a turtle's journey

18. Surrounded by enemies…

Time has passed with new and brighter prospects…. Does this mean that Finn has now forgotten his gloomy past?
Maybe you will get answers in this chapter.

Several months have passed and Finn is still working on cleaning the sea and beaches.

He has also started planting coconuts and bananas on the beach.

Bella is always right on his heels.

Finn continues to clean up their home…

…. while Naja takes a bath.

Tonight, kava will be served at the fairground.

Finn finds a seat away from the crowd …. He is still not happy with the big groups.

The memories of the group meals at the orphanage still haunt him

The air was always full with tension…

Finn tried to make himself invisible.

Suddenly, a small spark could ignite an explosion…

The headmaster tried to keep some discipline.

Instead of making an apology, Jeff puffed himself up…. there was something really weird about Jeff.

On top of the gloomy memories, Finn returns exhausted to his home.

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