Tusnelda and Trix

83. Promotions

I will confess that this chapter has had an incredibly difficult birth. Six weeks ago I had a clumsy fall in a dark cinema, resulting in a sprained finger. It has kept me from using my computer mouse for many weeks. After my finger healed I redid this chapter multiple times. Deleted pictures, took new pictures, deleted sections and inserted new sections. It’s like my long break made me lose the common thread.
Now I’m back with new stories about Tusnelda and Rasmus’ everyday life. This of course also includes the members of their households. As the title suggests, someone achieves great results.
The chapter ends with a small spinoff, but other than that I’ve kept butterflies out of the action.


Early morning in Brindleton Bay

It is time to return to Tusnelda and Martin in Brindleton Bay. When it comes down to it, Tusnelda is the whole reason I started this story.

This morning she is on the move early. It is usually Martin who gets up with the chickens, but Tusnelda looks forward to today’s chores.

The holiday is over and work calls and we both look forward to her being able to participate actively again after EA has fixed the annoying bugs in the science career.

Martin will play a match later today. He still seems to be affected by a relaxed holiday mood.

Tusnelda hums as she prepares the food. A delicious quiche with spinach. Her past as a chef means that she enjoys working with food.

Martin is still sleeping so she eats in her own company.

From Tusnelda’s point of view, her life is almost perfect. She has an interesting and challenging job and a man she loves and who loves her.

There is of course the detail of her not being pregnant, but she has a medical expert who take care of it, with a monthly fertility massage and she is generally optimistic that it will probably work out soon.

She won’t worry about it anymore today. Now she wants to take a bath and get ready for the working day. She has a plan.


Martin wakes up when Tusnelda disappears into the bathroom.

He starts by feeding the cats before eating Tusnelda’s quiche.

He turns on some western music before he begins to examine the opposing team for today’s match.
The holiday memories from Chestnut Ridge still sit in the front row.


Morning in Brindleton Bay – Hindquarter Hideaway

Fabio is bent over his last homework. He should have done it yesterday but he told his mother a white lie when he claimed he had no homework left. It is taking its revenge now.

Now Izumi comes to send him to school.

“What are you doing Fabio? You told me you had done all your homework. It’s late and it’s time to go.”

“It’s not that important mom. I’ve got it all under control.” he replies with his most innocent look.

Unfortunately, his mother is not that easy to fool.

“What did I tell you about cheating?” she says firmly.

“I know Mom. I’m sorry.” he answers, embarrassed.

He rushes off to avoid his mother’s admonitions.

He really tries to fulfill his mother’s expectations, but there is so much else in life that seems much more important. Homework seems like a useless waste of time when the world is so full of untested challenges and adventures. It’s something that adults don’t understand.

In reality, Izumi is not as clueless as Fabio thinks. She loves his energy and appetite for exploring the world around him, but that doesn’t change the fact that society has certain requirements that must be met.

She wants him to get a good education so that his job opportunities in the future will be far more interesting than her own opportunities as an unskilled worker.

She should find a job to make her contribution to the household, but in her current pregnant state, no one will hire her.
That doesn’t mean she has to stop developing her skills and her latest challenge is to start painting.

While Izumi is developing her painting skills, Rasmus is doing laundry.

He spends some time giving the cat some attention. The only reason we don’t see Brooke is that she’s almost always sitting on top of the fridge.


At the same time in the house next door

Tusnelda has finished her bath and she asks Martin what he is doing.

“I’m looking for some facts about the opposing team in preparation for today’s game.” he replies calmly.

“Oh!? I see.” she replies.

“Is there anything in particular you have in mind?” he asks with a mischievous look in his eyes.

“No! I’m just curious. I’m about to leave now anyway.” she replies.

She can’t quite explain why she sometimes gets the feeling that Martin has a thing or two for when he sits at the computer. Something he doesn’t share with her.

There is no time to dwell more on those thoughts because now her work calls.


Back to Rasmus’ house

Not far from Tusnelda, Izumi has just finished her painting. She is very satisfied with the result.
Maybe she can save it for the baby’s room?

Here comes Rasmus.

“Hey Rasmus! I’ve just finished a painting. I’m excited to hear what you say?” Maybe I can sell it on Plopsy? she says.

Rasmus stands next to her and they both look at the result.

He always gets very insecure when it comes to art and he looks inquisitively at Izumi for a hint of what she wants him to say.

Does she want praise or should he make an insightful comment about the market for amateur painters?

“It’s uh…Is it a frog?” he asks hesitantly.

“Do you see a frog? I think of it more like a creature of fantasy.” Izumi says curiously.

“Oh! Uh! I see.” replies Rasmus, blushing, with a feeling that he has exhibited his own incapacity.

“You are the sweetest man, Rasmus.” she says, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

She is sure he would rather break an arm than say something that will hurt her.

“I am taking a shower” Izumi says as she leaves the room. Rasmus is still standing at the easel.

A fantasy creature?
It is obvious, but the thought did not occur to him. What he has learned so far about art is that it almost always symbolizes something other than what it looks like.

He likes the colors. He must remember to tell her.


Rasmus goes out into the garden to hang the laundry on the clothesline. The load of laundry never seems to end.

He has just finished the task when Izumi comes out to him after her bath.

“I didn’t get to say this before, but regarding your painting…. I really like the colors. They remind me of a sunset.” he says.

“Thank you Rasmus. I love that interpretation. You claim you have no imagination? That claim doesn’t seem to hold, Rasmus.” she replies with a smile.

Rasmus doesn’t have time to come up with an answer because he has to go to work. He must go immediately if he is not to be late.

