a turtle's journey

35. A time for celebration

There is a party in Ohan’ali and it is not to say why … but if you ask the inhabitants, it does not require a reason to party.

Today there is a party on the city fairground.

Finn does not always know why the island is partying, but this time it attracts a lot of people.

It is a warm evening and the atmosphere is high and relaxed.

The food is placed in the ground oven.

You must wait a bit with dinner Bella, but here is a treat to take the worst hunger.

Finn tells stories and it’s hard to remember the shy Finn when you see him now.

Finn has just finished eating when he catches sight of the fire dancer.

Finn immediately throws himself into a duel.

Cool Finn!

He could go on all night….

…… but suddenly he becomes aware of Bella’s pitiful whining.

The food! He had completely forgotten that and now he is running home at full speed.

Please Bella, come and eat.

On top of the party and the many people, Finn enjoys a trip with a snorkel in his own company.

Bella is full and satisfied and chasing after her own tail.

Now it must be good with a warm and comfy bed.

I totally feel sorry for Bella when she with her little legs tries to follow Finn everywhere. She still has a long swim home.

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  • Yimiki

    Wow, Finn really got comfortable with the people of the island! It’s great to see him like that. =D
    Bella should really grow some fins. It would make swimming after Finn a lot easier. xD

  • Shadami

    I just realized my WordPress went from 26 to 35. Is my WordPress glitching or were those chapters skipped? Posted somewhere else? XD I’m having issues and feel like I’m missing story. Ooos

    • MonaSolstraale

      I’m sorry. All chapters can be found in the overview on the website. I have also checked in the overview in the reader.
      I will try to make a reference to the next chapter in the chapters. Unfortunately, this is not part of my theme, so I’m trying to find a solution by inserting links.
      It frustrated me that my links appeared as messages when I made them, so I deleted them again.

      • Shadami

        I just wanted to make sure I was missing something and there wasn’t just some random jump 😀 found the chapters on the forums and went from there because I was even having trouble accessing the website instead of just WordPress reader. Finally catching up with the story though!

        • MonaSolstraale

          I’m glad you found a method that works, because you missed Finn’s journey through the darkness.

          NB: I am making links to the Next chapter now. I am taking a WordPress course and I have learned something. Yay! 😀

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