a turtle's journey

12. Loneliness, a faithful companion

For many years, loneliness was Finn’s faithful companion… But Naja is different and she is getting more and more depressed.

The next day, Finn has to give up his job. He has been hit by a bad allergic reaction.

Just that day, Naja has invited a suspicious young tourist home… it does not make it better that he eerily reminds Finn of all the maladapted boys at the orphanage… arrggg!!!! …..

We’re leaving Naja! It is NOW!!! Roars Finn

When they reach Ohan’ali, Finn can finally get medicine for his cursed rash.

Naja is depressed…. Why should Finn ruin it… now that she had finally found an interesting guy to talk to?

She discovers a laptop that is freely available, and she sets out to play a game.

Finn has become tired after drinking the strong antihistamine.

Life is so sad and boring….

Even Finn is unusually irritable tonight.

Finn goes to the food stall to buy a meal.

By chance, Finn is offered a glass of kava at the fairground and he feels an unknown relaxed feeling that washes over his tired body.

Finn returns home in a comfortable relaxed kava daze ….

But Naja sits for a long time crying her loneliness out into the night.


For many years, loneliness was Finn’s faithful companion… even in a home full of boys.

Finn preferred his lonely moments…

…. and he found all the company he needed in the books.

Somewhere along the way, Finn had forgotten that you need other people to grow and prosper.

That loneliness does not fulfill everything.

But it’s very hard to set the darkness free once it’s locked deep inside behind solid locks and keys.

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