a turtle's journey

8. Frogs and a conservationist

Finn tries to catch some beautiful frogs…. Suddenly he is contacted by an Conservationist.

Finn growls after brushing his teeth in the lukewarm brackish water they have on the island

(Well! Maybe you should have gone to bed earlier Finn? 😉 )

Naja swims across the bay and takes a refreshing bath under the waterfall …… then her day has started well.

When Finn returns home, he begins to collect plastic floating in the bay.

Afterwards, he clears the beach.

Now he needs a shower.

Finn tries to lure the frogs with a little fish feed…

…. and he tries to catch the beautiful frogs that gather around the food.

Suddenly Finn is contacted by an Conservationist…. He looks seriously at Finn …. You remember letting the frogs out again, right?

Finn hurries on while he searches for plastic floating in the sea.

Soon he returns home exhausted after a full day’s work.

Naja is free from school.

She knows where to find entertainment.

Naja buys food in the food stall and enjoys talking to all the friendly people who gather around it.

Now she has to go home and do her homework.

At that time, Finn has been sleeping for several hours.

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