Tusnelda and Trix

84. Just for the night

Everything indicates that it will be a really lovely day. This is what the morning looks like for all of the chapter’s characters. One of those days you wish would go on forever.
Whether it will continue like this throughout the day is always a question that must remain unanswered for now. However, I can reveal that there is one single thing at the end of the chapter that is going to disturb me more than planned. Let’s get started.


Early morning in Brindleton Bay

When Fabio wakes up, he gets quite a surprise. The tooth fairy has stopped by with money and a diploma. This day is starting like a dream.

So maybe there is something about Rasmus’ promise that dreams can come true. It’s so cool!

Fabio has to rush to the bathroom, but he can’t shake the thought that if he keeps dreaming, maybe Bella can live with them?

Dang! He almost trips over her, so vivid does his dream feel. He can see her lying right there in front of him, chewing on a ball.

Nah, no matter how lifelike it feels, then he’s old enough to understand that it’s just his imagination creating wishful thinking.

Phew! Now it’s really urgent to get to the toilet !!!


Morning in Oasis Springs

Don’s morning seems to be off to a much better start than he dared to hope for. He has just finished his workout on the balcony when Katrina appears.

“Hey Don! We should put our disagreement behind us once and for all. I miss you and what we had together. It feels so pointless to let one little argument ruin all.”

She is a very attractive woman and this morning she is sweet and welcoming like ever. He is relieved that she finally seems to have accepted the facts between them.

He’s actually not a fan of the tense atmosphere they’ve been living in for the past few weeks, and he’s tired of the uncomfortable couch he’s been relegated to.
There is a sensible reason why he has not sought more comfortable beds with other women during his quarantine. Therefore the prospect of a change comes as a welcome gift.

From Don’s point of view, there are several reasons why he should not turn down such an enticing offer, besides the prospect of the pleasure that lies ahead.

Don is having a damn good morning. Yeah!

So here they go…

In bed, there are no conflicting desires between them. It is not difficult for either of them to rediscover their sparkling chemistry.


Early morning in Sulani Town

In another bed far from Oasis Springs, Delphine is still sleeping.

Suddenly, she sits up in bed as if woken by an invisible alarm.

She quickly heads towards her bathroom to take a shower.
In the background you can see Valentino sleeping heavily. He is still an overnight guest in her home.

The attentive reader will probably also see the photograph of Don is still found on her desk. She is a woman who trusts the choices of fate.

Valentino has been a really big support for her after he took her under his wing. She has almost come to regard him as a father.

He has helped her renovate her little house. Painted walls and installed shower and new sink in her bathroom.

She quietly finds ingredients for breakfast in order not to wake him.

She eats it in solitude.

After the meal, she washes her dishes and leaves the rest of the food on the kitchen table for him.

She goes out into the kitchen garden to tend her crops.
In the background she has the view of a blue sky and the still water. She loves the view and the silence of the village that hasn’t woken up yet.

Everything indicates that it will be a peaceful and lovely day.


Morning in Oasis Springs

“I’ve missed this so much.” Katrina whispers.

“Yes me too, it was great.” Don replies.

“We’re so good together. You and me we’re equal. Shaped by the same kind of passion and sensuality. We could go on forever…” she continues excitedly.

“Yeah, sure.” replies Don without quite being able to calculate where she is going. He actually has to go to work in a bit, but maybe a quick round?

“We’re meant for each other Don. You can’t deny it… Maybe we should get married? We might be expecting?… I ovulated today and stopped the pill so probably…” she continues.

“Damn it Katrina! Don’t start again.” Don wails.

Katrina seems to be enjoying the moment, which infuriates him even more.

“There will be no child Katrina. I have been to a clinic in San Myshuno and had my fertility terminated once and for all.”

Katrina looks at him completely speechless and shocked as his words slowly sink into her.

Then she regains power over her tongue.

“My God Don! How could you do something so stupid and drastic? We live together. You should have talked to me before you made that decision.”

“I’m a free man Katrina and I can make my own decisions when it comes to my personal affairs…besides I know you Katrina… I got a suspicion that you might be up to cheating me.”

“Don’t you dare talk to me about cheating Don! When it comes to cheating on anyone, you damn near cheated on me with every damn woman in town and abroad!!!”

Don flinches back in shock….Her anger seems completely out of control.

“Please Katrina! That’s not the topic now.”he says disarmingly.


Don looks at her in disbelief. This time, Katrina has truly lost it…

“No, I’m sorry Katrina…”

“You are a liar and a fraud and I regret ever inviting you into my home.”

“I’m so sorry…Katrina, I…uh….”

“Go to hell, Don! I can’t stand to look at you anymore” she says in a choked voice.


Actually, Don has to go to work now, so thankfully that ends the argument for now.

However, he is not unaware that he should find another lodging for a while. He’s not sure this rift between them can ever be mended.

He can hear Katrina snorting in the background. She fights with herself. She does not want to cry.

With Don out the door, her frustration is unleashed…

How could he do something so selfish and stupid? Why can’t he understand that life must follow a natural course? She hates him….she…Aargh!

Katrina tries to calm herself down in front of the mirror.

He’s such an idiot…. a womanizer with a divinely desirable body….. she doesn’t want to think about him anymore. He’s just air now. Toxic air!…. She had thought it was just a matter of him maturing and..…Why? Why?…. Why!?

“I hate you Don Lothario!” she shouts with doubtful strength.


Meanhvile, Don is on his way to work while considering his options.