Izumi looks thoughtfully in his direction as he leaves and she feels very privileged.

Rasmus works hard to provide for all three of them – soon to be four. She should find a way to make some money.

Maybe the painting can bring a little income? And she is actually quite good at knitting. Could that be a possibility?

They are not directly poor, but they need to think twice before spending money. Well, first of all she needs some food and then she will see what she can come up with.


Morning in The Secret Lab

It is Tusnelda’s first day after the holidays and she is received by Aarav with a big hug.

“How was your vacation?” he asks kindly.

“It was fantastic! The scenery at Chestnut Ridge is truly exceptional and I learned a lot about riding and communicating with horses. ” replies Tusnelda enthusiastically.

Tusnelda is already on her way to the long-missing Invention Constructor when Aarav asks if riding isn’t dangerous?

“Dangerous? It’s just a matter of making friends with the horse and then making sure to hold on as it gallops across the steppes. A piece of cake.” Tusnelda replies cheerfully.

Before she can get any further, she is stopped by Masato.

“Tusnelda! I’m disappointed you took the back door in today. I thought we were good friends.” Masato says sullenly.

“Of course we are.” she replies.

“But you see Masato. I’m busy today so I don’t have time for idle chatter. I need to upgrade the Electroflux Wormhole Generator….. I found some records that suggest that you can actually travel to other universes if you step through it.” she continues.

“You’re crazy.” Masato mutters in amazement. Of course, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. He has been exposed to her crazy ideas more than once.

As for the teleportation through time and space, it shouldn’t be too difficult for Masato to understand since he regularly teleports and changes shape using his vampire powers.

Crazy or not, that’s no obstacle to Tusnelda’s eagerness to get started on today’s challenge. Now the Invention Constructor has to face a test.

She starts a little cautiously with a small project. Her SimRay gets an update with an extended feature.

The new function makes it able to reveal any alien in disguise. It should probably come in handy.

The Electroflux Wormhole Generator has been placed in the Invention Constructor and after typing various data she is ready to let the robot do its job.

Everything seems to work perfectly.

Beep, beep job done!” squeaks the robot in a mechanical voice.

“Thank you so much! It’s been a pleasure to work with you again! Tusnelda exclaims and pats the robot on the cheek appreciatively.

The robot responds to her with a happy “BEEP!”

Tusnelda is eager to test the Wormhole Generator so she rushes out the back door before she encounters more obstacles.

She is anxious to find out if the gate will open.

There is clearly a good connection and a lot of activity.

“Hello! Calling Sixam! Is there a connection. Can I come through?”

To her delight, there is a response that sounds like creaks and the sound of punches on empty barrels.
It’s not an answer she can decipher, so she’d better stay and work on a clearer connection.

Even if the road doesn’t seem completely safe yet, she knows she will succeed in traveling through sooner or later. She is proud and confident. Nothing will stop her now.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

When Fabio comes home from school, he sees Izumi completely engrossed in some knitting.

Izumi is knitting some socks to sell on Plopsy. There is always a shortage of good warm socks and the project is not too unmanageable.

“Hey mom! Can I go down to the lake and fish?” Fabio asks.

“Hm…” Izumi replies a little absently.

“Do you have any homework?” she asks a little absently as he walks out the door.

“No, of course not.” he replies before quickly slipping away.

Fortunately, there were no further questions about the homework. He will make them later.

Although we know Fabio as a rather active boy, he loves fishing.

It probably also helps to strengthen his motivation that he would very much like to receive a nature badge for his scout badge collection.

He is sure he has a bite on the hook when he feels a resistance in the water.

Unfortunately there are no fish. It must have jumped off the hook.

Izumi has finished her knitting project and now she has found new inspiration.

She starts another painting.


Down at the lake, Fabio is joined by another angler.

It looks like she brings luck, because now the fish are starting to bite the hook.

The Scout badge is soon within reach.

Izumi has finished painting and lays down on the guest bed to take a short nap.


Afternoon in The Secret Lab

Tusnelda is heading towards the laboratory’s second building. She can’t get any further with the Wormhole Generator right now.

When she enters the room, she gets a surprise. There is a gray-haired man sitting at a computer. She has seen him before. A controller from the ministry was his explanation? Or who is he really?

“Good afternoon. What is your business here? May I see your ID?” she says politely.

“What? I work here. I’m a senior scientist.” the man says reluctantly.

“I see. So now you’re a scientist? A new explanation every time. It seems suspicious. You could also be a spy or an alien? Maybe an alien spy?” says Tusnelda firmly.

“I can assure you that I am neither. My name is Poul Lind and I’ve been employed for several weeks, but since you haven’t been present in the laboratory you probably haven’t noticed.” the pseudoscientist cheekily explains.

“I’ll get to the bottom of that explanation soon.” Tusnelda says, finding the SimRay from its hiding places.

“Truth or Dare!” she says, after which she pulls the trigger.

“Truth, I speak the truth! Please!!!” wails the pseudoscientist.

But it is too late and useless. Tusnelda is determined to reveal his true identity and the pseudoscientist disappears in an explosion of light.

“OUCH!! My brain!” howls the pseudoscientist.

Across the room, Tusnelda senses Kristina’s shocked look.
Maybe she went a little too far?

Then she becomes aware of what Kristina sees…..

“Wow that was a surprise!?” Tusnelda exclaims as it is revealed that the pseudoscientist is not an alien, but rather a human.

“Yeah, I can see you’re definitely human, even if you’re not particularly impressive. Not much to brag about.” she says as she inspects him from head to toe.

Then she turns to Kristina to give an explanation…

….but Kristina has left the room.

