Simon replies. “By the way, we already know each other from Tusnelda’s party.”

Don and the gray-haired lady have now reached an even closer understanding.

“Oh! I had forgotten that,” Rasmus replies apologetically.

“Yes I can see you are in a state of oblivion,” Simon replies.


What Don does in the next step becomes out of Rasmus’ field of vision.

The gray-haired lady leaves the scene with a satisfied smile on her lips.

It is a fact that we have now reached the bright day.


Rasmus is pretty drowsy when Don returns.

Don gives a compliment to the female bartender.

In the background, Simon’s indignant snort is heard.

However, it does not appear that the bartender feels any resistance. On the contrary.

“What happened to Simon?” Rasmus asked in astonishment.


Maybe Rasmus had dozed off, because suddenly time had passed and a new bartender showed up for work.
She sat down next to Rasmus.

“Hey, you look like a nice guy who’s had a little too much to drink. Maybe it’s time you go home,” she kindly suggested.

Rasmus tried to focus on her eyes as she walked around on the other side of the bar.
She smiled kindly at him.

He could hear that Don was about to charm another woman.

“I go when I have finished drinking my drink,” muttered Rasmus.

A woman quickly switched seats to the bar stool next to Rasmus.

“I have no respect for invading types like you!” shouted the woman angrily.

“Like me? What have I done to you?” Rasmus asks in astonishment.

It’s just before he gets completely sober ….

Then he quickly swallows the rest of his drink.

“Good night and thank you for your service,” he shouts to the bartender.


“It was here that I realized that it was probably wisest for me to go home,” says Rasmus.

“I think it sounded like a good decision and I hope you’ve gotten wiser,” Martin says appreciatively.

“I’ve become wiser Martin and I feel like I don’t have to stun myself anymore.”

After these words, it will be time for breakup.


The two friends are standing in front of the campfire in the garden for a while yet.

Martin says that Tusnelda and he have now seriously decided trying to have a baby.

“Wow! A child? It’s a big decision,” Rasmus says seriously.

“It is,” Martin replies.

“I’m sure you’ll be great parents,” Rasmus says kindly.

Then it’s time to say goodbye.

Martin looks smiling after his friend.
He is sure he can feel a change.

He is sure he is ready to start something new.

After this, Martin crawls under the duvet to Tusnelda, who has already slept for several hours.

It is high time he catches up on some sleep.


In fact, there’s part of the story Rasmus fails to tell Martin so as not to make him more worried than necessary.
Although it should turn out to lead to a decision that is anything but stupid.

Rasmus did not go home that evening and what happened next became very blurry.

At one point he vaguely remembers seeing Clara, but he is far from sure it really took place.

The fact is one more day turned into night and a whole day had passed since Rasmus walked in through the door of the Rattlesnake Juice bar.

Maybe someone had tried to wake him up. Maybe Don or the friendly bartender? The fact is, he did not wake up before it was almost dawn.

He felt terribly thirsty and was about to order a drink at the bar … so he changed his mind.

He needed more of a cup of coffee.

As he poured coffee into the cup, it dawned on him that nothing was weighing at all.

He drank the whole cup in a big mouthful.

There was no sorrow, no longing, no anger. Nothing.

He felt more free than he had done in a long time and he left the bar with energetic steps.

He decided to go all the way home to enjoy the unknown feeling of freedom.


Appendix – Don’s homecoming

That evening Don did not follow Rasmus home as he had plenty to settle when it came to his own issues.

“Don! You’re home,” Katrina says.

Don looks tormented at Katrina.

“I’m sorry Katrina, but I’ve done something stupid,” he says shamefully.

“You always do stupid things Don! You’re a silly boy.” Katrina answers.

For some reason, she seems to forgive him.

Don has a secret talent when it comes to handle women.

In fairness it must be said that he does not tell Katrina everything.

Why should he? He could risk making her upset and sad.

When the end is good, everything is good and thus end the story of all these stupid deeds.


