a turtle's journey

24. Turtles

Naja hurries home to Duane. On the way back, she sees something that catches her interest. Again, she remembers the memories from childhood.

Naja runs fast down to the water ….

….. it is time she returns home to Duane.

Now she suddenly sees something exciting on the shore.

Some giant conch shells!

Naja grabs the biggest conch ….

She puts it to her lips and blows a deep beautiful sound.

Wow! How nice it sounded …. and fun…

Now she starts collecting shells …. there are many and they are all completely unique.

Naja begins to build a sand sculpture while the thoughts flow freely.

Naja thinks of Grandma and the trips to Brindleton Bay

Grandma was the sweetest and most caring grandmother in the whole world.

She always listened intently to Naja’s stories.

She never thought Naja was childish or stupid.

Finn is big brother and he always must be a little smarter …

Summer at the beach in Brindleton Bay.

She and Finn built figures in the sand.

Suddenly grandma looks around …

…. it is getting late! ….. it is incredible how time flies!

Now it is night at the beach in Ohan’ali


Finn continues his job of cleaning the sea and the beaches.

Finn has bought a diving equipment and now he can dive even deeper into the sea.

After a few dives, Finn swims home quickly. He can eventually shoot a good speed.

Home again to an empty house.

Does Finn even see the sea flourishing because of his great efforts?

Finn stands in his own thoughts and cleans the grill.

The sun prepares for the night and the miracle happens …

…. the turtles have returned, and Finn’s big dream has come true.

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