“Well sir, we’d better take a picture for an ID card, so you can identify yourself in the future…. Please put on your clothes. Your current appearance does not seem particularly suitable for a scientist.” says Tusnelda addressing the senior scientist.

The poor man looks like he can’t stand looking at her confident face anymore. I understand him quite well.

Aanya who actually has an evil trait looks like she has enjoyed today’s performance as a rather dazed senior scientist leaves the room.

She would love to get her hands on that SimRay. What wonders she could perform.


Tusnelda goes to the Chemistry Lab to make some serums. She has just finished a potion of synthetic food when Kristina walk by.

“Hi Kristina. Let me explain the action you witnessed earlier today. I couldn’t tell if I had a spy or an alien in front of me. “

“Poul Lind is a newly hired senior scientist in the secret Lab and he’s no threat. There was no need to strip him naked.” says Christina.

“I admit that my updated SimRay might have an effect I didn’t quite expect, but he could pose a security problem. He should have identified himself with a clear ID.” says Tusnelda seriously.

“Yes, it’s unfortunate you weren’t properly informed.” Kristina answers.

Finally it is time for Tusnelda to have a late lunch.

She eats her food without the company of her colleagues. Not that she has anything against it. She has way too many far-reaching thoughts right now.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

Fabio is returning from his fishing trip.

First of all, he needs a toilet.

When he later washes his hands, he sees Fie staring completely paralyzed at the bathtub.

It’s strange how Fie and Futte often seek residence in the bathroom. Cats are some strange creatures. Not at all easy to understand like dogs.

Fabio finds a leftover pasta dish in the fridge.

Ew! It’s another one of Rasmus’ vegetarian dishes. Why does he never cook proper food, with meat.


Even though Fabio is rather grumpy about the food, he still goes to the sink to wash his dirty plate. As said before, there are still some scouting badges he wants to collect.

Fabio’s hardships do not end there, because as he irritably jerks the faucet to turn off the water, the faucet springs a leak.

His mother is no longer in the living room, but he knows she will ask questions when she sees the water gushing out. He starts looking for her around the house. He might as well get the trouble over with right away.

He finds her asleep in the extended room.

Fabio feels miserable. He has lied about his homework and now he has ruined the kitchen sink. It must be the watcher’s revenge. He’s sure his mother will be angry.

“Mom!” he calls quietly.

Izumi sits up in bed startled, as if he had shouted out loud.

“Fabio! Are you ok!?” she asks alarmed.

“Mom, I didn’t do it on purpose…it just happened..I…I almost didn’t hit it.” stutters Fabio.

“What happened?” Izumi asks worriedly.

“It’s the faucet mom. It’s spraying water all over the kitchen floor…it was an accident. It wasn’t on purpose.” explains Fabio.

“…and mom…I forgot to tell you I have homework.” he goes on guiltily.

“We’ll fix that…the day isn’t over yet, but first let’s look at the faucet.” his mother replies smiling.

“Don’t take it so hard Fabio, we’ll find a solution.” Izumi tries to comfort.

“Can you do plumbing?” Fabio asks.

“No, I can’t, but I know someone who can.” Izumi replies.

Izumi walks ahead into the kitchen. Fabio hesitantly follows her.

“This doesn’t look good. It definitely can’t wait until Rasmus gets home.” Izumi says seriously.

Fortunately, she knows a phone number for a plumber and repair company, so help is on the way soon.

Now that Fabio has cleared his conscience, he finds his usual energy.

His mother still has some chores to do, so he is free to play until the main challenges are over.

Izumi has just finished hanging the laundry on the clothesline when the handy woman arrives.

The Handy woman fixes the faucet in an instant.

Izumi pays her for her work and thanks her for solving the problem so quickly before the whole house was flooded.

She mops the floor dry while silently trying to figure out how many pairs of socks she will need to knit to cover the cost.

Before she finishes her calculations, a message ticks in from Plopsy. Her painting with the fantasy creature has been sold.

This is the reason why she starts a new painting and lets the knitting wait.


Late afternoon in the secret Lab

Tusnelda still has a few hours of work left in the laboratory, so she wants to spend the time on some experiments.

She has now found her favorite guinea pig, Masato, to whom she offers some synthetic plasma, as she usually calls it when it comes to him.

One can wonder that he agrees to drink the liquid, when you take into account all the times Tusnelda’s serums have sent him to the floor.

This time he does not end up on the floor but instead he flies into the air and disappears.

Typical Masato, still as dramatic as I remember him, Tusnelda thinks, shaking her head.

In fact, she had considered testing her SimRay’s freeze function on him to see if the EA update would make any difference, but she changed her mind at the last minute.
There is no need to push yourself too hard on the first day after the holidays.


She has asked Poul to meet her in order to get a photo taken for his ID.

“Well, now I guess I just need to welcome you into the group. Since you now are security cleared I have a very trusted task for you. Meet me at the Wormhole Generators in fifteen minutes.” she says.

Tusnelda eagerly runs ahead to turn on the equipment. This experiment she will not fail to witness at any cost.

She seems to be quite proud of her own genius.

By the way, there may be some readers who wonder about Masato’s disappearance. We find him in the office in the company of Aarev.

He doesn’t appear to have suffered any major damage, except he has a very tired expression on his face. This probably applies to Aarav as well after he listens to Masato’s complaint.

The newly appointed volunteer doesn’t seem too enthusiastic either, as he comes across the square at a leisurely pace.

“It’s good you’re finally ready to take off. Now you have to step through the gate.” Tusnelda says decisively.

“Take off?” Poul asks confused.