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Author’s note: I know a very large part of the community hates Don Lothario and that they devise countless methods to let him burn up in hell.
I have a weakness for him after completing his aspirations in another save. I found him extremely entertaining and that’s why I think he deserves his own song. Not least because I always get a big smile on my face when I see men with beards and big hats snapping their fingers while standing in a fountain.

Enjoy 😄


  • cathytea

    I like Don a lot. He often ends up good friends with my Simself. I really enjoyed this chapter. I hope that Rasmus does adopt more healthy habits. I love him.

  • Yimiki

    That picture of Trix running home with his gift is just the cutest. The vacation in Granite Falls really did Tusnelda and Martin a lot of good. It really strengthened their bond. <3 Haha, that little third giraffe definitely speaks to her subconscious. Seems she’s ready to become a mother!

    Assuming he’s had a good time? Rasmus isn’t sure? Oh, dear. Drinks are involved, aren’t they? Is it just me, or is Rasmus throwing himself at every pretty woman he comes across lately? Now it’s Jade, before that it was Jonna… and he was trying to force his interests so she would be interested in him, too. That’s not healthy, Rasmus. Rasmus? Rasmus why would you go to Blue’s house again oh dear lordy. Yup, seems like drinks were involved. Oh dear. His addiction is really starting to spiral out of hand. Right, let me strap in for the full story here…

    Rasmus. Rasmus you might not be very lucky with the ladies but your “misfortune” with Jonna and Jade has nothing to do with Blue, and everything to do with you. It’s true that it’s almost impossible to move on with a new flame if your old one has not properly gone out yet though. Rasmus was doing so well before, but it seems he’s backslid massively. Oh no and he ran straight into Allan too-
    Okay. “Taste my potatoes” made me laugh despite the situation XD

    Oof. That’s still painful. I honestly wonder what will happen if Blue’s child ends up looking like Rasmus and not Allan. Would Allan go right back his abusive ways (I mean, he’s abusive now, but less intense? In a different way?)? Would Blue leave him for her child? If she did, would she try to go back to Rasmus?

    I really don’t like how Rasmus is using alcohol to subdue his emotions. At this point he’s using it to numb himself every time something bad happens. That is so, so dangerous. Martin seems to agree with me there, good. Rasmus should definitely get some healthier habits. Bwahaha that would have been a rude awakening, finding himself sleeping on the front page of a newspaper! Oof, and being coaxed out by the replacement bar tender in the morning. Yup. He really needs better habits.

    Poor Don. Plasma Janes are not good for non-vampires at all. On the bright side, he did seem to have a lot of “fun” with that lady, so maybe it evens out? OOF, never mind. He’s with Katrina? And she doesn’t mind him messing around with all these women? That’s… well, to each their own, I supp- oh. Oh, she doesn’t know. Hoo boy. “Stupid” fits many characters in this chapter, indeed.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks for your long comment. It’s always a pleasure to read ❤
      There are several who behave quite stupidly in this chapter so the title almost gave itself.
      I’m glad you got a little laugh in between all the stupidity.
      Rasmus really needs to get new habits now. Not least for my sake 😆
      Of course especially for his own sake. He deserves a good life, but behaves rather heedlessly in between.
      I guess we have all tried to adapt to someone else’s interests to fit in. It is not a passable road just as alcohol as problem solving is also a dead end. There are other paths to choose from. Sometimes it just takes a while before you see them.

  • Mercuryfoam

    TASTE MY POTAOTOES! Hilarious. Even if its a tense scene you have a gift of reducing me to crazy laughter.

    That snapshot of Judith while Rasmus sleeping. In an alternate reality Rasmus would’ve become a celebrity! Wow. What a thought

    • MonaSolstraale

      Potatoes are often mentioned in story contexts. I just wanted to show that Rasmus is on the beat. 😆

      Rasmus could have become a bit of a celebrity that night … but maybe not quite the way he would like 😉

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