a turtle's journey

48. Spring travelers

Spring has come to the islands. The good weather lures animals and people out of their winter hibernation and out of nowhere the travelers show up.

Spring suddenly starts with sun and mild winds.

The door opens and the neighbors come with food.

The house is always full of life and joy.

Out of respect for Makoa, Finn has removed all the dead fish from the wall, and it is clear to see Makoa likes Finn’s photographs better.

It is time again for the turtles to hatch and Finn and Makoa run off fast

Finn starts his registrations…

…. But Makoa is completely engrossed in the little creatures.

When the turtles hatch, we know the summer is on its way.


Spring has also brought other unusual travelers to the island.

The street musician plays wonderfully and the locals flock around him.

One of the listeners stays long after everyone else.

We have met him before … but the cat Archimedes is new to the island and to the reader’s universe.

It is clear to see that the bond between the two is loving.

The same is the affiliation with the foreign street musician.

Finn is painting on the terrace, and he has no knowledge of all this….

…. and at the tent, everything breathes peace and idyll.

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