a turtle's journey

55. Life is good!

Do you remember the shy and grumpy Finn from the house in Willow Creek? A lot has happened in his life since this story began and Finn has achieved a lot.

Duane says good morning to Naja with a kiss.

Finn says good morning to his unborn child.

Then he finds a flower for Maria. Life is good!

Maria has back pain…. The time of birth is approaching

Lanuola looks around in her room. One day she is going to share it with a brother or sister… but right now it’s her private kingdom.

Maria dances…. Right now, she has no reason not to.

Finn and Maria go for a walk while talking about being in the future.

Maria has reached the last trimester and she needs a rest.

Now they are sitting in the local bar.

They have so much to talk about, but they still have a long life together to catch up on the neglected.

It is hard to remember the grumpy and shy Finn from the house in Willow Creek.

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