a turtle's journey

9. Exploring Sulani

It is weekend and Finn starts exploring the Sulanis Islands
Today he wants to take a closer look at the volcano.

Finn looks more rested today.

For Naja, a long and boring weekend has just begun.

Finn goes exploring.

Today he wants to take a closer look at the volcano.

Finn approaches the yellow sulfur-containing smoke …

and he comes very close to the crater and looks down into the hot, bubbling mass of molten rock.

As he moves down the mountain, he sees a pineapple plant…

…. and a coconut palm. He picks some fruits.

Finn swims home in the beautiful sunset.

What Naja has done during the day it is not known, but she has gone to bed early.

Naja is so terribly bored and Finn tries to comfort her.

Finn realizes he needs to spend more time with his sister.

In the afternoon they go to the beach at Ohan’ali.

Finn is far too restless for sunbathing, so he builds a sand sculpture. A local woman comes curiously closer.

Finn talks to a man about the local history of the islands… There are several legends about good and evil mermaids and mermans.

No one has kept an eye on Naja. She has been burned by the sun and is now trying to find some shade.

The stories about the mermaids have attracted more people and Finn is starting to feel uncomfortable. It’s time to find home.

Poor Naja must stay in the shade for the rest of the evening … now she might as well prepare her homework.

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  • Yimiki

    Ouch, that looks like a bad sunburn. Hopefully it goes away quickly. Use sunscreen, Naja! Use sunscreen! xD

    I wonder if she’ll want to leave the island and go back to the city once she grows into an adult. Even with Finn entertaining her, there’s only so much one can do before boredom turns into depression.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Although Finn wants to protect Naja, you can not say that he is doing too well right now…
      Naja is almost allowed to take care of herself.
      That sunburn is definitely painful 🙁

  • mypalsim

    I’m glad they spent some time together. Also, it’s neat seeing more pictures show up on the walls as we go along.
    Poor Naja. I know exactly how she feels. I’ve never had a tan (unless you count where the freckles end up meeting, which I don’t). I’ve always burned. It’s pretty bad when most of her life is outside. I’m wondering if anything will come of these mermaid stories.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks 🙂
      I’m glad you’re noticing the pictures on the Sims’ wall. I love decorating with pictures taken by the Sims.
      The mermaids do not have such a big role in the story but Finn wonders if they really exist.

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