a turtle's journey

15. Seagulls

After the surprising visit, Naja no longer sees the dog for a while. She still enjoys coming to school and the friends she is about to find there.
Finn is less restrained, so right now things are moving a bit forward.

They have now been able to afford some changes in the cottage. Finn has exchanged the useless stove for a desk, a chair and an oil barrel that they can use as a barbecue.

Now it’s time for Finn to go to work.

Naja can for the first time in a long time sit at a table and write.

After work, Finn sees the dog swimming through the water.

As usual, Finn and Makoa meet on the beach and he does not notice that the dog is following him.

When the dog reaches the shore, it catches sight of a flock of seagulls….

Grrr …. Yip, yip, yip! With a furious bark, it chases the flock on its wings.

Then it disappears at high speed across the island

Finn swims quickly through the water….  He has gradually become a better swimmer and he can shoot a high speed when searching for plastic in the sea.

The dog runs around all day…

…. in its joyous hunt to get seagulls on their wings.

Once again, the sun is setting beautifully over Mua Pel’am

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