a turtle's journey

27. If you go through hell then keep going…

Finn is determined to face the fear he has avoided for so long. He starts his journey through hell ….
What is hiding behind the anxiety
? Perhaps he will discover that the fear is blocking him from facing reality.


Mean and vicious as hell …


Tom always had to show up and would never stand back like a chicken to Jeff.

There was always trouble and accidents where Jeff and Tom were in the area …

Finn struggles to bring out the next memory ….. but there was a day when a change began.

There was a day when a new boy arrived at the orphanage … His name was Angelo.

Angelo could play the violin… .and even Jeff became completely calm when it happened.

It was the first evening Angelo ate with the boys.

Finn had not forgotten his good upbringing and went to introduce himself.

And this is my friend Tom.

Shut up Finn!!! …..I have absolutely no friends !!!…

…. You are and you will always be a hopeless wimp!

Angelo looks kindly at Finn’s sad face.

Finn has lost the desire to eat with the other boys.

He has taken his food up to the dormitory … You will soon hate this place Angelo! Everyone does!

A little later, both boys are asleep.

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