a turtle's journey


Everything has a beginning, and everything has an end

Here we start with the end which at the same time is the beginning of a new life

Here we see Finn while he was a cheerful and happy boy

Finn’s father was dark and handsome.

Finn’s mother was bright, with golden hair and with the most beautiful blue eyes.

Of course, they had to fall in love.

Finn’s little sister Naja had inherited her mother’s light hair and blue eyes and her father’s golden skin…. A dear and chubby little toddler

Finn is skinny. He has light skin like his mother, and he has glasses like his father….

There is no explanation for how he got his red hair and his colorless gray eyes?
There is so much we humman cannot understand.

But all this had no bearing on Finn’s father and mother. They loved him just the way he was

Now it’s summer vacation and the family has just arrived at Finn’s sweet grandmother.

Grandma is so cheerful, sweet and loving. Everyone is looking forward to a wonderful week together at Grandma’s house.

Holiday! Time for rest, fun and lots of good stories

Such a week disappears far too quickly

One day it’s suddenly time to say goodbye


Another beginning…

All this happened before the accident where Grandma started wearing black clothes.

On the way home from the holidays, a truck drove into the family car.
Finn’s mother and father perished on the spot and the children lost their parents

From that day on, Finn and Naja moved in with Grandma, and life changed forever

A happy and loving family became a memorial on Grandma’s wall.

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