a turtle's journey

13. Let it go

Finn is aware that not everything is as it should be … but what’s wrong?
What about Naja? Is there a resort for her or is she doomed to live her life on a lonely island forever?

Something’s wrong, but Finn can not really spot it.

After work, Finn tackles the pollution as he usually does.

He is later found by Makoa. …. He looks intently at Finn. There seems to be something that weighs you down? ….If you want to listen to advice, then try to let it go.

If only Finn could talk to his grandmother now….

Grandma knew what it took for the children to thrive and grow.

Finn loved to make Grandma laugh.

Finn remembers the trips with his grandmother to the lighthouse

Naja was a carefree little toddler who ran around in the sure assurance that life is good.

While they ate, Grandma told the stories about distant lands.

Later, Grandma took a rest in the sun while Finn and Naja played together.

Naja always ran on Finn’s heels.

They did everything together….

One afternoon they built a beautiful turtle sand sculpture.

Grandma told about the sea turtles that breed on the islands on the other side of the great oceans

Oh! Finn loved his grandmother.

Always remember to dream big Finn. One day you might find the turtles’ place of origin.

After Finn shares his thoughts, Makoa gives him a warm hug.

Finn quickly continues his cleanup…. Who knows? perhaps a small crack is emerging in his shield.

Meanwhile, Naja has invited a classmate home. His name is Duane Talla and he is a foster son at Makoa.

When Duane is taken home, Naja finds a towel.

This time, she makes sure she does not get burned.

When the shadows get long, Naja returns home.

Tonight, Naja exudes a special glow. This is because she easily assimilates the heat from the sun’s rays and the people around her…. Duane’s visit has done her good.

Finn returns home and he sees that Naja seems relaxed and comfortable.

The sun has once again shown its magic on the island of Mua Pel’am.

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  • Yimiki

    I’m glad to see that Naja is doing better. Human contact really makes a big difference for her. It seems her and Finn’s preferred lifestyles are not compatible, and it’s not fair for Finn to put his comfort over hers. But he might not even realize that his sister needs to be around people, and is unhappy being with just him. Finn seems to need to learn to think from other people’s point-of-view. =)

    I really like the parallel you drew between the seaturtle, the sculpture they made with grandma and Finn’s own outer shell.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Naja needs other people and Finn can not ignore his own experiences … that other people mean dangers!
      However, even Finn has a core of loving memories of his grandmother, which makes him dare to show Makao a little confidence.

      I’m very glad you can see a parallel between the turtle sculpture and Finn’s armor 🙂

  • mypalsim

    And so I see how the turtle gets in the name of the story. It’s Finn, kind of, right? If he had a spirit animal, it would be a turtle. 🙂
    So is the boy Naja brought home a foster child of Finn’s new buddy?

    • MonaSolstraale

      Yes! the turtles have both a symbolic and a more natural meaning.
      You can probably call Finn a turtle … he has a shield and he moves slowly when he has to change direction 😀

      Yes. Duane is that part of Makoa’s household … so I guess so.

  • Mercuryfoam

    Ok so phew! I can access your chapters on your main blog! Wp is weird Glad to see Naja geeling better after Duae’s visit. She really needs to find her own ground. Finn’s lifestyle is not for her

    • MonaSolstraale

      Naja benefits from his company 🙂

      NB: I really would like to have a next chapter arrow under my post, but it seems to conflict with my theme. I’ll try to fix it when I get a little wiser on wp

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