a turtle's journey

42. Naja and Duane

Naja and Duane spend almost all of their time together. Sometimes it can be too exhausting to be near … if you ask Finn.

Naja shows Duane some pictures.

She has finally got the proof…

There are really mermaids in Sulani.

Finn has gone out on the terrace to practice his morning yoga. It helps keep him calm and balanced.

Naja practices concentrating on her guitar.

Duane loves to listen when Naja is playing the guitar.

He gives her a compliment for the music.

As Finn goes in for breakfast, the air is thick of pheromones.

Then it is probably better to evaporate and concentrate on the tasks of the day.

Finn has several photo assignments.

Afterwards he starts cleaning the beaches and he finds a lot of fine seashells and some plastic and dirt.

At home, Duane and Naja have spent the whole day together.

The sun goes down before Finn finds his way home.

Outside the house, he is received by Makoa’s daughter Nani.

Naja hurries to get the food started.

As usual, Finn’s friend Makoa is waiting for him to come home.


Early in the morning, Finn sees Duane sneaking out towards the toilet.

He wonders if that kid has gradually lost his home?

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