a turtle's journey

11. The power of darkness

Dear reader.
Maybe you are getting enough of peace, harmony, beautiful sunsets, sweet lemonade and whipped cream cakes.
Now the ghosts have gradually found their way to Sulani.
Naja is losing patience and Finn has returned to his gloomy thoughts …..the power of darkness are slowly returning.

In the early morning mist, Finn starts up again.

Naja takes a morning dip before she goes to school.

On the beach, Finn meets Makoa, who encourage him to seek out a more distant beach.

As he runs across the island he sees some colors on a cliff

Finn has discovered a cave and he leans fearfully into the darkness.

Finn hates the darkness!

He is immediately taken back to the hated orphanage in Forgotten Hollow.

He remembers the horrible scream that sounded one night when the dryer burned, and the fire had caught the old butler of the house.

The help came from a completely unexpected edge.

Tom was almost the most vicious and mean of all the boys …. but here he showed courage and consideration.

Finn stood petrified.

Finn turned afterward to Tom ……. It was cool what you did there!

Later Finn and Tom went fishing together… but Tom was not the type of boy you became friends with.

There is no point in getting stuck in the memories, so Finn quickly runs on and continues his cleanup on the other side of the island.

Finn is exhausted when he comes home in the evening.


The next day he goes to work again.

Naja goes to school… but this island is boring her to death.

Finn is busy all day and returns home tired and thoughtless in the evening.

But Naja is a social and romantic girl and the many lonely hours are about to take the oxygen from her…

She shouts desperately into the air …. I can’t take it anymore!!!!  

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