a turtle's journey

5. Unfortunately, just in the wrong place

Sometimes you end up in trouble you can not predict. …. You are unfortunately just in the wrong place.

Finn is back at the orphanage….

….. now Jeff starts mopping him again.

The orphanage has a huge garden and it is the boys’ job to keep it clean.

The headmaster collects so many bizarre plants.

Jeff does not bother to do gardening any more.

This time, unfortunately, Finn is nearby.

Get lost Finn!

Leave me alone!… responds Finn

Finn is not really much for fighting….

Unfortunately, he’s just in the wrong place.

Can’t we just be friends? begs Finn

Tom mocks Finn …. Pull yourself together! You’re such a puny wimp!

Finn tries to talk to Naja … but now someone is knocking on the door.

Naja happily welcomes Travis….

Now Finn discovers that all the foolish neighbors are coming to visit again.

Naja knows no danger …

Finn makes a decision … They must immediately move away from this terrible place.

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