“By my calculations, you’ll land on Sixam in less than ten minutes and I will ask you to note down everything you see at the journey.” she continues unchallenged.

To her surprise, Poul starts to laugh out loud…
“Ha, ha! It must be a joke, Tusnelda!” he laughs, holding onto his stomach.

“I can assure you it’s not a joke. This is serious and valid research.” says Tusnelda.

“If you need more arguments to dispel your hesitation, perhaps my SimRay will convince you.” she whispers..

“NO, NO, NO! There is no need for any more arguments!” exclaims Poul.

“I’m glad we’re coming to a common understanding. Please, you’re free to go.” Tusnelda says before walking to a safe distance.

“The way you say it, freedom takes on a different meaning.” replies Poul almost inaudibly.
There is no need to provoke further arguments.

After this he steps into the gate.

Tusnelda stands some distance away and observes a violent activity in the gate.
As she waits, she begins to have a second thought.

She really hopes Poul comes back in his current form. It will be difficult to explain if he has suddenly disappeared.


After ten minutes, Poul steps out onto the laboratory grounds again. There is no change to be detected at all.

“Good to see you again, Poul. Your journey went by surprisingly quickly. What did you see on your trip? Did you see Sixam? Any aliens?” Tusnelda asks eagerly.

“To be honest, I saw nothing. My eyes were blinded by an explosion of green light, but for some reason I have an unknown crystal in my pocket.” says Poul.

“This proves that there is some kind of contact. This is a big discovery.” says Tusnelda excitedly.


Later we find Tusnelda in the office. She finds a scientific encyclopedia to study some records written down by a famous space explorer. There are still a few details to look into.

It may seem surprising that senior scientist Poul sits down next to her without reservation. He will search the web for the crystal he had brought home.
He learns that it is a Crandestine, fairly common on the planet Sixam. It seems to him a mystery how it ended up in his pocket?

Although their first meeting presented some challenges, the working day ends with them being on the same team. As they say, ‘You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.’


Somewhere in Oasis Springs

After the working day is over, Tusnelda joins the Space Rangers. It’s been a long time since they’ve held a club meeting.

Tusnelda has several unanswered questions, so why not ask those who are experts in advanced space technology.

The young female alien urges her to examine the attic of the building. There’s something up there that might interest her.

First, however, Ove has some questions about where Tusnelda has been recently.

Tusnelda talks about her vacation in Chestnut Ridge and a nosy stranger (obviously not an alien) tries to interfere in the conversation.

She asks him calmly if he wants to see her SimRay and even if the stranger has no idea what she is talking about, he has understood that it is wisest to immediately find another seat.


Tusnelda looks around curiously as she goes up the stairs to the attic.

She has visited the toilet before, but she continues onto the roof instead.

There she finds a building with a security door. Strangely, the door opens for her as she approaches.

When she steps over the door step, she sees something unexpected.


Evening in Brindleton Bay

Fabio and Izumi have eaten their dinner. Izumi is sitting in front of the TV when Fabio finds his homework.

Izumi stands up to support him.

He seems to be struggling with a task.

“Why do I have to learn math? It’s so hard and boring.” he wails, slamming his forehead into the book.

“Please Fabio, don’t hurt yourself.” Izumi says.

After some encouraging words, Fabio continues.

In his view, homework is just boring and takes a long time. He sits there for so long that Fie falls asleep next to his book. Even she is bored.

Then, fortunately, it’s all over.

“There you go! You made it!” Izumi says enthusiastically.

“Can I go outside for a bit before I go to sleep?” Fabio asks.

“Yes I assume it’s ok for a little while. Just half an hour.” replies Izumi.

She looks after him as he quickly walks out the door.
She loves his desire to explore his world. She understands him much more than he realizes.


Evening in Oasis Springs

The attic room is full of recognizable growths and objects from Sixam and right in front of her she sees an Electroflux Wormhole Generator.

She tentatively calls into the gate.

To her delight, she gets a clear answer back. The gate is open and she is welcome to step through.

She is just about to enter the gate when she is interrupted by a foggy voice.

“Let me through. I’ve heard that life starts over when you walk through the gate.” says the ghost, in his misty indistinct voice.

“I don’t know anything about that.” says Tusnelda measuredly.

She can’t arrive at Sixam with a ghost in tow. Surely the Sixam residents won’t like it? Or is it perhaps the whole truth about aliens? They are reborn souls?

Tusnelda suddenly feels that she has even more unanswered questions than when she arrived.
She bends towards the gate to close it.

“I’m sorry, but it looks like there’s a technical problem.” she says.

The ghost floats away again. It won’t be tonight that he can travel through the gate.

With him out of sight, Tusnelda also leaves the Wormhole Generator. She won’t be going on a space trip tonight either.
.. besides, Martin is probably done with the soccer game, so she had better go home.

She looks thoughtfully at one of the club members as she passes him. Who are these aliens anyway?

Down by the bar she finds Ove.

“Would you believe I saw a ghost in the attic tonight.” she says with a laugh.

“Ghosts are not uncommon here.” answers Ove.

“I’m done for tonight Ove. I’m going home to my husband. I’m sure he misses me.” she says.

This ends the club meeting for Tusnelda.


Late night in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda is not wrong when she assumes Martin misses her. He has big news he’s excited to share with her.

However, it looks like he will be waiting for a couple more hours.

Tusnelda has just arrived at home when she is picked up.

Her decision not to go on a space trip tonight is thus obstructed.

Goodbye Tusnelda!

Martin looks a little sad as he sits there eating in solitude. With Tusnelda, you never know when she will appear.

