Tusnelda and Trix

17. Out of reach of divination

Today, Tusnelda and Trix go on an excursion that does not turn out quite as Trix had hoped and Tusnelda gets a new acquaintance.


It’s a lovely morning and Tusnelda hums as she tends her crops.

When everything is harvested, she turns to Trix. “Hi Trix! Maybe you would like to join an excursion today?”
Trix always wants a little adventure and he meows in the affirmative.


Now you get time to go exploring on your own, says Tusnelda cheerfully.

Trix looks annoyed at Tusnelda..
GeekCon! It’s not exactly the kind of excursion he had been looking forward to …

… but he knows her and once she gets a chance to participate in the hackathon then her brain is turned off. Only filled with codes.

Yep! Now this goat is shaved! exclaims Tusnelda complacently.
(Which means that the task is well done)

Just when Tusnelda has found the market stalls, it is announced over the speakers that she has won the first prize. This is the second time she has won a computer.

She wants to celebrate this with a delicious meal.

Tusnelda eats her burger while she curiously follows the cosplayers’ discussions.

She is contacted by a young guy who congratulates her on the first prize.

He’s a little too chubby to be in the handsome category and he’s not particularly dark either, so Tusnelda talks casually with him.
Here she feels completely out of the reach of divination.

When Trix finally finds Tusnelda again, she stands completely engrossed and watches a singer. She has seen her before at the Spice Festival.

Maybe it’s time we go home? Trix thinks hopefully.

Nope! Tusnelda has discovered the guy from Festival Square.

Tusnelda introduces herself and the guy introduces himself as Rasmus.
They agree to have a drink together.

It is always nice to meet new people, says Tusnelda as she greets the young woman to her right. Her name is Dina.

It’s really surprising how confident Tusnelda suddenly is.
Maybe it’s the first prize or Rasmus’ appearance that makes her lower all parades?
Tusnelda speaks cheerfully and confidently until she is interrupted by an annoyed meow.

Hey Trix! says Tusnelda cheerfully. I promise you we’ll go in a minute.

Why does Trix get a feeling that it’s not going to happen?

Tusnelda just wants to go to the toilet which makes Trix give up.

He finds himself a soft carpet where he can take a nap.


An hour later we find Tusnelda at the bar still in cheerful company.

She has just ordered another drink when Trix wakes up to deeds.
He howls loudly for attention.

What’s happening to Tusnelda today?

Trix once again tries to call attention to himself.

He roars a resounding insistent Meoooow!

What’s up Trix !? Tusnelda asks in horror.

Trix looks strictly at Tusnelda … is it really necessary to ask that question? We can start with my food bowl and …

The talk continues unabated in the background.
Flora seems to be having a great time today.

But Tusnelda has finally got the point … it’s time to break up.

Trix examines her a little hesitantly … is she annoyed? He bothers to know what she’s thinking?

Finally at home by the feeding bowl.
Tusnelda says that this is probably the last time she takes Trix to GeekCon.

Will you promise me? purrs Trix satisfied.


Tusnelda turns on her television and zaps unconcentrated between the channels.

Suddenly she receives a surprising text message.

To be continued….

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  • ThePlumbob

    I like Tusnelda’s shorts, they suit her – not sure if she’s had them all along but I’ve only noticed them now. Oh wow, she won first prize in the hackathon? I didn’t know Tusnelda knew how to code! She really is a woman of many talents!

    Rasmus looks like a bit of a hipster guy, though not in the obnoxious annoying sense. I could picture him having his own microbrewery or something. Or in the sims land, juice fizzing, I guess.

    Oh, it’s Flora! And…. aww, poor Trix. Yeah, I guess hackathon and a karaoke bar are not really the best spots for a cat 😀

    • MonaSolstraale

      I have chosen some different sets of new clothes in connection with Tusnelda’s makeover. She may not have worn them before.
      It is rare for beginners to win Hackethon, but Tusnelda must have hidden abilities.

      Rasmus is a good guy.
      I am amused by your thoughts on his personality 😀

      Trix definitely does not like being at the bar.

  • SnuffyBucket

    Hey Tusnelda, don’t write off a guy just because he’s fat and has a bright yellow beard.

    Write him off because he stalks you all the way to the bar and then FOLLOWS YOU OUT. That’s just creepy.

    • MonaSolstraale

      I can see what you mean, but I did not think he appeared creepy 😀

      The prediction and the thought of love fills Tusnelda more than she will admit and she tries to find plausible excuses that Rasmus is a “safe” acquaintance.
      No further nice Tusnelda! Why can a chubby guy not be handsome?

      • SnuffyBucket

        Chubby guys can most definitely be handsome and underneath the enormous yellow beard, Rasmus does appear to be so. If he’s not some mad stalker, maybe she should give him a chance!

  • Yimiki

    Oh geez Tus, taking Trix to geekcon is not exactly what Trix had in mind, I’m sure a forest or beach or other overgrown area would have been much better… but Tus seems a little oblivious to poor Trix’s needs and wants sometimes, haha.

    Wow! She won the hackathon! Tusnelda really is a woman of many talents. And is that Mortimer I spy in an orange jumper?

    “He’s a little too chubby to be in the handsome category and he’s not particularly dark either”
    still mulling over that love festival prophecy, I see. Hehee.

    Aww, poor Trix, once again going ignored in a place he doesn’t want to be with no food T.T Whoa, is Rasmus blondie following her out? That’s not okay, dude. She’s not into you that way. Shoo. Shoo.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Yep it’s Mortiner. I think he’s trying to dress like a cosplayer without quite grasping the concept 😀

      I can see that the picture of Rasmus going gives people creepy sensations…
      We’ll see what kind of guy he is.

      Poor Trix 🙁
      Tusnelda seems to be preoccupied with completely different things than his needs right now.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Ha ha! 😆
      It is a Danish proverb that means that the matter is settled. We have quite a few proverbs that include animals.
      I was actually in doubt if it was silly to translate, so I’m glad you find it amusing.

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