Eva is probably not an option. Although she enjoys their equal rendezvous, she is not the type who like overnight guests.
Clara would love to take him in but she is married and he has no wish for this to change. He is not looking for something solid with another woman.

Marcus? Nah, there are hardly any available rooms in his apartment…

His speculations are interrupted when he sees that there is mail in the mailbox.

There is actually a postcard with his name on it.

A wedding invitation from Rasmus and Izumi. It does not come unexpectedly….

He must remember to send them a reply….



The next postcard is also addressed to him and the sender surprises him….the Starlight Accolades? He has never heard of them.

It is an invitation to an award ceremony in Del Sol Valley!

📝 Simlish text translated by MS Public Service.

Wow! This is so cool….

He is nominated for the Superpower Trophy. How did it happen? Who pointed him out?

He has no more time to figure it out. He has to hurry on to work now and later he should talk to Rasmus.


Lagoon Look in Sulani Town

Valentino has woken up from his sleep and he seeks out Delphine in the herb garden.

“It will be my last day in Sulani, Delphine. I have rented a small house over there and I will be traveling on tomorrow to follow our plan.”

Delphine suddenly feels a little divided. She has loved Valentino’s company and will surely miss him. She nods seriously. She wants to make sure he gets a proper farewell.

Valentino goes up to the terrace to practice yoga.
During the time he has lived in Ohan’ali Town, he has regularly held yoga lessons in front of the Sand Bar. He hopes he can resume that practice if he ever comes back here.

For Delphine, it’s time to go to work.

The first task takes place in the neighborhood of Mua Pel’am. She takes notes for a report on the state of nature.

She runs quickly on.

The condition of plants and animals is registered and noted down.

Immediately the beaches look clean, so she makes time for a swim.

Halfway on the trip to the buoy, she finds a new problem. The ocean is overflowing with plastic and garbage.

She makes sure to remove what she can immediately see. She is not unaware that tomorrow the waves will probably carry new quantities of plastic waste towards Sulani’s shores. It’s a never-ending problem.

When the water looks clear and clean again, she continues her trip towards the buoy.
The view is indescribably beautiful and the water fills her up with new energy.


Brindleton Bay on Deadgrass Isle

Fatima runs out of breath through the harsh grass.

She has completely lost sight of him.
She really regrets not wearing trainers. High heels are not suitable for a trip to the beach.

When she reaches the edge of the dune, she sees him standing staring out over the sea.

She carefully climbs down the last steep part of the dune and continues running towards him when she finds flat ground again.

He stands without moving.

Then he turns around and walks towards her.

“Here you come at last.” he says with a gentle look on his face.

“Do you always have a habit of running away from all your dates and then mock them afterwards?” she asks.

“Sorry Fatima. It was insensitive…..There haven’t been so many dates that you can talk about habit. It’s the sea that drew me.” he says as if that excuses everything.

“I’ve got some new inspiration. You know for the Aphrodite exhibit. I should take some pictures of the sea. The sea will be perfect as an element to show the untamed passion and seduction of the goddess. It will make a lot more sense than the wedding dresses.” he continues eagerly.

Fatima is listening without comment….

“Am I boring you?” he suddenly asks a little more subdued.

“No, I’m just trying to catch my breath.” she replies, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Do you see the wildness in the waves Fatima?… They remind me of your sensuality. I want to photograph you for that exhibition Fatima. You and the waves.” he continues eagerly.

“How can you compare me to a wave?” she asks wonderingly.

“This is how I see you Fatima. The foam-born Aphrodite. The foam on the waves almost looks like cotton wool and yet they have a strength that can break rocks,” he continues eagerly.

To be honest, Fatima isn’t sure she finds it particularly flattering to be compared to a rock-crushing goddess.

“So now I am a valkyrie?” she says.

“No not at all.” he replies a little absentmindedly as he begins to photograph the sea.

“What happened to the rock-crushing foam.” she asks teasingly.

“It is the sea. It follows its own rules. No man has the power to make the sea rise on command.” he replies calmly.

He still managed to capture several images of the foam tops above the cliffs.

He also takes several pictures of the beach and the sand dunes with the seagulls floating in the sky.


Midday in Brindleton Bay

Rasmus has the day off and he has prepared several ingredients for a cake.

“What are you about to do?” Izumi asks curiously.

“I’m baking…Let me surprise you.” says Rasmus.
Izumi has so many creative talents, but here’s finally something he’s really good at.

Rasmus would obviously prefer to be left alone…..?
It’s not because she’s annoyed, but she still gets the urge to test her boxing skills. A sport she has never challenged before.

Rasmus has stirred the dough and now the cake just needs to be baked.


After a while it is finished baking.

He has already prepared buttercream and icing. Now it just needs to be spread in a smooth layer.

He works concentratedly on cutting the cake into the right shape.

Now another layer of glaze and some decorative touches.

Izumi has been standing at a distance for a while to watch him.

Voilà! The wedding cake is made.

“Rasmus! That cake looks amazing! You are a magician.” Izumi says surprised.

“It’s just solid pastry craftsmanship.” says Rasmus modestly.

“In my eyes you are a magician.” Izumi says giving him a kiss.

“Now the cake just needs to sit in the fridge for a few days and then we’re ready.” says Rasmus

“I can hardly wait. I’m so excited. We’ve been waiting forever for that wedding.” Izumi says.

“Even our child is jumping with excitement now.” Izumi says.

“Not half as excited as I am to meet the little human hiding in there.” laughs Rasmus as he puts his hand on the distended pregnant belly to feel the eager kicks.

