a turtle's journey

43. The meaning of life

Finn is satisfied with his life. He is happy with his work and he has put his gloomy past behind .. but today something happens that makes him ponder …. what is really the meaning of life?

Finn has a day off and he goes out into the garden to research the plants.

There is always enough to take care of.

It’s evening and Finn is analyzing some water samples.

He is well helped by his good logical abilities.

Finn feels comfortable when he does something good for nature.

Suddenly he hears a splash and looks out the window…. What the heck!?

No logic helps him here.

Finn seeks out Makoa. He is not at home and even though Lilliana knows about mermaids, the supernatural is not really her specialty.

Now Finn knows who to ask.


Unfortunately, no one is home as Finn seeks out Keala and Lia Hauata, and he realizes that the conversations with Keala are gone forever.

Finn is deeply shaken and sails out in his canoe.

He sails around for a long time without a definite intention.

What is the meaning of life?  …. before you know it, everything around you will disappear.

It gets dark while Finn sails around in his own gloomy thoughts.

Suddenly he sees a fleeting movement in the water…

He immediately sets out in search of the unknown creature….could it be another mermaid?

But as he gets closer, the tail disappears into the depths.

Finn no longer sees the mermaid that night and he finally sets course for home.

Home to Naja’s melodic guitar playing.

Home to a little dog who has longed for Finn’s attention.

Naja and Bella. The only family he has left.


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