a turtle's journey

49. Story of my life

Today, Finn is once again confronted with the past, and he gets an opportunity to reflect on the journey of his life.
We know our starting point but it is not possible to predict where life will take us along the way.

Finn has gone down to the local food stall to hear some local gossip.

The young musician has become hungry and is also heading towards the stall.

Finn stares curiously at the stranger…


Angelo stops eating…. Finn? What are you doing here?

Finn answers that here on the islands he has finally found a home, family, and friends.

Angelo tells Finn about his life with Jeff in Windenburg.

They share a modest home where Angelo works as an artist.

Jeff provides them with a full-time job as a bartender.

He also tells about the cat Archimedes who is their common child.

They do not live very luxuriously but they enjoy their life together.


Now Angelo starts telling about Tom ….

When he left the orphanage, he fell head over heels in love with a confident young woman he saw at a cafe in Windenburg.

Tom and Siobhan quickly got married and held an amazing wedding in San Myshuno City Park.

Siobhan soon gave birth to two little girls and the stylish woman has built a pink world around them.

Tom seems to thrive brilliantly with his pastel-colored woman.

He works hard to become an astronaut…

…… although it can be hard to reach it all now that the pink babies have grown up to two active toddlers.

Angelo and Jeff often see Tom and they have just celebrated the New Year together.


Finn has been listening to Angelo’s story for a long time when he suddenly sees Jeff.

Jeff stands uncertainly looking for Angelo’s attention and support.

Finally, he looks directly at Finn… The orphanage.… we were all scared and maladapted kids… I should never… I mean…

You don’t need to say more Jeff, Finn answers calmly… I have finally moved on now and I hope you too can put the past behind you.

After this, Finn returns to his home and family …and Angelo and Jeff return to each other.

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