“You are the best thing that has happened to me…. You, Fabio and the baby I will soon meet.” he says happily.

“I want to take a shower. I could use a hand to scrub my back. What are you saying?” Izumi says with a twinkle in her eye.

“Sure honey. I’ll be there in a minute.” he replies.

That must be our signal to turn our gaze elsewhere.


Deadgrass Isle on the beach

We’re back with Elijah and Fatima on the beach where Elijah finally seems to be taking good care of his date.

“Let’s take a picture together before we continue up the lighthouse. There’s something I want to show you.” he says with a big smile.

They take a selfie together with the sea as a background.

Maybe I should install a camera mod for variety, but I think they’re still pretty cool to look at.

They stand for a while together and look at the sea.

“It’s incredible how the sky and the sea change colors.” he says thoughtfully.

“Who gets to the lighthouse first.” he suddenly shouts and starts running.

Fatima runs as hard as she can, once again regretting her high heels.

“This is… not fair..” she gasps.

She can hear him chuckling.

To drown out his inner turmoil, he finds it amusing to tease her. He has something at stake.

As he approaches the lighthouse he suddenly sees her running in front of him from the left. She must have found a shortcut.

He loves her integrity. He loves her intelligence and cleverness and that she is able to make her own decisions, even if it means he loses their competition this time.


She is already standing on top of the lighthouse when he catches up with her.

“What a view.” she says moved.

“I wish I could fly, just once in a while. Watch this whole scene from above.” he says.

“I believe that you do.” she says smiling.

He walks over to her and grabs her hands.

“Fatima. The day I met you, my life took on a whole new dimension. I don’t think you know how much you mean to me. I’m so in love with you and everything you bring…..I have long…”

“You’re such a beautiful man Elijah. I can’t understand what you see in me, but I’ve never met a person so inspiring. I love you for giving me the courage to change.” she says seriously.

“Don’t interrupt me Fatima. I’m not done yet. He says with a smile.

After this, he drops to his knees and holds out a ring to her.

“Fatima! Will you accept this ring?”

“Elijah! You bought me a ring?!” she says overwhelmed, as if he didn’t realize it himself.

“It is gorgeous…”

“That ring is really beautiful.” she says.

“So what do you say?” Elijah asks, standing up.

“You shouldn’t have done that Elijah. That must have cost you a fortune.” she says, caressing his cheek.

“So you won’t marry me.” he says disappointed.

“Yes Elijah. I do want to marry you.” she says, giving him a kiss.

“I will carry you on my hands above.” he says.

“I know, but I’m perfectly capable of standing on my own two feet.” she says softly.

However, he carries her for a few more minutes as she indulges in the kiss. Only because the moment is so unique and full of joy that it should last forever.


Fatima suddenly get a thought that worries her…

“Oh no, I dread showing Jade my ring. She’s wanted a ring from Marcus for ages.” She says uneasily.

“Marcus! He’s such an idiot. He’ll never dare tie the knot.” laughs Elijah.

“That’s not very nice of you, Elijah. I care about Jade.” Fatima says blameworthy.

“So do I, but right now I don’t want to be nice. I’d rather be a really naughty man.” he says teasingly.

“I bet you’d like that.” she laughs.

“Are you with me?” he asks, offering her his hand.

She is, indeed.

We should leave them alone now. Enjoy the view of the lighthouse and the green trees against the pale blue sky.

One might well argue that Elijah gets his wish fulfilled to be able to fly. At least the sparks speak their clear language above the top of the lighthouse.


For some reason I suddenly think of the movie The Piano. Perhaps it is the sea and the atmosphere. The movie made an indelible impression on me when I saw it for the first time. It spoke to all my senses.
This soundtrack is titled ‘The Heart Asks Pleasure First’ – Enjoy


Elijah has put some sausages he brought with him on a grill. The sea air has made them hungry.

“Food is ready!” he says to Fatima. She seems to have forgotten time and place as she looks out over the sea.

The sea does that kind of thing to you. He can recognize that feeling.

He blows her an air kiss to get her attention. Why did she choose a seat so far away?

He stands up to get closer.

“I hope you don’t have any regrets?” he asks seriously.

“No, what should I regret?” she replies.

She is just amazed at her own transformation and how easily all her reservations seem to have disappeared.

“Do you want to play me a song, Elijah?” she asks smiling as she feels the need for some distance.

“For you I will do anything.” he answers.


We can all need some distance from time to time to feel where we stand.

Meanwhile, the camera wanders and captures a stray cat walking across the sand. Deadgrass Isle is known to have many strays.

This particular cat seems to be lured by the voices and the music in the distance.

For some reason, Elijah has stepped out into the tall grass to play and sing to Fatima.

The cat comes closer.

Elijah and Fatima are on their way back to their seats, when it dawns on me that it must be the sausages that are luring the cat.

“We’ve got a visitor.” Elijah says.

“Indeed we have.” Fatima replies with a smile.

“Do you think it’s hungry?” Elijah asks uncertainly.

“How can you ask something so stupid. I’m starving.” the cat seems to communicate.

“I’m not sure cats eat sausages.” replies Fatima.

“YES, I do! Yes! Yes!” the cat replies with a long, convincing meow.

Elijah offers the cat a treat.

He is a very friendly and trusting cat and he carefully sips the treat from Elijah’s hand.

“Look at him Elijah. He’s so cute.” Fatima says softly.

I guess it’s time for me to reveal that the stray cat has the distinguished name Ambrosius. Furthermore, I have read it is a name of Greek origin and means immortal. He definitely has a knack for survival and an ability to soften Elijah and Fatima.

