a turtle's journey

34. Another travel – to dream a new dream

After a year in Ohan’ali Finn is adapting to the islands’ relaxed way of life.
But there are still some unanswered questions in Finn’s life. Some gaps that need to be filled. Maybe it’s time to start dreaming a new dream.

It has been over a year since we last met Finn and a lot has happened since then.

After the first year on Ohan’ali, Finn is adapting to the islands’ relaxed way of life.

He still performs his work as a conservationist with great diligence.

He is gradually becoming a recognized face in the local community….

….and he is happy to participate in conversations about environmental conservation, with colleagues and other interested parties.

As a side benefit, Finn is in really good shape.

Naja is doing well in school and she has gradually reached her final school year.

Finn and Naja have once again found their mutual joy in each other’s company.

In the middle of the small family, we find Bella… Finn’s much-loved life companion.

Shortly said: Things are going well here.


It is evening and Duane comes by as usual.

Shortly after, Finn’s friend Makoa arrives.

Where friends gather, they should drink kava.

Autumn has started with heavy rain, but the grill is dry under the canopy. Now Finn has started on dinner.

When the food is on the table, unexpected guests often arrive, and Maria often shows up in the wake of Makoa.

That woman whispers Makoa to Finn….  if I was not married then! …..Hmm! I must go now.

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