a turtle's journey

26. The Blessing of Light

After Makoa’s visit, Finn has become aware of where Naja is staying. In addition, Makoa has told about a woman that Finn should meet.
It’s time to try make things right again.

The rain is pouring down when Finn finally seeks out Naja.

Duane welcome him and offer him inside.

Finn can not see Naja…. Makoa enthusiastically welcomes him … Have a glass of kava Finn and then I will introduce you to Kaela.

Makoa is now addressing Kaela…. that is the young man I’ve told you about.

Lia gets involved in the conversation. She is Kaela’s grandchild and she knows everything about having a gloomy mind.

Makoa is gone and Kaela urges Finn to tell his story.

Finn hesitantly begins to talk about his upbringing and his life.

Soon he gets an extra listener … a young woman.

Hours later, Kaela and Lia get ready to go, but first Finn gets an invitation…. Finn has temporarily learned that the young woman’s name is Maria …. and he thinks she is enchantingly beautiful.

Finn moves nervously on the sofa…. Naja has not yet shown up and now he might as well go home.


Lia and Kaela talk together when they get home … Lia feels sympathy for the red-haired man … you must do something grandma!

Kaela will ask her ancestors for advice.

It’s almost day before the conversation ends.

Inside Kaela’s bedroom, all the good energies gather.

Kaela enters the room and lets the light embrace her and fill her up.


Finn starts the new day by taking care of his plants.

An hour later, he is sitting in Kaela’s kitchen, staring helplessly at the two mugs of kava he has been stabbed in his hands.

Finn looks at Makoa, Kaela and Maria talking casually together.

I had this dream, says Finn hesitantly ….

… It should be the start of a new and better future for Naja and me …. but now I am so ashamed …. I have ruined everything with my stubbornness and my black and gloomy mind.

Kaela looks kindly at Finn and smiles into the room ….. The light is everywhere Finn! … But you must open yourself to let it in.


After the conversation with Kaela, Finn gets busy.

He runs quickly across the island …

…. he finds the cave and enters resolutely into the dark.

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  • Yimiki

    Ouch. I understand that Naja wouldn’t want to see Finn, but still. Being there all evening and not even getting to lay eyes on your sister has got to hurt. But it’s probably for the best. As Finn is now, nothing would be solved.

    Him reaching out to Makoa, Kaela and Maria of his own accord is a good sign, though! At first, he wouldn’t talk to anyone besides Naja and even scare neighbours away. It’s only a little bit, but Finn is growing!

  • Mercuryfoam

    I actually like this chapter. I thought it showed tremendous positivity and goodness on Finn’s side that he went there yes for Naja, but even when he didn’t get to see her he wasn’t mad at Makoa, even Duane! I was a little worried there that they’ll start fighting haha. And best was that Finn listened. I’m excited to see what happens next.

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