The cat willingly allows itself to be picked up.

“He’s so cute. I love cats.” Fatima says with a big smile.

“Yes I can see that.” says Elijah.

“I wish I could take him home.” says Fatima.

“Oh!?” Elijah replies.

With this, it is revealed that Fatima is a cat lover. A trait that Elijah probably didn’t notice until today. I am amused by Ambrosius sitting like a king on Fatima’s arm. As he intends to stay there forever.
Elijah has indeed been given something to think about and therefore it is time for us to change the scene.


Late afternoon in Brindleton Bay

Fabio has come home from school and quite sensibly, he chooses to get his homework over with quickly.

Now something surprising happens outside. Don is on his way with a suitcase in hand.

Rasmus welcomes him with a big hug. From this it must be interpreted that Rasmus has already agreed to Don’s visit and that he has probably planned to stay for a few days.

Now Fabio has arrived and he stands for a long time looking inquisitively at Don.

Don gets an uneasy feeling. He really wants to know what the boy is thinking.

“Hi! Is there anything you want to ask?” Don asks uncertainly.

“I knew you were coming. I saw it in the dream and it also mean that Bella will come soon if you don’t chase her away…Would you please stop scaring her.” says Fabio eagerly.

“What?” Don mutters wonderingly.

He now listens in amazement to Fabio’s story of how he has foreseen Don and Bella’s arrival in a dream and how he will build a house for Bella when she moves in.

Don is curious as to whether Rasmus knows about those thoughts. Children are often weirdly out of touch with reality and they draw the most strange conclusions.

“I promise not to scare Bella.” he says seriously to show his good intentions.

“Rasmus always says you are a good friend despite your reputation. Are we friends too?” Fabio asks.

“Absolutely!” replies Don with a smile, after which they shake hands on the agreement.


Deadgrass Isle

Back on Deadgrass Isle, Elijah is still wondering what to do with the cat.

“I think he likes you.” says Fatima.

“Yes, he needs shelter. I think we can take him home, just for tonight.” Elijah says thoughtfully.

“Tomorrow we can share his picture online on the web and see if anyone misses him. How about that plan” continues Elijah sensibly.

“It sounds fantastic.” Fatima cheers.

“We’d better stop by a pet store on the way home. We need some supplies.” Elijah says seriously.

“You’re going to stay with Elijah, doesn’t that sound great.” cheers Fatima to Ambrosius.

Whether Ambrosius understands that right now he is about to change his destiny remains to be seen.

“You are such a kind person, Elijah. I love you.” Fatima says, giving him a kiss.

As the readers have probably already calculated, Elijah has now become a cat owner. Of course, no one is calling for Ambrosius. He is a stray of unknown origin who, by the luck of fate, came by on a day when everything in life seems easy and ready for a change.


Evening in Brindleton Bay

Izumi seeks out Rasmus while he is preparing dinner.

“What about Don. Do you have any agreement on how long he will stay?” she asks.

“He needs a bed to sleep in while he finds a solution. I think he’s staying until the other side of the wedding. Are you okay with that?” says Rasmus.

“Yes of course. He is your friend.” Izumi quickly replies.

When Don enters at that very moment, he cannot avoid overhearing their conversation. He will really have to find a more durable solution.


Later, Don gets an opportunity to ask Rasmus out of Izumi’s earshot.

“Are you sure it’s ok for me to spend the night here?” Don asks.

“Of course Don. No one’s going to be using our extra room for a long time. Just make yourself at home.” he replies kindly.


“I’m sorry for intruding like this. This is due to an unforeseen issue, but if it’s inconvenient then…” Don begins to explain apologetically to Izumi.

“You don’t have to apologize Don. You are Rasmus’s friend and therefore also a friend of the house.” Izumi says kindly.

“That’s really generous of you. I don’t want to disturb so I go into the guest room for a bit.” say Don.


Don has gone into the extension to work out on the treadmill.

Fabio curiously walks in to talk more with the unexpected guest.

There are some things about Don’s visit that puzzle him.

“How come you can’t go home?” Fabio asks.

“It’s hard for me to explain… I assume it’s because my partner and I disagree on some issues.” Don replies uncomfortably.

Rasmus has sat down on the bed next to Fabio.

“Fabio, give Don some peace to settle down.” he says.

“But what issues? Can’t you just talk about it and be friends again?” Fabio asks without reservation.

“These are some adult issues about how we want to live our lives. They can’t be fixed so easily.” Don replies kindly.

“Why?” Fabio asks.

“Fabio, you can’t ask that kind of question. It’s Don’s private matter.” says Rasmus.

“It’s ok.” Don says kindly when he sees the boy’s blank face.

Something makes him approach when he hears Rasmus giving Fabio a lesson in good manners.

“You see Fabio. She wants kids and I’m just not the kind of guy to have kids with.” Don tries to explain.

“You don’t like children?” says Fabio seriously.

“Uh! That’s not what I meant, I…” Don fumbles.

“Don’s just not used to kids. It’s like when we first met, I wasn’t an expert on kids either.” Rasmus tries to explain when he sees Fabio’s suspicious look.

“But he can learn that, Rasmus. Just like you’ve learned it. Now you’re an expert.” says Fabio eagerly.

“Do you really think so Fabio?” Rasmus asks, touched.

“Yes I do.” replies Fabio and moves closer to Rasmus.

Don watches them from a distance and he suddenly feels very superfluous.

He shouldn’t disturb their confidential moment so he goes to take a shower.

