a turtle's journey

19. The ability to change direction

Finn is realizing that he can not continue life in this way … but how do you change direction?

Finn looks at Bella…. What should I do? …..I need to sort out all these thoughts.

Bella is in no doubt at all what makes sense to do….

Get the ball! …..It can lift the mood for anyone!

But of course, it is not quite so easy to change direction in life.

Finn goes to the bar in Ohan’ali. He has an important email he has been thinking about writing for a long time …

…. and luckily, he gets distracted by a local woman…. before he can even consider it one more time, he has pressed the button send.

Wel Bella! Now the decision has been made…

…. and now there is somebody I need to meet.

Finn and Makoa fish together in silence all night. ….When you are with friends, words are not always so important.

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