a turtle's journey

54. In the sunset at Mua Pel’am

Nowhere in the world is the sunset more beautiful than on the island of Mua Pel’am.
It’s time to experience it once again and this time all Finn and Naja’s friends are with them.

Right now while the sky is most breathtaking ….

Finn warmly greets his friend Makoa

Duane gives Naja a kiss…. nowhere is the sunset more beautiful than at Mua Pel’am.

But now they better get on the road so the ceremony can begin.

As the sun has set in the sea, Finn and Maria have said yes to each other….

They are surrounded by all their friends on Finn’s beloved paradise island.

The little girls love it all and their beautiful party clothes.

Finn has baked the cake from home.

From now on, Finn and Maria will share bread and everything else in life.

Naja plays a quiet tune while the bride and groom embrace.

The food is ready, and dinner can begin.

Makoa looks at Finn and Maria…. the two of them have always been destined for each other.

Duane finds Naja in the waterfall.

Some grasp love with utmost ease and obviousness.

For others, it requires more courage and preparation.

Now the moon’s orbit is on its way down to the sea.

The sun rises and a wonderful night has completed its mission.

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