“You are the best boy ever.” Rasmus says happily and gives Fabio a warm hug.

“I am fabulous.” laughs Fabio.

Don sees Izumi sitting with the cats in front of her as he walks into the living room.

She has a rather attractive smile and beautiful eyes. It is understandable that Rasmus has fallen for her.

He suddenly feels quite flirtatious. He needs a cold bath.

Your watcher is keeping an eye on you Don so you better behave yourself. Otherwise, I will personally make sure you are written out of the series. Trust it! 🤨


Rasmus and Fabio are about to leave the guest room. It’s Fabio’s bedtime.

“You should entertain your friend while I put Fabio to bed. You two probably have a lot to talk about.” Izumi says.

“If you really think…” says Rasmus.

“Yes I do.” she replies in a firm voice.

Fabio looks from one to the other as he thinks it’s strange how adults sometimes sort out his affairs without asking for his opinion.

However, he knows that in this house his mother has the final word when it comes to upbringing. He also assumes that there is some kind of sense in her argument, so he follows her without argument.

He loves his mother very much, but over time he has come to love Rasmus almost just as much.
He doesn’t want to hurt his mother, but it’s like Rasmus understands boys’ thoughts better than she does.

He’s quick in his nightwear. A fine diploma from the tooth fairy hangs above the bed.

“Sweet Dreams.” Izumi says as she lovingly tucks the covers around him.

“You are my favorite.” he mumbles before falling asleep.


“It’s been a long time since we’ve talked. How are you, really? How’s your work going?” asks Rasmus, to start in a safe place.

“It’s going well, Rasmus. As you know, I was appointed personal trainer. I’ve been lucky to find quite a few willing apprentices…but the biggest news is that I’ve been nominated as the recipient of the Superpower Trophy…I’m invited to an award in Del Sol Valley!” Don says beaming with joy.

“Wow! That’s amazing!” laughs Rasmus.

“I knew you were going to be something big Don.” he says with triumph.

“Thank you Rasmus. I am truly grateful for your faith in me…but to be honest, in my personal life and love affairs I am a mess.” says Don.

“Yeah. I guess that’s no news, Don… But since you bring it up yourself. What’s going on between you and Katrina? Has she finally had enough of your casual acquaintances?” Rasmus asks.

“I can’t completely deny that, but our quarrels started especially when she said she wants a child Rasmus. I have no intentions of having children. I’m a bad role model.” Don says.

“I don’t think so. I think it’s more because you haven’t met the right woman yet.” replies Rasmus, with a smile.

“If you say so.” Don says calmly before standing up to end the subject.

“You are such a good friend Rasmus. I miss these conversations.” says Don before giving Rasmus a hug.

After this, the two men emphasize their special friendship once again. Best friends forever.

When Izumi joins the company, she has no doubt that the two men have a special connection. She sees them laughing together at a joke that only they can understand.


“You and Rasmus. How did you become friends? You seem to have such different lifestyles, but I can clearly see that you have a special connection.” Izumi says kindly.

“Yes, we have…. When we first met I thought I was going to teach him something about living, but over time it dawns on me that it’s probably more the other way around.” Don replies.

“I’d like to think so. You have to know him to understand what he really contains. Rasmus has a lot of faith in you, so I’m sure you’ll come after it.” Izumi replies with a smile.

“Thanks Izumi. I’ll give you guys some privacy now. I noticed the drain in the shower is a little weak. I’ll give it a look.” Don replies.

As said so done. Don is actually pretty handy at things other than seducing women.
If he’s going to be able to defend living here for a while, he must at least show he’s worth the food

Izumi is content to finally have some privacy with Rasmus.

Izumi gets confirmation once again that her life partner has some hidden talents. He really is something very special.


After Don has fixed the drain, he looks around the living room for other tasks that call for a helping hand.

The laundry basket appears to be full.

As a last act, he starts the washing machine.

Then he crawls under the covers in the guest bed.

Even if it’s not very late at night, he immediately falls asleep. Don has had a very eventful day.


Evening in the Lagoon Look

Valentino is harvesting some herbs in the kitchen garden. He doesn’t have many belongings to pack, so he might as well make himself useful in his last time on the island.

Now his friends come over with food as is the custom in Sulani.

They are sitting together talking a little loosely when Keala arrives through the back door. She is quite fit considering her age, so she has swum across the lagoon.

She waves to Delphine and the other participants in the room.

“Those are some pretty serious faces, I see.” she says.

“And you Koukakala intend to leave Sulani again. What do they have over there that you can’t find here?”

“Nothing, Keala, but I made a promise.” says Valentino, blushing. Only she calls him by his birth name. It sounds so intimate.

“Please, come back soon.” she says, giving him a hug.

“You must return. You belong on the islands.” adds Lia.

“Please Keala. There is still plenty of food. Take my chair so you and Valentino can sit together. I have some things to do.” Delphine says kindly.

Delphine will take a swim in the lagoon. Keala and Valentino clearly have something together and she doesn’t want to be the one standing in their way.

Delphine swims quickly across the water.

Lia leaves the house as the last guest. Now only Keala and Valentino remain.

“I promise I’ll be back, Keala. Will you stay tonight so I can say a proper goodbye?” says Valentino.

They say old love never rusts. The love they are rediscovering goes way back into the past. She was not the reason he left then.

Delphine is looking for shells and treasures in the sand. It is far too early to return home.

There is not much privacy in the open cabin.

From time to time, Delphine looks towards the cabin.

She can still see two figures making out on Valentino’s bed.
She has enjoyed Valentino’s company and friendship in the time that has passed.