He sits thoughtfully in his own thoughts as Fiona takes advantage of his inattention.

“Fiona you damn cat! How many times do I have to repeat that human food is not for cats.” scolds Martin.

“What are you serving, Martin? Grilled potatoes are definitely not for a cat’s refined taste buds.” she mimes with an accusing look.

It actually seems that this time they both agree, so all the fuss is completely pointless.

Fiona knows her man and she knows exactly how to lighten Martin’s mood.

“You’re a sweet cat Fiona, but sometimes I think you’re a bit stupid.” Martin murmurs as he caresses her.

“As long as you stay in that belief you do no harm.” Fiona purrs kindly.


Midnight in Brindleton Bay

Even though it is well past midnight, Fabio is still hanging out on the climbing frame.

He finds a basketball and tries to hit the basket. Rasmus is really good at basketball and he would like to challenge him to a real match one day.

Inside the house, Izumi seems to have forgotten all about him.

There is only one thing that can make Izumi forget her surroundings to that extent, even if this is a rerun. Home decorator is on TV.

Outside the house we should note two things. The black dog Tusnelda calls Sasha is sitting on the lawn and Rasmus has come home from work.

Rasmus has been promoted. He’s got a new uniform and he can now call himself a chef.

There is light in the living room, so that means Izumi is not sleeping. He rushes in to tell Izumi the news.

He doesn’t notice Fabio, but why would he really suspect that Fabio is playing basketball at midnight?

“Hey Izumi! What are you watching?” he asks.

“Oh Rasmus you’re home! Is it really that late?” she asks in surprise.

She stands up quickly.

“Fabio!… I’m sorry Rasmus, but I forgot the time. He has to go to bed.” she exclaims, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Wait a minute Izumi. Can’t you see something has changed?” Rasmus asks.

“Yes, you’ve got a new jacket. What does that mean?” she asks.

“I’ve been promoted Izumi! I’ve been given a raise and I can call myself chef from today.” Rasmus cheers loudly.

“Wow! Congratulations Rasmus.” Izumi says happily as she thinks that the pay rise came at just the right time.


Meanwhile, Fabio has spotted the dog in the garden and he carefully extends his hand towards it.

“Hi dog!”

The dog kindly licks his hand.

“Aw! You’re so cute. The cutest dog ever. Do you have a name?”

To Fabio’s disappointment, the dog begins to walk away from him.

“Please. Don’t go dog.” he says sad. Then he follows her.

The dog lies down.

“Are you tired? You’re welcome to stay here. I want to be your friend.” says Fabio eagerly.

“You have to have a name. I think your name is Bella. What do you think of Bella?”

Bella doesn’t answer him, but Fabio continues unabashedly to tell her how happy he is that they have met. She is exactly the dog he has dreamed of.

Bella lets out a deep grateful sigh and falls asleep. Fabio looks at her thoughtfully.

Maybe he can ask Rasmus if they can build a dog house for her? Just a tiny house Bella can sleep in so she is protected from the elements.


Inside the house, Rasmus has put his camera on a tripod so that Izumi can take some pictures of him.
Neither of them is thinking about Fabio right now and they have no suspicions about the plan that is forming in his head.

Rasmus has worked so hard to reach this promotion. Now he is a certified chef and a step closer to his ultimate goal of having his own restaurant.

“This is to be celebrated Izumi! What do you say?” he says with a cheerful smirk.

“I say it’s way past Fabio’s bedtime.” replies Izumi.

“Well, I’ll take care of it.” says Rasmus, a little disappointed.

Izumi goes to bed and Rasmus goes out into the garden to pick up Fabio.


He finds Fabio at the back of the house in the company of a dog.

The dog raises its head in confusion when he comes, but since he apparently seems friendly, she goes back to sleep.

“Hi Fabio. It’s way past your bedtime. We better put you to bed.” Rasmus says kindly.

Rasmus trots cheerfully ahead with long steps. Fabio can see that he is very happy today.

“Hurry up and jump into your nightie and I’ll put the covers around you.” Rasmus says kindly.

“Rasmus, did you see the dog. Her name is Bella. We could build her a doghouse. Will you help me?” says Fabio eagerly.

“Huh? That dog probably already has a home in the neighborhood.” Rasmus says hesitantly.

“No! I think she’s homeless. Will you help me build her a house?” Fabio asks.

“We can talk about that tomorrow. Now go to sleep and dream some sweet dreams.” says Rasmus and pulls the blanket close around him.

“Rasmus, do you think dreams come true?” mutters Fabio tiredly.

“I’m sure they will, sooner or later.” says Rasmus and gives him a kiss goodnight.

While Fabio is dozing, Rasmus notices around his room.
On the wall hangs a poster with a dog. He has no doubt that Fabio loves dogs and dreams of them getting a dog.

But they can’t get a dog right now. The baby is coming soon and it will surely cause upheaval for all of them.

Now he becomes aware of a blue fish he has not seen before. When did Fabio get an aquarium?

Sometimes he can’t keep up with what’s going on in Fabio’s life. He really should give him some more attention, but time flies. Fabio is at school all morning and when he gets home he starts his evening work himself.

How will it go when the baby arrives? Maybe he should find another job?

Rasmus is exhausted and exhaustion is not the best basis for thinking sensible thoughts. He is almost asleep before he reaches his bed.

He quickly crawls under the covers to Izumi who is already fast asleep.

With this, it’s time to leave Rasmus’ house – for now.


In the house next door

Martin hasn’t gone to bed. He is still waiting for Tusnelda. He has something to tell her.

He stands in front of the mirror and tries out various poses.

His team won big in the soccer match. Personally he scored three goals, so today he feels invincible.

