a turtle's journey

41. To capture the beauty of life

How can one capture the beauty of life? Now that Finn’s thoughts are no longer darkened by his gloomy memories, he really just needs to open his eyes ….. But is he ready to see what lies right in front of him?

Naja has started writing a book…. Maybe she wants to be a writer.

Finn must once again repair the kitchen sink.

Then he has new photo assignments…

Today Bella is with him and she enjoys dusting around in the countryside.

Although it can be hard to keep up with Finn.

Finn stops once again and looks at his abandoned paradise… It is the most beautiful place he knows.

He meets a colleague and there is always enough to talk about.

And the beaches still need to be kept clean.

When Finn returns home, he is greeted by a familiar sight.

Finn goes out on the terrace to paint.

Finn has painted a young beautiful woman … (Well Finn! ….do you have someone special in your mind?)

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