She wish for him to enjoy this final night.

Both Keala and Valentino make sure not to waste their time.


Late night in San Myshuno

Although Fatima has not officially moved, it happens almost every day that she spends the night in Elija’s bedroom.

She seems tired as she goes to the bed to wait for Elijah. In all fairness, it has been a very eventful day.

Elijah is still setting up the home for Ambrosius. He has just installed a litter box in his bathroom.

Now he goes on to the kitchen to fill the feeder and food bowl.

Ambrosius has taken care of all his personal affairs and he is ready to investigate his new home.

In time, Elijah will learn that with cats comes certain smelly obligations.

These are not things that can worry a classy cat. Ambrosius moves from room to room with dignified calmness.

“Hey there! Your dinner is ready.” Elijah says kindly.

Ambrosius looks skeptically at the giant bird that has settled right next to his food bowl. Could it pose any danger?

However, he soon realizes that the bird is only a fake silhouette of an empty bragging bird, so he calmly eats his food.


Fatima sits on the edge of the bed and looks like someone who is dreaming.

“What are you thinking?” Elijah asks.

“You proposed to me. We are engaged.” says Fatima, as if she hasn’t fully understood it.

“I did. Are you fine with that or have you got any concerns?” he asks gently, taking her hand.

“I have a swarm of butterflies in my stomach.” she replies.

“They won’t hurt you. I’ll make sure of that. I am so in love with you, Fatima.”

Ambrosius has eaten his food and now he is attracted by their voices.

These humans seem to be very concerned with shared grooming?

He stares intently at them for another while, but they don’t seem approachable.

“Fatima, may I make a suggestion.”

“Just bring it on” she smiles.

“Shh…?” (Something whispered we are not supposed to hear)

Ambrosius has long since lost interest and gone to sleep at their feet.

“I have no doubt that you wish.” Fatima giggles.

So here we go again…

Ambrosius sleeps on unchallenged.

“Don’t wake the baby.” giggles Fatima.

Nothing, absolutely nothing can wake Ambrosius, now that he has found a warm place to sleep with plenty of food access a few meters away.

…and yet, maybe after all?

Fortunately, there are other warm cozy places to sleep. Ambrosius is in heaven.


Author’s note: Here it could be a really good and happy place to end a chapter that, after all, has offered more joys than sorrows.
However, we have to pass briefly by Katrina, who has had a really bad day. It must be said that it is partly self-inflicted because of her dishonest pretenses.
We find her quite close to Ambrosius, a few floors down.

Katrina stands with a microphone at the Humor and Hijinks Festival and tells some jokes. It is a rather hopeless task as her mood is far from cheerful.

Adding insult to injury, she doesn’t seem to be able to attract any audience. Can her spirits sink even deeper?

However, she seems to have caught the interest of a single guy.
If it’s not her lame jokes, maybe it’s something else he finds quite interesting.

She looks up as he starts walking towards her.

Some may recognize him as a craftsman from Rasmus’ redevelopment. A guy named Sam.

“Hey there! You look like someone in need of some amusement?” he says bluntly.

She immediately notices that he is muscular, nice and quite polite, which is absolutely not an obstacle in her eyes.

“Maybe. Do you have any suggestions?” Katrine answers just as directly.


Sam takes her to a club in Windenburg where there is a night disco and free bar. It shouldn’t be boring.

Unfortunately, Katrina doesn’t seem to be amused.

What’s even worse, my gaze immediately catches a person I absolutely do not want to see here.

A free bar seems to be something that can’t keep Alice at bay.

I am in shock ! You should be at home with your child and your husband who has worked so hard to change.

Where the booze goes in, reason and inhibitions disappear and I can imagine where it ends. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be done with her development…If I’m not going to let her rot in her own ineptitude? I can really have my doubts.


Now for the song I have chosen for Katrina. Regardless of her ethical shortcomings, she deserves a song. She is a woman who tries to fulfill her wish in life with the means she has. The song has a vibe that is hers right now. A mood that we will probably all recognize from some point in our lives. – Enjoy!


  • SirianaSims

    I am so happy for Elijah and Fatima, they have quickly become one of my favourite couples! 💕

    I love Rasmus’ little family, especially how close he has become with Fabio. Izumi may not have given birth yet, but Rasmus has been a father for quite some time now.

    I am still holding out my hope for Don and Delphine, because I am a hopeless romantic. At least Don is out of the Caliente house for now. Hey Don, I know somewhere else you could live, a small cabin on the Sulani shores…

    Oh, Katrina. I do hope this is truly the end for her and Don, and that she can find her own happiness too, in a more honest way. And that Alice doesn’t slide back into bad habits.
    I loved the final song! I have never heard of LP before, but her voice is incredible.

    I hope you have a good Christmas tomorrow, and a happy New Year ❤️🎄

    • MonaSolstraale

      Elijah and Fatima are definitely some of my favorites too. Their mutual chemistry seems so inspiring.

      Rasmus has really taken fatherhood upon himself. Perhaps it is Izumi’s pregnancy that makes her suddenly go to bed and sleep and then Rasmus has to take care of Fabio. Neither of them seem to mind.

      Don is still a hopeless flirt. It may be his transformation still has some obstacles. Delphine has made room in the cabin for him, but will he ever find his way?
      In many ways, Don and Katrine are two pieces of the same cake. They both have an aspiration for love, but in very different ways. Katrina could definitely use a man who appreciates her more than the encounters on the sheets. Maybe a man who wants to have a child with her.