Here comes Tusnelda back from the distant galaxies.

She looks pretty proud too.


Martin turns to Tusnelda when he hears her coming through the door.

“Hey Sweetie!” he says in a deep voice.

“What are you doing Martin? Why do you look so important?” says Tusnelda surprised.

“Today I have been named the team’s most important player.” Martin says with undisguised pride.

“I’m sure you are, your handsome guy.” she replies.

“So what do you expect to happen now?” she asks teasingly.

“I expect your full appreciation” he answers.

“I always appreciate you. You must never doubt that.” she says gently.


So yeah…..

When you see her smiling face, you will have no doubt that she is telling the truth.

They should probably be sleeping now, considering the time, but it can be hard to fall asleep on top of so much joy.

Right now Martin fells his life is almost perfect. Despite adversity, there are still dreams that come true and goals that are achieved. Things to celebrate.


They sit together on the edge of the bed and Tusnelda suddenly becomes very serious.

“You know Martin… Sometimes I look at myself and think I don’t deserve you. Today I sent a man on a potentially deadly mission without a second thought. I’m so self-absorbed and focused on my personal goals and meanwhile, I forget to give you the attention you deserve.” she says.

“What are you talking about Sweetie? Didn’t you just give me all the attention any man could dream of?….. I love you Tusnelda for being so impulsive, passionate and completely dedicated to everything you do. Without you, my life would consist of sensible but boring repetition. You are the one who makes my life sparkle.”

“Thank you, Martin. I’m so grateful that you keep me grounded. Without you, I’m afraid my boundless desire for knowledge would send me floating somewhere in the milky way.” she replies.

“Well, we can’t risk that, can we?” he concludes with a kiss.

Despite their differences, they meet once again with no gap between them.

As we all know, love can bring out the best in any person.

Furthermore, as is tradition, we cannot end a chapter without some joyful sparks.


Well, we’re not quite done yet. As we know, Rasmus sent Fabio to dreamland with a half-spoken promise that dreams can come true. Here follows a short spinoff.

Sweet Dreams

Outside Fabio’s window, the dog he has named Bella has woken up.

Once upon a time, she was called Dina and had a loving mother.

Back then, she, her mother and sister lived with a sweet, lovable old lady on a farm.

The old lady taught her that people are nice and kind.

Back then, life seemed safe and playful. She learned that friends are to be found everywhere.

One day a man came by the farm. He was looking for a puppy for his son.

That day was the last time she saw her mother.

The man took her to the city and here he wanted to make a short stay, he said.

He took her into an inn and sat her on the floor.

She cried for help and company while he drank one beer after another.

Then she gave up and fell asleep.


Much later they came to Brindleton Bay, where the man made another short stay.

With no other immediate choice, she followed him into the bar where she fell asleep to ignore the sound of the noisy bar patrons.

She woke up when she heard angry voices. She looked up to see a large brown furry creature yelling that no dogs were allowed in the bar.

She fled in panic.

She rushed past the big scary seagulls that looked like they could swallow her in one mouthful….which they probably would have if they hadn’t been dulled by the night.

She ran as far as she could from the bar and away from the sloppy man. She never discovered if he really had a son.

She immediately began sniffing for traces of scent that could lead her back to her home.

She has been searching for her family ever since with no luck.


On the other side of the wall, Fabio lies dreaming.

In his dream, he sees Rasmus hurrying to work. Rasmus has been promoted and he seems so proud and happy.

Fabio likes Rasmus very much and he is happy that he is doing well, but now he wants to go down to the lake and fish.

Suddenly, something disturbs his dream, and he stirs uneasily before he is back in the dream.

Fabio is on his way home from the lake and there he sees Bella.

Bella greets him with happy barks.

Ruff, ruff, woof!

They embrace each other in joy at being reunited.

Fabio chuckles loudly in his sleep as he dreams about how he and Belle are tumbling around.

She kiss his cheek with her soft warm tongue.

Fabio leans towards her and tells her how much he has missed a friend like her. She is the sweetest dog ever.

Suddenly they are both interrupted as someone approaches and they look up in surprise.


Fabio turns to Don annoyed. Why would he show up right now and make his new friend disappear?

Fabio wakes up and thinks angrily that Don shouldn’t come and ruin his dream, right now when everything was perfect.

He jumps out of bed. That dream felt so real.

As Bella was right there next to him.

He will go out and look for her.

Just at this moment, Bella leaves the house.


Fabio might have reached her but he gets distracted.

He discovers that he has got a loose tooth and he wiggles the tooth in irritation. It feels sharp and awkward against his tongue.

Then he remembers his venture, but in the meantime he has become fully awake.

He is now fully aware that he has been dreaming and dreams aren’t real. As disappointing as it may be.

He grabs the loose tooth and wiggles it back and forth, with angry movements. As it alone is to blame for his disappointment. Stupid tooth!

Suddenly he is sitting with the tooth between his fingers.

He has heard that the tooth fairy comes by when you put a lost tooth under the pillow, but that is probably just a dumb story adults tells children. Storys as stupid like when Rasmus tells him that dreams can come true.

Just to be safe, Fabio puts the tooth under the pillow before going to sleep.

Shortly after, he falls into a heavy, dreamless sleep.


The boy had seemed so kind and loving and for a moment she hoped to find a permanent home. But after he had ignored her call, she has realized that it is just a useless dream.

She has learned long ago that dreams are just Illusions that arise in the corners of the brain to keep hunger and loneliness at bay. In spite of that she must keep searching.



