a turtle's journey

20. A change

Finn has made a decision and from today he will start a new job.
Naja’s mood is also changing …. as someone has already guessed … love is in the air.

Finn has quit his job as a fisherman and therefore he sleeps long the next day

Naja and Duane are still busy developing their friendship.

Finn takes a refreshing morning bath…

…. then he’s off.

Duane has to go to work, but it’s so hard to let go …

….He is a pretty delicious guy.

Finn does not look the worst either. It has helped on his appearance that he has developed his muscles.

That kind of thing Finn does not take care of….

….. he is busy as always.

Finn has got a new job as a conservationist and therefore he has got new tasks.

Unwanted algae must be controlled, and water samples taken.

Then it goes home.

Finn helps Naja with her homework.

Then he must take care of the trees.

Naja makes the food.

… in the meantime Finn do the final analyzes that day….. No time is wasted.

It gets very late before Finn gives himself time to eat dinner.

He plays a little more with Bella before going to bed.

The full moon is about to leave its place in the sky as Naja solves some extra homework. The sun is on its way.

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