      I wish Alice lived happily ever after with Allan and Andy, but I keep meeting her in bars in the game. I am unsure which way to go from here 🤔

      It’s been a while since I heard ‘Lost on you’ for the first time. It’s still on my playlist and I’ve been looking for the right chapter to share it in for a long time.

      I’ve been trying to collect pictures for a Christmas chapter with the fairy Magic, but I’m having a hard time getting there. Therefore…
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ❤🎄

  • cathytea

    I’m so happy for Ambrosius! I hope that it’s Bella’s time to find a home soon. And Blue? I see the way that Paolo is looking at her! Happy holidays to you! Thanks for another year of great stories!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your many encouraging comments over the past year ❤
      Fortunately, there is still material for several chapters in Tusnelda’s universe. Lots of unresolved issues that need closure. This applies to both Bella and Alice in addition to Don… and Tusnelda and Martin’s baby dreams.
      Paolo’s look at Alice might give me a little trouble in the stomach. He already has an unknown child in my game 🤨
      Happy Holidays and Happy New Year ❤🎄

  • GlacierSnow

    For a moment, I thought Bella had actually returned (when Fabio “tripped” over her). But it was his imagination? Aaaa… I want that doggie to move in for real. Fabio needs a pet.

    Katrina… really needs to find a different guy. Don is not the type of man I think she’s actually looking for.

    Honestly, not sure if Don is a great choice for Delphine either, but she hasn’t known him long enough to know what he’s really like. She has a fantasy version of him she imagines is the perfect guy for her. But… who knows?

    I love her little garden with a view of the sea!

    Katrina! Stopping the pill without telling your partner until AFTER doing woohoo? Not cool.

    The argument between them, honestly, makes me not like either of them very much. They definitely do not have a respectful partnership, and they clearly want opposite things with no chance of both being happy with one or the other decision. Instead of being grownups and breaking up in a mature manner, they try to manipulate and control things behind each other’s backs, and when that comes to light, they fight like little kids.

    Awesome drama though! I love the soap opera aspect of their story line. So my “dislike” is for them as people, not as characters. I can’t wait to see what comes of this blow-up.

    I do disagree with Katrina though. Life doesn’t need to follow a specific “natural” course. I’m not 100% convinced she truly wants to raise a family. It feels more like she thinks having a baby with Don will make their relationship more “normal” or legitimate or something.

    Rasmus and Izumi’s wedding invitation picture is adorable!

    I love that you included the Simlish and English versions. It’s a cute detail to see it in Simlish.

    Don got nominated for the Superpower Trophy!

    Elija and Fatima on the beach are so cute. Even though Fatima didn’t think to change into more sensible shoes for this outing. (It makes me laugh sometimes seeing sims fishing or beach combing or doing other outdoor stuff in shoes and clothes that really are not suitable for that activity).

    Elija’s sea foam idea for his Aphrodite exhibit makes a lot of sense considering that is one of the origin stories for Aphrodite. I like it.

    Rasmus making the wedding cake is cute. He seems so focused. It came out beautiful too.

    Okay, full disclosure. I am making these comments on a second read-through of the chapter. But, even as I was reading the chapter the first time, I could tell that something big was on Elija’s mind, and when he suggested they go to the light house, I was thinking “Oooo! Oooo! He’s going to propose!” And he did!

    I like their candid and natural flowing conversations. And also, I am already totally in love with Ambrosius! They absolutely need to adopt him.

    So Don will be staying with Rasmus and Fatima. I’m glad he has somewhere to go, but they probably have enough stress getting ready for their wedding. Curious to see if Don being their makes things easier, or harder.

    LOL! Don looks so skeptical and amused while Fabio is telling him all about his “prophetic” dream.

    The conversation with Fabio about why Don is there is well written. It really feels like Fabio has a child’s perspective, but it’s also clear that to the adults it’s more complicated that Fabio thinks it should be. I like the difference you create in the adult vs child way of seeing things.

    And Don… Don’t you DARE try and make a move on Izumi. It would cost you the one true friend you really have. Also, you will obviously get on your Watcher’s bad list. And you don’t want that.

    The conversation between Rasmus and Don is also very heartfelt. Even though they are really different, they do seem to have a deep friendship.

    Good to see that Don is trying to be helpful around the house.

    Katrina having a rough day, and on top of that no one is listening to her comedy routine? Poor thing. She sure perked up quickly when a new attractive guy started paying attention to her though.

    Or… maybe not. She doesn’t look like she’s having much fun at the bar, especially when Mr. Mustache Guy starts looking like he’s more interested in……. ALICE!!!???!!??? What are you doing, girl? Of course I am jumping to conclusions, but I am afraid she is looking for another guy like Rasmus whose heart she will break, while cheating on her husband. Again.

    We all focus a lot on how Allan has had to learn to control his temper, and how much effort he is putting into being a good dad, how he’s trying to be calmer when he gets frustrated, and whether or not he has really changed. We tend to forget that Alice is the one who cheated and lied in this relationship. Not Allan.

    • MonaSolstraale

      I think you’re right that Fabio could use a pet. He’s kind of lonely in a way. He lives in an adult world and doesn’t really have child friends.

