Tusnelda and Trix

15. Someone is watching you

Tusnelda has changed lately and something mysterious is going on in the neighborhood. Trix can not quite understand it.
Some changes he welcomes but others make him more suspicious. Tusnelda seems to take it all in a really good mood.

Trix sniffs curiously at Tusnelda. Ever since the Sakura festival, Tusnelda has been unusually loving and she hugs Trix several times a day.

It’s a little weird after she’s almost neglected him for so long?

Trix purrs satisfied. He would be an ungrateful fool if he did not enjoy this change.

Tusnelda have released Trix and moves enthusiastic down into the mine.

Today she will be working on some scientific experiments.

Wow! Careful there Tusnelda!

She tries a little more carefully with new ingredients…


This experiment seems to be successful!

… or maybe not.

Everything is noted carefully in Tusnelda’s little notebook. Deep down, Tusnelda is hiding a secret dream of becoming a scientist, but she has not told anyone … not even Trix.

(He would probably also get very worried or reject it as nonsense)

Tusnelda will be working in the restaurant later today and she chooses to relax with a book before she has to leave.
But that book Tusnelda! Since when did you start reading romantic short stories?

The author has written a romance about an older lonely scientist who falls in love with a young alien after he is abducted by a spaceship.

Tusnelda giggles … what a silly story.

Trix looks incomprehensibly at Tusnelda. She always tends to read non-fiction but romance, silly stories? … what will be the next thing coming?

A little more pampering is just ok.

Sweet Trix, maybe it’s time for us to have a meal Tusnelda says Tusnelda in a strange sugary voice.

That’s the most sensible thing Tusnelda has suggested during the day, and Trix happily eats his crispy delicious meal.

It seems Tusnelda completely forgets to eat while she stares dreamily into the void.

As Tusnelda gets ready to go, she discovers that a water pipe has burst. She quickly calls for a craftsman …

…her work is waiting.


Even though Tusnelda is at work, Flora arrives to look after her garden.

Flora is really passionate about plants.

She does not seem to care about the man now standing in front of Tusnelda’s door.

That’s not really her business….

… so she’s just continuing with what she’s doing….


Behind the door, Trix hears a loud deafening hiss and he imagines the monstrous predator standing outside.
Poor Trix!

Is it really a predator?

After minutes of silence, Trix bravely runs out to seek Flora’s company and he luckily sees no predator, but only a strange man in red clothes.

The stranger’s eyes follow Trix before he seems to give up his venture.

Flora looks after him as he disappears. Maybe she should warn Tusnelda? There are definitely some one who is watching her.

Trix carefully approaches the gate and the mailbox. He does not like these unknown guests.


Many hours later, when everyone has gone their separate ways, Tusnelda returns home.

There’s another mysterious bag of seeds in her mailbox. Super! She can sell it in the shop at a good price.

Tusnelda hums contentedly with life. She’s had a great day and she has no reason to fear tomorrow.

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  • Yimiki

    Hehee, I see that Tusnelda has gotten her mood significantly improved by the Sakura festival. Aw, and she’s treating Trix better, too. That’s great, seeing her neglect the poor kitty to the point where Trix considered running away was so sad.

    Hmm, that red-haired man does not look like a repairman at all. Is his coming a coincidence, or did he follow her home from the festival? Otherwise he wouldn’t know where she lived… hmm, I’ve got my eyes on you, Strawberry Man. I agree with Trix, uninvited and unknown guests are highly suspicious

    • MonaSolstraale

      Yes the Sakura festival has changed Tusnelda. I was quite surprised that Tusnelda suddenly picked out a romantic book.

      The strawberry man (I love that title) is definitely not a repairman.
      Over time, more vampires appear at the mine. I share Trix disgust for the uninvited guests and got a shock the first time one of them suddenly let out a hiss. LOL

  • ThePlumbob

    Flora is cool as a cucumber haha. A suspicious guy hissing by the door creepily, just a couple of metres away from her, and she shrugs it off and keeps focusing on the flowers. I can’t decide if that’s incredibly impressive or incredibly foolish 😀 Either way, I kind of understand how she became a hermit now 😀

  • MonaSolstraale

    I was quite amazed that Flora did not react to the vampire at all. She first looked at him as he left.
    Maybe pretty stupid … but since the vampire didn’t look at Flora either, it was probably ok 😀

  • Haneul

    So happy that Tusnelda has a dream of being a scientist and that she reads romance – she needed more hope and fun in her life, but I doubt she’ll be able to continue on such a positive trajectory without some bumps, especially since there are creepy vampires showing up at her house.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Gradually, more vampires find their way to Tusnelda’s house, as the plot is registered as a vampire cave.

      She is very interested in science and she has a talent for logical calculations.
      Romance is a whole new more insecure feeling in her universe. That damn Sakura tea has enchanted her brain 😆
      But you are absolutely right that she can use something more fun and hope ❤

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