Tusnelda and Trix

21. Ups and downs

Best as life looks brighter, Tusnelda is hit by an unforeseen event.
This causes her to make a big decision.
Trix is becoming increasingly concerned. Besides the fact that Tusnelda has started to behave strangely, the curse of the mine has really started to show its teeth.


Tusnelda looks critically at her own reflection.

She will definitely have to do something.

Trix listens to Tusnelda’s incomprehensibly long stream of dissatisfied self-deprecating words.

If she wants to hear his opinion then she is perfect and not least when she cuddles him under the chin….
No need to complain.

Shortly after, she stands waving her arms energetically.
I found the answer Trix! I got to start running 10,000 steps every day!

10000 steps! She must be crazy !!
Now he wants to find a cozy warm place in the sun and then Tusnelda can run as crazy as she pleases.

Tusnelda starts her run in optimistic style.

The air is cool and it’s just the perfect weather to run.

Puffing and panting! It goes heavy up the hill and Tusnelda soon gasps for air.

Finally she can see the library.

Tusnelda feels a little dizzy and uncomfortable and maybe it’s not without reason.
Her whole body is covered in red rash.

Trix looks worriedly at Tusnelda as she drinks the medicine.
Maybe you should stop behaving so strange in the future Tusnelda!?

Tusnelda, however, does not seem to take part in his concerns. Gardening can not wait.

Trix might as well take another nap in the meantime.

Tusnelda decides to eat a small portion of fruit salad. No more gourmet food for her in the future.

Then it’s off to work.

Fortunately, Trix does not have that kind of worries for tomorrow.

Tusnelda looks very proud when she comes home later. She has been given a new uniform and a promotion to Chef.

As usual, she finds new seeds in her mailbox.
She will be returning to her shop soon …

… but tonight she’s too tired.


The next morning Tusnelda sleeps very long.

The weather is nice so Trix goes for a walk in the surroundings. He has slept enough yesterday.

Tusnelda stands in front of the mirror again. Despite yesterday’s efforts, she does not see the big change.

She stands in her own depressed thoughts as the phone rings…. It’s Rasmus.

It’s so great that you called Rasmus! It’s much more fun to exercise when we’re two, Tusnelda exclaims excitedly.

When I look at Rasmus’ facial expression I’m sure it’s not his idea.

Basketball is a new experience for Tusnelda.

Trix looks at it all from a distance. Now she will probably end up getting a rash again.

Tusnelda jumps energetically up and down.

After a while, Rasmus and Tusnelda agree that they have exercised enough for that day.

Shortly after, we find the small group in front of a familiar bar.

Here it goes again with drinks and conversations right up until Tusnelda suggests they sing karaoke.

Is there a better way to spend an evening?

In the company of a dear friend and to sing together….

You and me! Tra la la laaa…

Tusnelda gives Rasmus a big hug and thanks him for a wonderful day.

Trix looks a little confused… Tusnelda has already walked out the door.
Fortunately, it’s time for them to go home.

Outside, Tusnelda encounters a guy who has been keeping an eye on her for a long time.
She has met him before …

… and it will not be a pleasant reunion.

The pleasure stays only on the side of the villain.


When Tusnelda finally comes to herself, she has become an experience wiser.

She sits down heavily on the couch. How could such a wonderful day end so badly?

Trix looks at her with big traumatized eyes.
An evil curse rests on this mine!

Tusnelda sighs heavily.
She does not have much energy to watch the Cooking Contest tonight.

She quickly falls into a deep sleep.

For a long time after, Trix sits and watches her with deeply worried eyes.


It’s after noon before Tusnelda finally wakes up.
She still feels tired and drained of energy.

The food is tasteless but she still forces herself to eat.

Regardless of her well-being, the plants still need care.

Now she needs the profits of the harvest like never before.

Trix watches Tusnelda as she writes concentratedly on her computer.

That’s it! declares Tusnelda optimistic.
Now I have written a profile on the housing portal. We need to find ourselves a new home in better surroundings.

You could have listened to me from the beginning meow’s Trix seriously. This place is far from safe.

A little later we find Tusnelda running fast.
Life must go on in spite of the stones that hit her on the way.

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  • ThePlumbob

    I admire Tusnelda’s boundless energy – adding running to her already busy days of work, gardening and running a store. That’s impressive!

    Looks like she had a nice time with Rasmus and – OMG! I can’t believe that vampire attacked her right in the open, just like that. Yikes! I guess it’s kind of clever of him, hang out around the bar where there’s always plenty of unsuspecting victims around.

