a turtle's journey

22. To dare is to lose a foothold for a time…

Naja is angry. What happens between her and Duane is not Finn’s case! ….. But Finn sticks to his view. …. Naja still has a lot to learn and here she has started a very dangerous game.

Naja shakes irritatedly the rain of the body. She can not cope one more day on the terrible ground.

Now she has arrived, and she has made a decision.

Duane takes the unexpected guest by surprise.

He hospitably offers his room to Naja  …. it is yours as long you need it.

Makoa can’t help but hear their conversation ….

Finn will not be happy about this.

But first, he offers Naja some food.

Finn brushes carefully Bella’s fur.

He fills her food bowl before going to bed.

He looks sadly himself in the eyes as he brushes his teeth …. never has he quarreled like that with Naja …. Now she has moved, and Finn is forever alone.

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  • pammiechick

    Not alone if he meets someone!

    That’s what he has to do. He’s too controlling over her. She’s his sister!

  • mypalsim

    Naja is still a child. Teen, yes, but not an adult. I’m not saying Finn is really a responsible person, but he’s at least the adult. Naja does not need to be moving in with her love interest. Just my opinion. :/

  • Mercuryfoam

    Ahh wow Naja has acted quite rashly there! I’m not too sure if I’m happy with Finn there. Shouldn’t he think of his sister’s safety than his loneliness first? xD Oh boy. If he kept her around just to ease his loneliness, I think its a good idea that she left so he can learn to live with himself. Although I also don’t approve of her leaving while she’s still a teen. lol.

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