a turtle's journey

33. A turtle hatches

Finn is adapting to life with new conveniences.
However, he returns once again to the house on Mua Pel’am and here he gets a text message.

Finn has never slept in such a lovely bed and now it’s the final call for the toilet.

Finn starts at breakfast while Naja and Duane get ready to go to school.

Finn goes to the house in Mua Pel’am…. He looks around … everything seems so changed now.

But Bella still wants to pick up the ball.

Finn receives a text message and rushes off.

Now he sees the balloons in the distance.

On the beach, flocks of people gather.

Finn finds an enclosure with plenty of space around.

Then he sees them down in the sand.

Hundreds of small turtles have hatched and now they are on their way out to sea.

Finn can hardly believe his own eyes.

Everything was as Grandma told …. today Finn has seen the turtles’ place of origin.


Finn has been given another task …… some pests have attacked a pineapple plant …These are some small pink candles you can barely see.

Bella has patiently gone to sleep on the seashore …. it has been a long day.

Then Finn swims out to take another dive into the depths.

Finn disappears below the water’s surface to take some underwater pictures …. It’s evening before he returns.

Finn has yet to write a report, but now he has his own computer so the reports can be done from home.

A sink must be repaired before Finn can sleep.

Finn has finally gone to bed.

On the dresser he has two treasures. A fine fish sculpture he has received as a reward from his time as a fisherman, and a lamp that will always remind him of the day the dream started … by the lighthouse in Brindleton Bay.


Author’s note: Maybe the story should end here when Finn’s big dream has come true? …..I think there are still some unanswered questions in Finn’s life. Some gaps that need to be filled.

When we meet Finn and Naja again, another year has passed.

Continued in: Another travel >


  • Yimiki

    If this is the last chapter, then it’s a lovely ending to a really sweet story. Especially the turtles hatching and swimming out to see was a nice touch. I wish Finn and Naja all the best <3

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate them 🙂

      It is not the last chapter, but I have chosen to divide the story into two parts because otherwise the series of chapters will be unmanageably long…
      It’s a natural break because the story continues after Finn and Naja have lived in Ohan’ali for a year.

  • pammiechick

    I loved the turtle hatching! I didn’t know that could happen in game! So cute!

    Here’s to a happy ending for Finn. ❤️❤️❤️

    • MonaSolstraale

      Hi pammiechick
      Thank you for your comment 🙂
      I’m glad you learned a new thing about the game.
      Sulani is one of the continents I have used a lot

      A happy ending awaits Finn in the future …. but we are far from there yet 😉

  • Minraed

    I was reading on my ipad and had to come back to look at the pics on my computer in full size. I loved this so far, and heading over soon to the next part. I like a story that is driven by the game actions. I also learned a few things here that I didn’t know were in the game. I loved how you put in the memories here and there to let us learn more about Finn along the way; character development. I also like the underlying themes; family, moving on from trauma, conservation and nature. I am so glad I dropped in.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your in-depth comment. I’m very glad you like the story so far 🙂
      I have had great pleasure playing in Sulani and it is nice that you have discovered some unknown things while reading.
      I hope you still recognize the basic theme of the story in the next part, though it may provoke your picky eye a bit… Lol
      Now you’re warned 😉
      But I still hope you follow the story to the end 🙂

      • Minraed

        I don’t mind normal romantic progress, it is just the sappy, soap opera stories that have no character development or depth, but just a lot of “look at my two beautiful perfect sims they are in love and will get married and have babies.” I am cynical. But this looks good. Hey, I have some romance in my story too.

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