      I have a lot of thoughts about Don and Katrina.
      First of all, they are not a good match. None of them really bothers to listen to each other. They never have any really honest conversation about their fears and desires for life.
      Katrina is manipulative to fulfill her own desires. Don uses women for superficial enjoyment without seriously asking himself what he wants to achieve.
      He seems self-confident, but is actually trying to mask a fundamental doubt about his own worth. He tries to avoid conflict by being a pleaser and has in many ways identified himself with his own bad reputation as an inescapable truth. His choice is therefore that he does not want to reproduce himself in a child in order to end the legacy. It’s probably a responsible choice.
      I think that the strength of Don and Rasmus’s friendship is their complete open honesty with each other. They are so different in their way of thinking and living that it is obvious. By commenting on each other’s choices, they both gain a broader view. A vision that can give them both substance to grow.

      Is Don the right choice for Delphine? They surprised me in the game by having an incredibly strong connection very quickly and it called for a story. We will see.

      Elijah and Fatima. I love them together. I see both of them as mature and honest people.
      I see that Elijah’s proposal came as no surprise 😅
      Ambrosius happened to drop by on a day when they are both ready for a change.
      Bella has not had the same luck – yet.

      I love seeing things through Fabio’s eyes. I have worked with minor children for a large part of my working life and their logic and openness have always amused me and given me food for thought.

      Katrina was so depressed so when Mr Handyman started flirting with her, I thought she needed a little cheering up.
      The fact that she would end up in a discotheque where Alice once again unfolded herself in the bar was neither encouraging to Katrina nor me.
      I really worked hard with Allan but Alice should have had just as much attention. My mistake.

      Thank you for your comments this past year. I wish you a happy holiday and a happy new year 🥰

  • Yimiki

    Oh for heck’s sake, Katrina. She consciously stopped taking the pill and then slept with Don with the implicit goal of becoming pregnant, didn’t she? I hate how strongly she’s pushing to shackle Don to her. Luckily Don does not give her an inch of compromise. Even if that leaves him without a house. Don is in the wrong for stringing Katrina along, but Katrina is way worse by trying to manipulate things to get a child. They honestly should just… go their separate ways.

    Yay, Rasmus and Izumi’s wedding! And a possible place for Don to crash until he sorts out his living situation, maybe. Oooh and a superpower trophy! I love those postcards, they’re very creative 😄

    Elijha and Fatima are lovely together as always. Elijah is very over-the-top with his compliments, but Fatima thrives on them and they balance each other out well. Nawww, and he proposed! Congratulations to both <3 Yeeeees adopt the cat! Take the kitty home!

    I like that Don takes Fabio seriously and actually explains his problems to him- hey! No looking at Izumi! Don’t make Mona write you out of the story, Don XD Rasmus, meeting the right woman is fine and all, but… sometimes people just don’t want children. Not everyone is looking for a happy family. Aw, Don is such a good guest, helping and fixing things around the house <3

    Ah… Blue. Maybe she’s just out for a night of innocent amusement away from her family? Moms deserve a break every once in a while, too… but something tells me that Alice is there for other reasons today…

    • MonaSolstraale

      I see I haven’t answered you. I have been very busy with my Special Edition.

      Katrina and Don are both frivolous about their relationship. However, Katrina has a desire to find her one and only and have a child, but honestly Katrina? 🙄

      Big things are going to happen for both Don and Rasmus soon. An award and a wedding. Right now they are enjoying rediscovering their friendship.
      I really hope Don respects that he shouldn’t flirt with Izumi. I keep him on a tight leash. Worse, he seems to have an appeal to Izumi. I assume it just happens to him with women. I have to keep an eye on her too 🤨
      Don is a good guest. It is natural for him to wash dishes and take laundry off the clothesline, without prompting. There is a special connection between Don and Fabio. They seem to enjoy talking to each other. Maybe it’s because Fabio is such an outgoing, sociable boy.

      Fatima is a cat lover and Ambrosius came by on exactly the right day 😺

      I don’t quite know what’s going to happen to Alice. I have some ideas, but you’re right that moms deserve a break every now and then ❤

  • Haneul

    I love that this opens with pictures about Fabio being visited by the tooth fairy Because my Sim also lost a tooth. Fabio’s thoughtfulness is touching. He loves his mother and doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, but he’s also growing to care a lot for Rasmus (which is great) and it’s understandable that there may be things that he can connect with Rasmus on better than he can with his mother. I hope he’s able to be more open about his feelings with his family because he’s not wrong at all.

    I momentarily panicked at not being able to read the Wedding invitation easily before I realized it was Simlish/a hard to read font and that a translation was right there! 😅I love that you included it with a perfect stamp too.

    I also love how Elijah loves Fatima and that poor Fatima is strong enough to endure running on the beach in heels. The descriptions of her shoes were great and I may not have noticed without them. What a beautiful proposal and how quickly it looks like they’ll become a family of three! <3 Fatima’s happy dance in front of Ambrosius is the best. The music is a nice touch. It matches the seaside.

    I hope Don and Katrina are permanently over. Neither seems to be good for the other. It’s painful to watch her try to force him into being a parent.

    • MonaSolstraale

      I read Ennik’s diary and saw that she had lost a tooth. It’s a pretty cute event with the tooth fairy.
      Fabio has become very attached to Rasmus and it is logical to me that it is a special boy connection. It is often Rasmus who puts him to bed because Izumi is tired and has suddenly gone to bed.

      It is perhaps a bit crazy that I have become so preoccupied with Simlit. I guess the least I can do is provide a translation. 😅

      Fatima and Elijah are so lovely together. So far, they don’t live together permanently because I lack a scene with Fatima and Marcus that has been prepared. Ambrosius was lucky that he came by at the right time. 🥰

      Don and Katrina should be done with each other by now, but you know it can happen that their breakup is as inconsistent as their relationship has been. We’ll get to that. 😉

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