    I wonder if Tusnelda will move to Brindleton Bay, both her and Trix like the beach and she already has friends who live there. That being said, perhaps Forgotten Hollow is not really to blame here, since the vampire attack did happen on her visit to San Myshuno. Ironic, really, she lives in one of the places that are notoriously known for vampire presents and she gets attacked in the big city of all places. Though if you think about it, San Myshuno would be a far better place for vampires to blend into and get a nice victim pool going than a small sleepy town like Forgotten Hollow.

    • MonaSolstraale

      I also admire Tusnelda’s energy and optimism. I would often wish those qualities were a little more dominant in myself 😀

      Tusnelda definitely had a good chemistry with Rasmus … especially while they were singing.

      Brindleton Bay is an excellent guess. However, she still needs a little more money.

  • SnuffyBucket

    Goes for one jog, gets rash, wonders why not thin yet. I relate.

    Trix thinks you’re perfect, Tusnelda. Ooh dear. I can see why the vampire chose Tusnelda over the likes of Rasmus because, beard, but I hope so-called Strawberry Man didn’t turn her. Although, if he did she won’t have to worry about her reflection any longer.

    • MonaSolstraale

      I am definitely as impatient as Tusnelda when it comes to running and exercise.
      Maybe we should all have a little Trix on our shoulder who speaks the voice of reason.

      Ha ha! Rasmus’ beard gives him some protection against unintentional fangs 😀
      Tusnelda was not turned into a vampire this time ….
      I had not considered the benefit of the missing mirror image.
      Maybe she should invite the Strawberry Man to visit?

  • Mercuryfoam

    First. I just want to say i really like the angling of the first picture. Its so picturesque for a lack of a better word

    Also i couldnt understand why Tus was unhappy in the mirror. Later when shes jogging im like. Oh ok. Bt really there was no need unless she didnt like it. i always get rashes when i go running too. Maybe Tus has sensitive skin like me.

    Haha i enjoyed Trix’s one sided banter and cute reasonings.

    I really like how intergrated her home is with nature. Theres so many plants. Her garden is gorgeous and i just noticed she has vines in her kitchen! ❤ so cosy and one with nature.

    Dang that villain. oooh they’re moving! Im excited to find out where she sets her sights next!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks for the compliment ❤
      I’m so glad I discovered that the tab key gives the camera more mobility. It took me way too long.

      I love writing Trix comments ❤
      His gaze resembled mine when my daughter said I should walk 10,000 steps every day. My doctor would surely approve it.
      My Step App says I’m still missing 4953 steps before I reach today’s goal.

      I have not built the mine myself but I think it is nicely decorated. Tusnelda, on the other hand, does not agree. She is often tense because it lacks flooring.

  • Yimiki

    Oh, Tussie. If she’s that self-conscious and unhappy with herself then taking steps to become more fit is admirable. But tiring yourself out like that and getting a rash and expecting instant results definitely doesn’t work Aww, Rasmus is such a good friend. Even if Tusnelda drags him into involuntary basketball training, haha.

    Whoa! Strawberry man finally struck! I hope Tusnelda tasted horrible and she’ll never run into him again, but dang, and in full view of the other sims, too. Poor Tusnelda. And poor Trix, with his big scared eyes.

    Hopefully they can move somewhere nicer… and Strawberry Man doesn’t move with them.

  • Haneul

    I admire her decision to get running. 10,000 steps is about 5 miles and that’s no joke. What a great day it would have been if not for that pesky vampire. At least she didn’t pass out, but the duet before the attack and then the hug afterwards totally warmed my heart.

  • GlacierSnow

    Just popping in to the comments section to say I’m really enjoying this story. I already like Rasmus, with his bushy yellow beard and his bright red pants, he seems like a guy who just knows who he is and doesn’t much care what other people think.

    Tusnelda and Rasmus singing karaoke together are adorable.

    So! The vampire finally shows his fangs. It does seem funny that Tusnelda lives in Forgotten Hollow, but then actually gets bitten in the city. But, then, you’d be surprised how many vampires live in San Myshuno…

    Still binging to catch up, so probably only going to occasionally comment. But I love what you’re doing here.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you very much for your comment GlacierSnow ❤
      I’m really glad you feel entertained.

      Rasmus is a townie who randomly interferes in Tusnelda’s life. He soon develops into one of my favorite characters, as you will see later.

      I have deleted all vampires from the beginning of the story, but they spawn everywhere and I can reveal that the red nasty bloodsucker will not be the last vampire to cross Tusnelda’s path. In time, she might get a little more nuanced.

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