a turtle's journey

7. A day in Ohan’ali

Naja starts school and Finn is looking for work in Ohan’ali.
He is immediately contacted by a local woman who kindly asks if she can help him with anything.

Finn sleeps for a long time so Naja gets up alone.

Not even a day has passed and Naja has already started to get bored.

She finds life on Mua Pel’am deadly boring.

Finally, Finn wakes up and the two siblings enjoy themselves together.

Naja is looking forward to starting school and to take a closer look at the city of Ohan’ali.

Take care of yourself says Finn and gives Naje a hug to say goodbye.

Naja can’t get away fast enough … she will not lose the boat to Ohan’ali.

Later in the day, Finn enters the city. He wants to find a job.

He is immediately contacted by a local woman who kindly asks if she can help him with anything?

She suggests he go to the local bar….. Finn hurries on, even though she has not finished talking. (Not further polite Finn 🙁 )

Finn finds the bar and it is agreed that he will supply them with fish in the future.

Now Finn wants to swim in the crystal clear blue water.

Finn can swim, but he is not a very good swimmer.

After some time, he feels safe enough to snorkel around a bit.

He admires the colorful corals and finds beautiful seashells that he takes with him.

Finn has gone up on the beach and here he continues his search.

It’s easy to see that Finn is a true collector. He walks all the time with his nose pointing down in the sand ….

… and he is so busy that he does not care about people passing by.

The day goes by and flocks of dolphins hunt fish in the bay.

Naja is free from school and she has found a TV in the local bar.

Finn finally leaves the bay ….

….. maybe mostly because he gets forced by a necessary errand.

The evening ends with a meal at the local food stall.

Now they are going home for the next morning Finn must get up early.

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  • Yimiki

    Wow, Sulani is stunning! I don’t have the pack, so don’t mind me, just living vicariously through your pictures of the ocean =D

    Naja doesn’t seem to be doing too well. I know Finn is happy where he is, and he wants what’s best for both of them, but he seems to be forgetting about his sister a little bit in all the excitement.

    • MonaSolstraale

      I love Sulani 🙂
      The water and the light are amazing. I love that the Sims can swim in the water. The landscape becomes even more breathtaking as the pollution disappears.
      I can only recommend that package.

  • Mercuryfoam

    rofl he runs away from the local woman. sims are so strange like that. hehe!

    This life isn’t meant for his sister. I hope they have a heart to heart talk to resolve their desires. It may be better for her to find her own footing once she’s old enough.

    • MonaSolstraale

      The Sims are sometimes crazy, but it probably fits very well with Finn’s personality 😀

      I actually built a boarding school for Naja on Ohan’ali because she suffered so much … but later I found another solution 😉

  • mypalsim

    LOL. So funny to see Finn with his head down in the sand and his butt up in the air. He doesn’t care, though.
    Hopefully Naja won’t die of boredom!

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