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      Hi Kymber. I must apologize for my very late comment. However, you should know that I really appreciate your comment and your highlights on Twitter (I will never get used to X 🙄 ) Thanks 🥰

  • Haneul

    I’m glad that your finger has healed.

    “From Tusnelda’s point of view, her life is almost perfect. She has an interesting and challenging job and a man she loves and who loves her.”
    That’s lovely. She’s right in that there are many great things about her life. I hope she is able to have a baby as well as that’s an incredibly important thing for many people and it seems important to Tusnelda too.

    But oh dear! I wonder if Poul Lind will return to work and not dislike her after the way Tusnelda treated him. I’m glad that things seem to be okay between them.

    The Space Rangers’ club outfit suits them. Congrats to Martin on being MVP. It’s cute how proud he is and how he is eager to share his news with Tusnelda. It’s nice that Tusnelda can share her insecurities with him.

    Poor Bella may have been abandoned. ☹ I hope she can stay with Fabio even though his family is busy and going through a lot of changes. I love how you edit the dream sequence with Bella’s POV pictures, by the way. It’s quite a dreamy style.

    I like how you change things up and sometimes focus on several families/Sims and sometimes just a few. This chapter was nice with just the two.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your many good comments on the various sections. It’s good to know that focusing on two families worked fine. I often try to find a common theme for the families that appear in a chapter. Sometimes it succeeds more than others.

      It’s really hard to play the science career and avoid all the evil choices. I’m trying to find a model I can vouch for. Therefore, it makes good sense to me that Tusnelda is often obsessed at the moment with the experiments without thinking of the victims. She is able to set aside everything for the sake of science.
      It is fortunate that she has a very supportive husband when she later has some kind of regret. There is no doubt that she loves him very much, even if she often seems self-absorbed.

      I was a bit doubtful about the relevance of showing Bella’s background so I’m glad you liked it. The dream images have a connection with the action in the next chapter. I must definitely find a good adoptive family for Bella/Sasha/Dina because I meet that dog everywhere in the neighborhood. I cannot yet reveal whether it will be Fabio’s family.

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    It’s good to hear from you again, Mona! Sorry to hear about the finger, I’m glad you’re better ❤️

    I’m with Fabio on the homework. He shouldn’t lie, but there are so many better things to do!

    “Yeah, I can see you’re definitely human, even if you’re not particularly impressive. Not much to brag about.” OMG Tusnelda, that’s savage 😂 That poor man. I love her so much but she is truly a menace to her coworkers sometimes. I think you usually need some sort of approval before doing experiments on humans! Good thing that Martin can keep her grounded.

    Fabio is having a hard time too, but thankfully Izumi would never get angry at him for having an accident. I’m glad that Fie can give him some emotional support while he does homework.

    Congratulations on the promotion, Rasmus! It certainly came at the right time.

    Oh, that poor dog. I hope she finds her forever home soon, she almost made me cry 😢❤️

    • MonaSolstraale

      Oh! It is certainly not my intention to make anyone cry over the dog. I will definitely find a home for her. There are many strays in Brindleton Bay but I meet that dog everywhere. Maybe because it has become such good friends with Tusnelda.

      I have so much fun writing about Tusnelda’s workplace. It was partly an accident that Poul suddenly stood naked in front of her, but the expression on her face made the situation very comical. In general, the science careers contain so many vicious tasks. I love to describe Tusnelda as she becomes kind of obsessed with the experiments without thinking about who it affects. She is not evil, so she often has a second thought when she sees the whole thing from a distance. It seems quite human to me 😅

      Fabio is such a lively and cheerful boy. Since he is the only child in my story, I like to use him to see things from a child’s perspective. I have grown very fond of him. Rasmus has finally received a promotion and it comes in handy now that the family is growing.

      Thanks for your very supportive comments 🥰

  • GlacierSnow

    Tusnelda and Martin seem like they’re still in a great mood from their vacation at Chustnut Ridge.

    Fabio learns there are consequences to lying about homework being done. It seems like he really has a hard time sitting still and doing things that aren’t physical acitivies, like reading or math. He really likes his climbing bars and running around. School can really be hard for kids like that.

    I love Izumi’s painting of the “fantasy creature”! 😍 Rasumus doesn’t quite seem to know what to make of it, though. Funny that he thought maybe it was a frog. 😆 He seems like the type who thinks he needs to “understand” art, instead of just having his own reaction to it. I like his comment about liking the colors though. That part feels like his own honest reaction. Izumi’s feelings are a little hard to read. She seems slightly amused by Rasmus struggling to figure out what to say.

    Tusnelda… is well on her way to becoming an evil Mad Scientist. 😆 She really is pretty terrible to her coworkers, using her sim-ray on them (um… making your collegue strip naked in the lab seems like a violation of safety, personal rights, and basic good manners), making them test weird concoctions, forcing them to test out unstable wormhole generators….

    I am wondering about Masato talking to Aarev in his office. It feels like he might be complaining about Tusnelda’s behavior.

    I’m also curious what happened to Poul when he went through the wormhole. It seems either he did not reach Sixam, or his memory was wiped. But, clearly, something happened, as he ended up with a crystal of Crandestine.

    Lol! I forgot about the Space Rangers club! They have another meeting, and the attic of their meeting place turns out to be more interesting that Tusnelda realized before. The ghost wanting to go with her was unexpected. I wonder what he expects when he says “life starts over when you walk through the gate”?

    Also, I love how Tusnelda is telling Ove at the bar how she’s surprised she saw a ghost, and meanwhile two more ghosts are right behind her.

    Poor Martin has really learned not to be surprised when Tusnelda suddenly gets picked up by aliens just before dinner. He looks so sad, but resigned as he eats alone. Fiona not liking the potatoes made me laugh.

