a turtle's journey

6. Finally in peace and quiet

Finally! After a long journey, Finn and Naja have arrived at their destination … a pristine beach plot in Mua Pel’am.

Naja immediately runs to look at the modest cabin that will be their home in the future.

Finn starts looking for shells in the sand.

The cottage is very small, but there is a nice big covered terrace with a few chairs . Luckily Naja has some books in her bag because there is not much entertainment here ….

…. if your name not is…Finn.

Later, Naja has found another book….

Finn, meanwhile, has started fishing.

Finn loves to fish and he can keep going for hours.

Now Finn has caught a trout … an invasive species that does not belong in Sulani at all.

Now he catches a nice little Clownfish.

Another trout! A catch that helps to improve the marine environment.

Driftwood does no good for the environment either.

Finn feels how his heart beats for the beautiful nature …

Finally, he has found peace and quiet

Meanwhile, Naja is reading her third book.

Now she needs a break!

The water is warm and clear.

Naja floats on her back and she looks up at the sky.

Far out in the background she can glimpse Finn fishing.

That must be enough now!

Naja starts on their dinner.

Finally Finn arrives and they eat in silence.

While they eat, we can look at the interior of the cabin …

A composting toilet and a sink with recycled rainwater and a small room with two air mattresses….. Electricity and internet are not found on this small island, far away from all civilization.

Finn thinks he can catch a few more hours of fishing … if Naja can come up with something to do?

Naja must start at the local school in the town of Ohan’ali so she tries to prepare a bit.

Finn finds an interesting seashell.

The fish light up in all sorts of colors in the beautiful moonlight.

A guppy! Maybe it belongs here?

Never has Finn found himself so completely connected with the universe …

…. and it gets extremely late before Finn finally finds his bed.

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Note – some may find this chapter rather boring, which may not be entirely against my intent 😉


  • pammiechick

    I loved this! I never knew you could clean the ocean of invasive fish! I’ll need to play off the grid sometime! Love that the fish glow at night too! Yay for a relaxing time for Finn and Nala!

  • Yimiki

    Ooooh the fish can glow at night? I didn’t know that! Finn seems so happy there – he really found a good place to relax and take it easy. Naja doesn’t seem to be having as good a time, though. I hope she doesn’t get bored.

  • Mercuryfoam

    Oooh! I like this chapter it’s so peaceful! Finn definitely looks far happier for now. I wonder what happens when the neighbors come. Or since it’s secluded maybe there won’t be. But it’s a nice time out.

    Hopefully Vlad doesn’t appear lol.

  • theplumbob

    Attempting this again – I’m at my PC so hopefully my comments will go through this time. I’m not entirely sure what I attempted to comment on the previous chapters when I first read them, but I do like the way you switch between the melancholy of the sad but lovely memories with their grandma and Finn’s time at the orphanage.

    Hopefully Finn and Naja will find peace in Sulani. it is beautiful there, which is a good start for sure.

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