a turtle's journey

53. The gift of love

Finn is in love and today he discovers that love gives a greater gift than he has ever dreamed of.

It is morning and Maria has just been in the shower.

Finn looks attentively at Maria… something has changed?

Finn! You are going to be a father; I’m expecting a baby! Maria cheers happily.

Finn stands for a moment while he lets it all sink into his body…. a baby!?….  

Oh! If only his grandmother could see him now.

Finn goes to Maria…

Just imagine…. a child!

Suddenly he spontaneously breaks out in a serenade…. It sounds awful as Finn has never been able to sing.

Maria cracks in joyful laughter….

Oh Finn!  …You always do the unexpected and that’s exactly why I love you so much.

Finn can’t hide his enthusiasm… I am going to be a father Lanuola! … and you are going to be big sister!

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