Tusnelda and Trix

19. Back to business

Tusnelda really has a lot of things going on these days and it is high time she returns to work.
Maybe Trix is a little neglected? Today, therefore, we come to see more of life from his point of view.


Tusnelda quickly runs down towards the water.
After her conversations with Rasmus, she is longing to revisit the sea at Brindleton Bay.

She should take care of her business, but she got up early this morning so she can catch some fish before opening her shop.

Trix is in heaven! He immediately runs to catch the birds on the beach.

The beach is full of undiscovered treasures.

Trix has found some interesting feathers which he immediately hands over to Tusnelda

Tusnelda does not put down the fishing rod, but she says a fleeting “Thanks!
She admonishes him to avoid the squirrel but Trix is already further across the beach.

This time it’s not a fish Tusnelda gets on the hook.

Trix has just come up with something …

… and it was actually Tusnelda who remembered him.

This time he must prove that can beat the little annoying squirrel…..

… or maybe not?

Trix feels a little dizzy and uncomfortable after the squirrel bit him.

Oops! Here comes Tusnelda.

Hi Trix! We need to move on now. I have to open the store, says Tusnelda as she bends down to cuddle him.

Then she suddenly looks sternly at him…. What have you done Trix ?! Now we have to visit the vet clinic!

Oh no! Please … not the veterinarian!, meow’s Trix with a faint sound.

He remembers with horror the last time they visited the clinic and he had to carry that terrible cone of shame for several days.

But the veterinarian clinic will it be despite his pitiful protests.

Tusnelda is approached by a guy and I should not be able to say what they are talking about.

My eyes follow Trix who lonely walks the sad path to the examination room.

He is carefully examined for wounds by a young veterinarian.

Then he gets a shot with expensive antibiotics.

Tusnelda has made a small savings and now part of her money goes to the expensive treatment.
Fortunately, Trix does not have to carry a cone this time.


Please stay out of more trouble Trix! ….Tusnelda is already delayed several hours and she really needs to open her shop now.

Trix does not understand what she means. As far as he knows, the squirrel is the cause of all their problems.

Customers flock to the store immediately after opening.

Most of them want to buy Tusnelda’s items today.

Once again, it is the special seeds from the mailbox that are most in demand and they are quickly sold out.

Tusnelda closes the store. She has to move on.


At home again, Trix food bowl is filled up.

Trix comes running fast when he hears the sound of his crispy food hitting the foot bowl and he barely sees that Tusnelda is on her way to work.

Forgotten are squirrels and veterinarians. In this moment life is perfect!

As always, Flora has arrived to fertilize Tusnelda’s plants.
Will she stop showing up when all plants very soon achieve a perfect quality?

Even Trix seems to perceive Flora as a natural part of the household and he seeks her company.

When he starts to get bored, he goes for a little walk.

Finally, he finds himself a nice place to sleep near Flora.

When the job is done, Flora returns home to her cabin in the Deep Woods.


Trix is back on the beach in Brindleton Bay.
He can feel the sensation of bird feathers between his teeth. Now he just has to catch one of them first … his legs move in eager motion.

He looks up in astonishment as he smells smoke from a bonfire.
Tusnelda has returned home.

Hey Trix! It looked like you had a very exciting dream, says Tusnelda.

Today there are no guests. Only him and Tusnelda. That’s life!

Tusnelda goes down to clean up the kitchen.
Right now she may well regret that she did not do the dishes yesterday after she and Rasmus had eaten.

How has the kitchen become so dirty?

Trix has come inside to keep Tusnelda company and he sees she has turned on her TV.

The Cooking Contest! Then everything has returned to normal.

Yet Trix does not know that his life will soon change forever.

Suddenly, Trix hears a frightening sound. ….Tusnelda! I think there’s someone at the door!

Trix gets no answer….!?

Once again, it appears that Tusnelda did not get to bed before she fell asleep.

Fortunately, whoever stood at the door? It seems he gave up his cause.

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  • SnuffyBucket

    Hurrah! No cone of shame. That little dream he had of chasing birds on the beach was so cute. I felt for sure that the knock on the door would be Creepy Rasmus. How will Trix’s life change forever?

  • Yimiki

    Yay, chapters full of Trix love are always welcome! Aww, poor buddy, looks like he lost to the infamous squirrel again. Oof, and it even made him sick! Maybe the squirrel bit him. Poor Trix. I hope Tus gives him lots of treats and cuddles to make up for the scare.

    I wonder what that knock on the door was. Wait, was that the tall dark stranger? I wonder…

    • MonaSolstraale

      I love the picture with Trix and his drooping pubic ear, so I simply had to give him this chapter ❤

      There are apparently a lot of guys swarming around Tusnelda. Next chapter focus more on her and maybe some of the guys 😉

  • Mercuryfoam

    This is a terrific chapter. Aw cat spams are so precious!

    Lol Trix blaming the squirrel. Oh yes indeed. Ofc its the squirrel’s fault!

    My favourite picture is the one with Trix looking like she is sitting on Tusnelda’s head. Reminds me of this game I used to play that you can wear cat dolls on your head.

  • ThePlumbob

    I love seeing Tusnelda enjoy nature! Aww, poor Trix! Actually it’s almost surprising the two of them didn’t need to make a trip to the vet’s yet, at the rate sims pets get sick.

    I was curious when we’d see Tusnelda’s little store again. I wonder what people do with all the special seeds. My brain automatically jumps to all kinds of conspiracy theories 😀

    Aww, Trix dreaming was precious, bless!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Trix has been to the vet once before, but since there are no squirrels with squirrels in Forgotten Hollow, he has not been plagued by disease.

      So far, Tusnelda does not have that many items in her store. The mysterious seeds are very popular and I really do not know what the buyers use them for …. maybe I should pay them a visit? 😀

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