    And Fabio’s out playing on his climbing bars at midnight. 😂 Izumi must be really distracted. She really likes that home decorator show! She’s so distracted she doesn’t even notice Rasmus’ new chef outfit. Rasmus looks like he’d like to celebrate with some sparkly effects, but she’s like “Nope! Gotta put the kid to bed!” Sounds like real family life. 🤣

    Okay, so I am intrigued by the little memory/dream bit about “Belle” (or “Dina”) as a puppy. The guy who buys her and then forgets about her while he’s drinking looks suspiciously similar to Rasmus. But clearly not him, since Rasmus doesn’t have tattoos. But I think I remember Belle/Dina reacting aggressively to Rasmus previously, even though she’s friendly to everyone else (maybe I’m remembering wrong though), so I’m wondering if he reminds her of that other guy. Fabio seems to really like her and want a dog, so I hope she’ll make it into that family at some point.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your long comment. I love how you highlight the funny incidents in the chapter 🥰
      As you say, Tusnelda is developing into an evil mad scientist in the laboratory. In many ways, the science career in Sims points in that direction. Undressing your colleagues and subjecting them to dubious experiments definitely falls under the concept of harassment and this is where you shouldn’t take the game too seriously.
      I’m trying to find a balance where Tusnelda doesn’t become too unsympathetic, but instead a person with recognizable assertive obsessions and with moral dilemmas. At least I can recognize parts of myself in her, however unflattering they may appear. Oops! 😳😅

      Rasmus definitely believes that he should be able to understand art and it makes him feel less enlightened when he doesn’t know the right terms. I can follow him to the extent that when you read sophisticated art analysis you can easily get the feeling that there is a secret brotherhood with a secret code language.
      In chapter 51, Rasmus goes to an art museum in order to impress a red-haired woman he has conversations with in a cafe. It is, of course, doomed to failure because it does not have his genuine interest.
      Rasmus is a solid guy who understands good craftsmanship and cooking. It is certainly not to be despised.

      When you describe the ghost that will follow Tusnelda through the wormhole generator, to be reborn, I can see that there is a story hidden.
      Tusnelda is regularly abducted by aliens during the periods she is active in the Secret Lab. Martin can’t do much to prevent it.

      The dog has forced her own story over time because I meet her everywhere.
      It is certainly not intended that the drunk guy and Rasmus have a certain resemblance. I see what you mean.
      Fabio’s dream has an influence on how he comes to perceive reality in the next chapter.

  • cathytea

    For so long, I’ve been waiting for someone to adopt Bella! I sure hope it happens soon! I really enjoyed getting to know her backstory. Hope your finger feels OK, too! That’s too bad you had a sprain.

  • Yimiki

    Sometimes chapters are really difficult to finish and that’s without the added strain of a sprained finger. Well done finishing it Mona <3

    Tusnelda might very well be right about Martin. Chances are he does hide a thing or two about what he does on the computer. Chances are that the things he’s hiding are wonderful surprises for Tusnelda. xD

    Rasmus and Izumi support each other wonderfully, even when doing so is slightly out of their comfort zone. They are very stable 😊 kids are always hard to play in my own games. They’re gone all day, and by the time they get home, there’s only a few hours left and their fun meter is low. If I let them make their homework, their fun meter is in the red by the time they go to bed, and they have a terrible next day. I understand Fabio’s need to run off and play instead very well. xD

    HAHAHAHA omg, Tusnelda XD First you shoot a guy and disintegrate his clothes, then you mock his proportions XD mad scientist indeed. And then experimenting on Masato again, too. Though was that Tusnelda, or was that you? 🤭 whoa, and now sending the guy into the portal as a guinea pig? As a first test, instead of doing it herself? While threatening him with the simray if he doesn’t? That’s a step away from mad scientist and a step towards evil scientist, Tusnelda. Though also highly entertaining, ha.

    Oooh, interesting. I do wonder what would happen if a ghost passes through the gate…

    Oh that backstory for Bella/Dina is heartbreaking 😢 hopefully Fabio can convince his parents to let him adopt her. A loving dog like that shouldn’t be roaming the streets by herself without a home. Poor baby.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks 🥰
      I’m glad I finished the chapter. It has given me plenty of material for the next chapters.

      An evil scientist is just in the extension. Of course I have a hand in the game…I’m the writer after all 😆
      I don’t remember if you played the science career yourself. The science career in The Sims4 is full of evil actions that must be completed to earn points. It’s really difficult to choose only the good path. I think I might as well get some fun out of the possibilities. However, I can’t help writing some remorse into Tusnelda’s personality when she has once again exploited and mistreated her colleagues.
      Martin is a righteous and forgiving guy who luckily loves Tusnelda enough to be the anchor that calls her back to earth.
      Tusnelda has an unspoken basic fear that he will abandon her if he really knew her priorities. Martin has an agenda on the computer that is not quite what she fears.

      I’m so tempted to let Bella move into one of my families, but I’m holding back a bit so as not to use up too many slots.
      She is a sweet dog that I meet in so many neighborhoods, unlike the other dogs in the game who are only in the Brindleton Bay neighborhood. I think it’s because of her friendship with Tusnelda. I will take care of her sooner or later ❤

    • MonaSolstraale

      Hi Manny. Thanks for the comment. I really enjoy describing Tusnelda’s obsessive side. When she’s in a science mood, she’s not very nice 😆
      Poor Bella. You meet that dog everywhere in the neighborhood, so I myself have become quite invested. I’ll find her a home sooner or later. I promise 🥰

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