a turtle's journey

2. Where dreams are born

Finn looks at the paintings of the great oceans. Are there really other countries out there?

It was a morning like many others

Grandma looks at Naja …. then she realizes that no children can live this way

Suddenly a light glows in Grandma’s eyes

Hurry! get on your clothes Finn! Today we go on a trip.

They sail to the island at Brindleton Bay and soon we see two children playing with the sand

Even Grandma builds figures in the sand

Finn eagerly helps Grandma finish the sand sculpture

Now Grandma carries Naja in her arms….. Come on Finn! I must show you something …

Grandma walks fast and Finn has to run to keep up

Now they stand on top of the lighthouse

Finn looks at Grandma. He sees how free and happy she looks

Now grandma tells about the countries behind the big sea and about how she has always dreamed of traveling out and experiencing what is hiding out there…

Naja senses the light mood and runs eagerly to Finn

You and I Naja! I will always take care of you…. I promise you!

When it starts to rain, Grandma takes the kids to the museum

Now she’s taking out the packed lunches

After eating, Finn looks at the map, at the wall

Are there really other countries out there?

Naja is satisfied and she has fallen asleep on a bench

Finn looks at the paintings of the great oceans

Grandma tells stories and smiles and tells again

That day, Finn begins to dream

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